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How to make the Best Fertilizer for A.denium?

        A.denium Plant Have to Produce Multiple branches and leaves, therefore we also have to add Nitrogen enrich Components. The Roots of A.denium Plant also have to take some Phosphorus for More Strength

So in order to these Requirements, the Fertilizer must have variety of Elements in it. A.denium Plant Requires lots of Nutrients and Minerals to Produce Beautiful Flowers. 

Everyone Grows A.denium Plant to Get Beautiful Flowers, therefore in this Post, I will show you an amazing Homemade Fertilizer for your A.denium Plants, that Will Boost its Growth as Well as Make it More Blooming.

Benefits of This Organic Fertilizer for Adenium:-

1-Makes the A.denium plant to Bloom.

2-Enhances the Colour of A.denium Flowers.

3-Makes the Soil Perfectly Ideal for A.denium.

4-Increases the Immunity of A.denium Plant.

5-Causes the New Growth of Shoots. 

6-Produces Multiple Branches on A.denium.

How to Boost Flowers on A.denium Plant?

To Get More and More Flowers From Your A.denium plant, There are some Important Points that you have To keep in your Mind. A.denium plant is a Succulent plant that Doesn’t Like Over Watering. 
Only A Healthy A.denium Plant is Able to Produce Multiple Flowers. Make Sure Your plant is Getting Enough Sunlight, And Season is Favourable to Get More Flowers.

The Best Organic Fertilizer for Adenium:-

A.denium Plant is a heavy feeder that requires Potassium to Blooms properly, it requires Calcium and Magnesium also. You have to Choose the Ingredients of Your A.denium Plant Fertilizer Accordingly.

1:Cinammon powder:

The most important thing for keeping away the Fungal issues, I am using Cinnamon Powder. There are so many Diseases that is caused by the fungus, So it is very important to save our A.denium plant from this. 

Cinnamon powder have Antibiotic, anti Fungal Properties and it also works for healthy root System. You can add upto 1 tea spoon of Cinnamon powder in this.

2:Mustard Cake.

Mustard Cake powder have Phosphorus, Nitrogen, and Potassium. These are the Major Elements that every plant needs, and it also have many trace elements in small amounts. Mustard cake powder is mainly used for more Blooming, and root strength.

You have to add 2 Table Spoons in this Fertilizer. Mustard cake powder is very easily Available in the local market.


The next ingredient is the rich source of Nitrogen and many other micro Nutrients that is. I am adding it’s 3 table spoons in this Fertilizer. Compost is very important for making the soil Soft and Porous.

You can also make it at home using Kitchen Wastes, Compost have Many MicroNutrients Nutrients that helps to gain Immunity for the A.denium. 

4:Ash powder.

It have a large amount of Organic Potassium. Potassium is a Known by it ability to enhance Flowering as well as the bright colour of the Bloom. It have anti Fungal effects and also keep the pests away from the plant. 

I am talking about the Wood ash powder that is used by many farmers also. You can make Ash powder from the Paper and from the Wooden pieces also. Ash have a large amount of Potassium and a Small Amount of Calcium

Both of these helps the A.denium Plant to grow fastly. I am adding 3 table Spoons of Ash powder.

5-Tea Wastes:-

I have dried the Tea Wastes in the Sun, it have Acidic effects that makes the soil a little acidic. Acidic soil is very much important for the Flowering plants. A.denium as well as other flowering plants loves a little acidic soil. 

This thing helps the A.denium plant to produce Beautiful flowers. I am adding a Table spoon of dried tea waste in this organic Fertilizer.

How to Fertilize your A.denium plant?

For adding this Fertilizer in the Soil of A.denium Plant, First you have to loose the Upper layer of soil. You can use any type of tool, Don’t break or damage the roots. You can add upto 2 table spoons of this Fertilizer in the A.denium plants Soil.

What is the Best Time to Fertilize Your A.denium plant?

Always Fertilize your A.denium in the Evening Time. At this time the roots have the whole night to absorb Nutrients. And this Fertilizer can be harmful in the day time, because the Fertilizer have Nitrogen enrich Components, that can burn the roots. So add this Fertilizer in the Evening Time. 

After That;

It’s time to add water into the Soil. For quality results, must add Frequent amount of water, and also make sure the soil is well draining. Otherwise it Causes Rotting of Roots.


This Fertilizer is very much Effective and have Beautiful results, it is an organic Fertilizer. Therefore, it may takes a little bit of time but results will be amazing.

You can use this Fertilizer on your A.denium plants every month, but at the start Apply only on a single plant and then apply on others. Because it have lots of high potency ingredients. So, be careful, don’t add too much Fertilizer.

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