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Hibiscus plant Care For Massive Blooming..!

Hibiscus Plant Introduction:-

Hibiscus plant is a Summer season Flowering Plant, that Grows very Fastly in a tropical area. Where the Humidity level of athe air is higher. Hibiscus plant have Beautiful Single petal as well as Double Petal Flowers, with lots of Shapes and Sizes. 

Is Hibiscus plant Perennial OR Annual? 

Hibiscus plant thrives all around the year, where the temperature ranges from 15°C to 50°C. In the Asian atmosphere, hibiscus plant is grown as a permanent Plant that Grows in Summers Very Fastly and Take Some Rest in the Hard Winter days. 

Hibiscus plant Can be Grown in the Ground as Well as in the Containers, in the Ground they Became a tree with in one to two years. 

And in Small Pots, hibiscus plant Grows only in a Limited Space that make it in Limitations. 

How to Grow Hibiscus Plant?

You can Start a New Hibiscus plant From Seeds, Cuttings and also from Air Layering Propagation. The Best Way to Start a new Hibiscus plant in Your Garden Specially for beginner is to Buy it, From a Local Nursery

How to Get Lot’s of Flowers from Hibiscus? 

Hibiscus plant Produce Multiple Blooms in it’s growing Season, and If you Provide these Things to Your Hibiscus plant, then The Bloom Size goes to 10 Times. 

1-Taking a Healthy Hibiscus.

2-Hibiscus Loves full Day Sun.

3-Organic Fertilizer For Hibiscus.

4-Watering Hibiscus in Right Way.

5-Hibiscus Roots To Breath.

Let Discuss These Points in Details. 

Top 5 Tips to grow Massive Hibiscus Flowers…!

Taking a Healthy Hibiscus Plant:-

           If your hibiscus plant is diseased then, how can it Produce flowers? Hibiscus plant is a Tropical area plant, that is attacked by so many type of Insects and pests

All of these pests and insects Causes different type of symptoms, like:- Curling of leaves, Holes in the leaves and White coloured Insects on the Flower buds of Hibiscus plant. 

So, the first thing is to keep these Pests away from your hibiscus plants. For this, you can use any Pesticide spray, You can use chemical Pesticide as well as Organic Spray. Neem oil spray works as an organic Pesticide for your Hibiscus plant. 

 You can Spray it on all your Hibiscus once in a Week. But if the plant is attacked by any insect, then you have to use neem oil Spray on every 2 days.

Hibiscus Loves full Day Sunlight:-

              Hibiscus plant Requires hot and humid place. In such type of environment it grows Very Healthily and Fastly. In the indian climate, the environment is Hot and Humid in the Rainy season, the humidity level of the air is little higher. 

And it is the ideal time for the growth of hibiscus plant. in the summer Season, you have to Place Your hibiscus plant in a Sunny location, with minimum 5 hours of direct Sunlight Exposure. 

If the hibiscus plant gets enough Sunlight, then it possess strong immunity against many harmful disease Causing Insects. Sunlight also enhance the color of hibiscus leaves by making Chlorophyll Compound. So, make sure your Hibiscus is getting enough sunlight to Produce leaves and Flower buds.

An Organic Fertilizer To your Hibiscus:-

             If you are growing hibiscus plants in Pots, then it is very much Important to provide Nutrients to the Hibiscus Plant time to time. Hibiscus plant is a heavy feeder that Requires variety of Macro as well as Micronutrients, like:- iron, copper, magnesium, zinc, calcium And so on..  

Deficiency of any of these elements Causes the Appearance Of different leave signs, Like:- Yellowing of Leaves, Patterns on Leaves etc.. So make sure, you are Providing Sufficient Amount of nutrients To your hibiscus plant. 

For this, I have an Organic Homemade Fertilizer, that is Very Efficient for Taking your Hibiscus Plant Blooming. You Should must try on your Hibiscus plants for getting maximum Flowers.

Buy Slow Release Fertilizer Sticks for Your Hibiscus Plant…

Water your Hibiscus Throughly:-

                After the Sunlight and the Fertilizer, the watering of Hibiscus Plant in a Right way the most Important step, that can increase as well as decrease the production of Hibiscus flowers. 

Hibiscus plant Requires Humid environment To make this type of Environment Watering plays an important role. Never let the soil of your Hibiscus Plant to dry out so Much.  

You have to make it moist all the time, Whenever you are Watering the Hibiscus plant, Make sure You are Watering the whole plant, Not only the base. 

 Sprinkle water on the branches and Leaves also. Sprinkling the water over the leaves and flower buds also keeps the insects away..

Let the Hibiscus Roots To Breath:-

               Roots requires exchange of gases with the Environment. For this, you have to lose the upper layer of soil. An also Don’t let the Weeds and the Unwanted plants to grow. They sucks Nutrients from the Soil and makes it Un-fertile

For digging the soil you can use any Tool, Simply lose the upper layer of soil. So, the Oxygen can enters in the soil. Enhancing the Areation System of the Hibiscus Plant helps it to grow more healthily

Digging the upper layer of the soil also causes the Pruning of roots. When the Roots break the plant produces New fibrous roots, that are helpful to Absorb Nutrients from the soil. So, Keep the Upper Soil of Hibiscus Loose. 


Hibiscus plant Requires Only these Specific things to Grow Continuously. If You Apply these Simple Cares on Your Hibiscus Plant, then it Is definite that it Produces Lot’s of Hibiscus Flowers

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