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2 Methods – How to Propagate Pothos?

Important Steps to Propagate Pothos:- 

P.othos can be Propagated In Water and Soil. You can propagate the P.othos in to hundred of Plants, using this Simple Technique. P.othos are Easy to Propagate, if you know these important Steps. 

Choose Healthy P.othos Cuttings:-

If you Cut a dying Branch out of p.othos, then there is a greater chance of failure. Always choose a Healthy And Growing Shoot out of P.othos. The Upper Growing Shoot have a lot more Potential to Produce roots and New Branches. 

P.othos very low maintenance, indoor plants that purifies the Air and also Increase the Beauty of your house. To get faster Propagation of P.othos, always choose a growing Shoot. 

How to Cut the Branch Correctly?

Take a Sharp Cutter and Clean it Using any solution.Make a Sharp cut, Just below the Node. Node is the Branch From where the Leaves is Growing out

You can take a bigger cutting with about 3-4 leaf sets OR you can also take a shorter cutting with only one leaf and a Node area

How to Propagate Pothos in Water?

Propagating the P.othos Cuttings into the Water is very Easy, and also take a only a few days. You can also check the sprouted roots into the water without any Problem. In water, the Propagation process is Very Simple….

Follow these Simple Steps:-

Put the Cuttings into the Water Bowl:-

           Take a Bowl or Bottle of Clear Water (Ordinary Water) and Dip the Nodes areas of the Cuttings into the Water. P.othos Cuttings must not be dipped into the Water Fully. Only the Base part is in Water. 

Choose a Bright Spot for Cuttings:- 

         P.othos Cuttings are very Easy to Grow, You can place them into an open area. But if You wants to Get faster Propagation from P.othos, try to Place them near a Window or in a Bright area Away from Direct Sunlight. Sunlight Takes the moisture out of P.othos Cuttings that make the propagation to Fail

How Long does it Takes to propagate p.othos?

Photos Cuttings can be Propagated with in 7 to 14 days in water and Ready to be Transplant into a Bigger Pots after 25-35 days. But it also depends on the Environment. If the Weather is not Ideal, then it also takes lot more days

How to Propagate insects in Soil?

Preparing Soil Mix for Pothos:-

        After taking the Cuttings out of your , make a Best Potting Medium for Indoor Plants. It should be very well Draining  that helps the Roots to Spread. 

Putting them into the Soil:-

After Filling the Pot with your Potting Soil, make Some Holes. And Put the Cuttings Slightly into the Soil without damaging the Node Areas. Cover the Cuttings with More Soil. 

How to Water the Pothos Cuttings?

Watering plays a very Important Role to Get the Pothos on Rotting. So, Moisten the Soil very Carefully. Add only a Small Amount of Water into the Soil. Adding More Water can Rot the Pothos. You just have to make the Soil Moist

Best Place for Pothos:- 

           These newly Planted Cuttings doesn’t have any Root, So if you Place it in Sun can Harm the Propagation process. It is very Important to Place these Cuttings into a Bright area that is Slightly away from Direct Sunlight.

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