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Rose Plant Care Before Winter



Rose plant Is a very beautiful Winters Flowering Plant, that can be Grown from cuttings and also from seeds. As the Winter season is just going to Start, therefore in this post, I am going to show Desert Rose Plant Careย Before Winters.

If you apply these Tricks and Tips on your rose plant before Winters, then the Rose Plant also Blooms very Heavily all the Winter’s Long.

1-Pruning of Rose plant:-


Removal of Dead and dried Branches out of your rose plant helps the plant to boost it’s new growth healthily. You can use any cutterย or prunerย for this Purpose, but make sure it is fully disinfected.

Cut off all the Dead and dried branches and some of the Leaves that have black patches, and looks unhealthy. All of these patches are caused by temperature effect and nutrients lost. That we will also solve.

2-Providing New Soil:-


After a long Summer season, now the Rose plant requires a new soil medium, that also makes it more strong and resistant.

Rose plant is a heavy feeder and requires a very well Drainingย Soil mixture. For this we are going to use many useful ingredients.


First Ingredient is Sandy soil, that is fully dry. If you dry out the soil, then there is no chance of Fungus. If your soil is a clay soil then add some sand in it to make it Loose.

Coco peat-2Parts

I am also using Cocopeat in this Rose plant soil mixture. Cocopeat makes the Soil Soft, Loose, well draining and porous for the Roots that encourages the new Growth on Rose plant.


I am also using a part of compost, that makes it’s immunity strong. Compost have many Micro nutrients, that keeps Rose plant healthy and well growing.ย 

Cinnamon powder-2Ts:-

Here a last ingredient that you should must use, it is Cinnamon powder that keeps the fungal issues away from the Rose plant.

ย 3-Repotting of Rose:-

You should must your rose plant before Winters. Because the plant have more space in a new container to grow many roots. You can use a bigger clay potย that works best for roses. For the repotting, you must need to take care of few things.

1-Make sure the environment is not so hot. Always pot your rose plant in the evening time. It helps the desert rose plant care to recover from the transplant shock faster.

2-Another thing is not to damage the roots, simply take it out of the Pot and place root bowl into the new soil.

3-Simply add more Soil that we have made a few minutes ago. After filling the pot with the Soil, slightly hit the pot with the Ground to remove Air gaps.ย 

4-Lastly, Watering is very important after the repotting of Rose plant. If you leave the plant as it is, then it goes under a stress condition, that takes a very long time to recover.

Make the whole soil evenly moist and also sprinkle some water over the leaves.

Why to pot Rose Plant Before Winters?

Repotting of Rose plant before Winters helps rose plant to grow more fastly. You should must pot your rose plant before Winters. Because the plant have more space in a newย containerย to grow many roots.

5-Lastly now place the Rose plant under a shade to make it recovered from the transplant shock. After few days, you can move it to a Sunny location for further healthy growth.

Benefits of Applying these Tips Before Winters:-

The Rose plant Care before winters is very important to give a healthy boost to it’s growing season. It helps the Rose plant to produce multiple branches and flowers all around winters.

Rose plant Produces many buds and Flowers in winters, if you provide It these basic cares before Winters. Preparing your rose plant for it’s growing season is very helpful to keep multiple Problems away.

Therefore, i have also made a detailed video on Rose plant winters Care, that helps you to understand the Importance of these Points more clearly.

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