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Spider plant is a well known indoor plant, that have beautiful Appearance. There curly leaves in a hanging basket make it even more Attractive. But many times, the tips of Spider plant leaves starts turning brown, that effects it’s beauty and it’s health also.

Therefore in this Post, i am going to show you 5 main Reasons, that cause the spider plants brown tips problem.

5 Reasons – Spider plant Brown Tips?

Stress or Shock:-

The number one and the most Common Reason of Spider plants brown tips is Stress. Mostly when we take a new spider plants from nursery, the plants feels transplant shock, that causes the Appearance of Brown tips.

But it is a natural process, after a few days it automatically recovers. Problem occurs when we became panic, and start adding different fertilizersย and pesticides. You just have to wait for a while, spider plant recovers from the stress, and starts it’s new growth again.

Wrong Watering:-

Spider Plant brown tips can be caused by the Watering issues also. Mainly the Spider plant flowers leaves starts turning brown due to the over Watering problem. Or may be due to under watering.

When you add too much or too less water in to the soil, the leaves of spider plant turns brownish and looks very Unhealthy.

To overcome the Over watering problem, you have to choose a very Well Draining Soil for your spider plant. You can also make it at home using very basic ingredients:-

Best Soil mix for Indoor Plants..!

How to Water Spider plant Correctly?

For under watering problem, you can check the Soil by putting your finger into the Soil, and if feels dry you can add water. This is the best way to water Spider plant.

Fluoride Water:-

If you use a tap water to add into your plant may be the water have fluoride in it, that causes the Spider plant brown tips. Fluoride mainly found in tap water that should not be used to feed the Spider plant.

Watering with this type of element can cause the spider plant brown tips problem. You can use drinking water or distilled water to add into the Spider plants Soil.

Humidity & Temp. Effect:-

Spider plants is an indoor plant that grows very well at Room temperature (like 20ยฐ to 30ยฐ C). But if the temperature is to high (more than 35ยฐ), then it can also cause the Browning of spider plants tips.

Mainly the high temperature and less humidity level causes this problem. Mostly in Summers, when the temperature goes up to 40ยฐC and the air is also so dry, then there is a greater chance of Browning of spider plants tips.

To over come the temperature effects, place your spider plants In a Bright area Away from Direct sun. And in Summers, place it in shade.

For making the spider plants comfortable, you can also mist water on it’s leaves. It keeps the drying effect of Temperature away.

Over Fertilized:-

Spider plants requires very less Fertilizers. If you add to much fertilizer, the spider plant’s brown tips starts appearing. Even If you add a fertilizer once in 3 months, it still ok for the spider plants.

The brown tips of Spider plants doesn’t caused by lostย of Nutrients, it is Commonly due the over fertilizing of spider plants. Therefore it is very important to know that spider plants rarely requires a fertilizer.

Don’t use any chemical fertilizer or even organic fertilizerย with nitrogenous content( like Cow manure, sea weed liquid etc..). For the fertilizer, You can use ย once in a month. It is enough for it’s constant growth and Health.



If you spider plants is also showing the brown tips, immediately make it’s solution. I have given all the simplest solutions. For any question, comment below and if are interested in growing beautiful A.deniumย Flowers check out this video:-



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