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Make Organic Pesticide At Home This Way! Pure Greeny


Pests & Insects are Very Common and found almost in every garden. Their Chronic Attack can Cause the Destruction of all Your Plants, including Vegetable, natural pesticides for Plants plants, seedlings and Flowering Plants. So it is Extremely important to Be prepare for Such type of Harmful Pests.

Therefore in this Post, i will Show You how to make an organic Pesticide at Home. This Pesticide Works Very Well if You are Using it as a Prevention. Organic Pest Controls Doesn’t Work Well, if The Pests are in a Larger Number.

When does most of the pest attacks?

Spring Season is the Time when Many Type of Pests and Insects Attack on different Plants. at this time, temperature and atmosphere is Very favourable for their Growth and Reproduction.

What are the harmful Effects of Pests?

If We talk about their Harmful Effects, then they are Countless. Yellow Leaves, Curled leaves, Brown and back Spots, flower Drop etc. Are all the harmful Effects that they can results.

Different Pests Shows Different Signs and Diseases, all of them Have different Symptoms. Some makes leaf patterns, and some Deforms the leaves. Here is the Detailed Video on different type of plants

You should Check Out that, it helps you a lot to understand the exact Problem.

How make an Organic Pesticide At Home?

Now Let’s Know about the Organic Ingredients, that We will Use to make this Organic Pesticide. Chilli peppers and garlic pieces are the ingredients that we are going to use this Organic Pesticide, let me Describe you their Effects Shortly.

How Chilli’s & Garlic Works as a Pesticide?

Peppers have a Compound called as Capsaicin in them, that gives them a Hot and burning Nature. Insects and wide number Of Pests doesn’t Like this Thing, their smell is not Liked by The Pests.

In the Same Way, Garlic also have an unpleasant Smell, that makesย  the Pests to leave the Plant. We just have apply these Ingredients in a Proper way.


Neem oil, Baking soda and detergents can be used for making an organic Pesticide for Plants. If you wants to know about them.

How to Make this Pesticide?

So Now let’s Make this pesticide, You need at least 3 to 4 Chili Peppers that are fully spicy in Taste, and some Garlic Pieces. Put all the Crushed Ingredients in a container. Now you need Simple Water that is slightly Warmer.

Put it in this Container and let it in a Shady area for a night. On the Next Day, the color changes and also Gives an unpleasant Smell.

Stain this Liquid in a Sperate Container and Add 1 part of more water. Now we need 10 drops of Liquid Soap to add in this liquid. Soap makes a layer on the leaves that destroys the eggs of Pests. Mix this Solution well.

How to Properly apply Pesticide on Plants?

In the hot Summer Days, try to Apply the Pesticide spray at the Evening. Evening Time is the Best Time to Apply this pesticide Spray on all type of Plants.

Use a Gentle sprayer and Apply it all over the Plant, on the Leaves and buds also. Spray it on the Pests and Insects, also Spray on the Lower side of Leaves.

You can also apply it on the Fruit of Vegetables. Use this Organic Pesticide Every 10 days as a Prevention, and 3 to 4 Days if the Pests attack. You can Use it on all type of Plants, seedlings and bigger Trees. It is 100 percent Organic and very Useful to Prevent Pests and Insects.


Organic Pesticides can be prepared Very Easily at home. They are easy to apply and Cure Many Harmful Pests, so must Try Out this.

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