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The Best Soil for Pothos – PureGreeny

Pothos are very easy to care, if you know the right method. All the basic cares like Sunlight, Watering and Fertilizers, you must need to Give a good Quality Soil mixture to your pothos. Selection of a wood quality soil mix can boost the Growth of Pothos upto 10 times

Why to Make a Special Soil Mix for Pothos?

Pothos can be Grown in an ordinary type of Soil. But if you provide it a specific type of Soil mixture, it also gives you the better growth with lush green Leaves

Therefore, i am going to Share an amazing Recipe of Soil for Pothos that boost it’s growth and Health. 

What type of Soil doesn’t Pothos Requires? 

There are Different Type of Pothos like Marble Queen, English ivy, Neon Money plant and Golden Pothos. But mainly all of them Requires a same type of Soil medium that Have a very good Drainage System, it is full of nutrition and Very Loose. Mainly it holds some Moisture and also Drains Water effectively. 

How to Make best Soil For Pothos? 

To make Best Soil For Pothos, you have to keep Some important points in Mind. We will make the Soil recipe According the Requirements of Pothos, and This thing helps the Pothos to feel comfortable in that Soil mix

1-Pothos doesn’t Like Water logging.

2-It Grows Faster into a Soft Soil mix

3-Pothos loves a Moist Soil environment. 

4-It requires lots of Nutrients into the Soil. 

We must have to Focus in these qualities to include them, into our    Best Soil for Pothos Recipe.  

Making the Best Soil For Pothos:-


                      To make the Soil Soft, Well Draining, Loose and Porous, you have to add Cocopeat. Cocopeat is a great Choice, to add all of the above Given Qualities into our Best Soil For Pothos Recipe. 

It Holds the Required amount of Moisture into the Soil and Also Develops the Drainage System

River Sand:-

                      Sand have many qualities to include it into our mixture. Where the Cocopeat retains Moisture, it Evaporates. This thing makes a Balance, and Sand have a very good Areation System. 

The exchange of Gases Performs very Efficiently into the Sandy Soil mix. 

Cow Manure:-

                          We can add Vermi Compost or Leaf Compost, but the Cow manure is the Best Choice for Pothos. For making the Best Soil For Pothos, we need Some nitrogen Into the Soil that makes it perfect. 

Because Pothos is a Foliage Plant, and nitrogen is very Beneficial to Grow Bigger Leaves on Pothos. 

Garden Top Soil:- 

                               The Importance of Plane Garden Soil is more any other thing. It have Magnesium, Calcium, iron, Copper and Many other Micro Nutrients to keep your Pothos Tolerant Many Harmful diseases

Why not a Soil Less medium for Pothos?

Pothos Have many Problems, like Yellowing of leaves, Brown leaves, Black Patches on leaves etc… All of these can be caused by the Difficiency of Nutrients, that requires in a Small amount but have Basic Roles in the Growth of Pothos. 

Gardening Soil is a Good Source of MicroNutrients for Pothos. Therefore, Soil less Medium is not suitable for Pothos. 

Cinnamon Powder:-

                             Cinnamon powder is made up of Cinnamon tree’s Bark that have unbelievable Benefits. The Powder of Cinnamon bark have Anti-Fungal, Anti-bacterial Properties. 

And For Pothos that Doesn’t like Fungal issued is Super Beneficial thing. It helps to Control the Growth of Fungus into the Soil. 

Estimated Ratios:- 

1-Cocopeat: 40%

2-Sand: 15%

3-Cow Manure:15% 

4-Garden Soil: 30%

5-Cinnamon Powder: 2-3 Table Spoons

Mix all of These Ingredients Evenly in One another. Now You can Use this Mixture to Plant your Pothos. This Soil Mixture is the Best Mixture for Pothos, that is made up of Organic Ingredients.  

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