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How to Care for Petunias?



Petunias are the most Easiest Flowering Plants to Grow in Winters. Petunias care is very easy, you just need to take Care of Few Important Points and your Petunias Blooms very Heavily. To Often Provide these Important Cares to Petunias, we Need to. Understand These things Very Clearly.

Introduction of Petunias:-


Petunias have about more then 20 species, that are native to Southern America and Spreads all over the World from there.

Petunia Varieties and Types:-

The Most Common Varieties of Petunia Flowers are Grandiflora, Mult flora, Milli flora and Wave Petunias.

Grandiflora Petunias are the Oldest Petunia Flowers that have a larger Bloom Size with about 5 inches Dia. These Petunia grows up to midsummers.

Multi.Flora Petunia Flowers have about 1 inches of Flowers, but have greater quantity. These Petunias are easy to grow And found in Single and Double Varieties.

Milli.flora Petunia plants are Small in size and produces masses of petunia Flowers. There bloom Size is Small and Grows best in hangings Baskets.

Spreading or Wave Petunias have beautiful Flowers that grows best in a small Space. These Petunia Flowers used to grow for Ground cover or In Hanging Pots.

Does Petunias Annual or Perennial?

Petunias are the South American Flowers that are mostly Grows In a moderate Temperature ranges. In most of the tropical areas, they are grown as Annual Or Seasonal Flowering Plants. But in Certain areas, they often Grows All around the year.

How to propagate a Petunia?


Petunias are easy to grow but little hard to germinate from Seeds. Petunia seedsย are Very Small in size and Requires lots of Care to Germinate. They can also be Propagated through Cuttings, 4 to 5 inches petunia Cuttings are best Grow.

Best Way to grow Petunias:-


Petunia Plants are Very easily Available in your Nearby Nursery. You can buy there ready made Seedlings or Mature Plants from there. Petunias are not such Expensive. Early Winters is the Best Time to Buy Them From Nursery.

Best Pot Size for Petunias:-

Petunias doesn’t requires a lot of space to Spread their Roots, you can also grow them In small Pot. If you wants To achieve Massive Blooming of Petunias, Choose a Larger clay Potย with good Drainage System. Petunias Doesn’t Grows so much faster in Plastic Pots.

Best Soil Mix for Petunias:-


Petunias are easy to grow In a Well drainingย Soil mix. In a sandy soil Mix with Some Nutrients, they Grows Very Fastly and also Produces lot’s of Petunia Flowers. You can make a well Draining Soil at Home By Mixing these Ingredients:-

Sand 25%ย 

Soil 35%ย 

Leaf Compost 20%ย 

Coco peat 20%ย 

Does Petunias need full Sun?


As the Petunia plant is a Flowering plant and grown in Winter’s. Mostly, they need full Sun all around day. About 5 to 6 hours of Direct Sunlight is Best For Petunias. In Summers(When Temp. Goes upto 35ยฐC), you can Place them in a Partial Shade

How often to Water Petunias?

Petunias Like a Moist Soil, And you can Provide it a Daily Deep Watering. But Never Add Water in Petunias Soil, if it is Already Moist. You can also sprinkle water over the Petunia Leaves.

Petunia Fertilizer:-

Petunias are the low maintenance Plants, but they Still Need Nutrients to Produce Petunia Flowers Constantly. You can Provide them Sufficient Nutrients through many Organic ways, so you can make a specific Fertilizer for Petunias that Works Best for them.

For that, so you can Apply Compost Tea liquid Fertilizer On petunia Plants every 15 to 20 days.

Petunia Diseases & Treatment:-


Petunias are very hardy in nature that grows almost all around the Winters. Mostly, the Petunia Plants faces yellow leaves Problem and Wilting. It may be due to many Reasons.


2-Lack of Sunlight

3-Pest Attack(Treatment)

4-Difficiency ofย  Nutrients(Solution)

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