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3 Reasons – Why Rose Plant leaves Getting Smaller? (ROSE LEAF Problems)


Why Are My Basil Leaves Getting Smaller: There are Number of Leaf problems in Rose Plant, One of them is the Rose Plant Small Leaves. Therefore in this Post, we are Going to Know why the Rose plant leaves getting Smaller.

There are 3 main reasons of this Problem, i also provide you there Simplest Solutions, so Keep Reading.

  • Nutritional Weakness (Nitrogen )
  • Pests Attacks (Aphids, Spider Mites, Leafhoppers)
  • Compact Soil Mix (Add Sand & Compost)

Nutrients Deficiency;-

The Most Common Reason of Rose Plant Small Leaves is the Deficiency of Nutrients. Specifically the deficiency of Nitrogen in the Soil Mixture can Cause this leaf Problem in Roses. Rose Plant is a Heavy Feeder that Requires Lot’s of nutrients and mineral to Grow healthily.

And a Soil mix with the Deficiency of Nitrogen and Helpful minerals can makes the Rose Plant leaves to Get Small. The New Growth of Rose Plant Show Leaves with a Small Size. This thing also Effects the Overall Health of Rose Plants also.

For Solving this Problem, You have To Provide nitrogen Enrich Fertilizer to Your Rose Plant. It Promotes a Fast and Healthier Growth on them.

Deficiency of Nitrogen Can Appears through Different Signs, that we have to Identify.

So it’s better to prevent the problem, by Providing a Nitrogen enrich Fertilizer to Your Rose Plants Regularly.

Attack of Pests:-

If the Rose Plant Leaves getting Smaller in Size, then it also Indicates a the attack of aphids, leaf hoppers and Spider mites. These Pests are Very Harmful for Every Plant, and they are very Common in the Spring days. The temperature is Moderate at thay Time, that makes them to attack Very Heavily.

They Sucks the Green juice of Newly Growing Rose Leaves and makes them to curl. But Some times, the leaves doesn’t Curls and remains un harmed. But the Further Growth Became Small In size.

Why are my basil leaves getting smaller, Such Type of affected plants also Grow Very Slowly, Mostly these Pests Found on the Lower side of leaves. Younger Shoots are very soft and are the most Preferred food for these Pests. You can Stop their Attack by Applying a Pesticide Regularly.

How to Remove Pests Attack from Roses?

Apply every 10 days as a Prevention of all of type of Pests, and every 3 to 4 Days, when it became more harmful. At the Start you can Remove them Very Easily with an organic Pesticide, that you can nake at home Very easily.

As the Insects & Pests are Gone, the Rose Plant also starts it’s Healthier Growth again automatically.

Soil Compaction;-

The Last Reason is our List, that can also makes the Rose Plant leaves Smaller in size, is the Quality of Soil mixture. Rose Plant Loves to have a soil mixture With a Good System.

Rose Plants Roots Requires exchange of Gases, and a Good Quality Soil mix Helps in this process Very Much. If Your SOIL medium is Not So much Loose, then it makes the Of gases Difficult. This Thing Results in making the Rose Plant leaves Small, In a Compact Soil mix, the Roots of Rose plant Doesn’t Grow well.

They became unable to absorb the Nutrients So much Well. that also a Reason of So many Rose Plant Leaf Problems. So why are my basil leaves getting smaller to overcome this Problem, You must to choose a Soil Mix That have a Good Drainage System, and Not So much Hard.

How make The Soil Mixture Loose?

You can also add Coco peat & Sand in your Soil medium to make it Loose and Soft for the Roots. Or you Also have to dig the Upper Layer of Soil Time to Time, it also promotes a Healthy System.

If the roots are Healthy, Rose Plant automatically Grows Very Well.


These are the Main reasons of Small Leaves of Rose Plant, and it Is Very Easy to Solve this Problem, simply Follow up this Video. It is Very Easy to Solve These Issues, Use Organic Methods and For a Consistent and heavy Blooming of Roses.

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