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How to Use Rock Phosphate Organic Fertilizer For Plants? (7-BENEFITS)

How to Use Rock Phosphate Organic Fertilizer For Plants? (7-BENEFITS)

For Growing a Massive Root Structure & More Pups In Plants Like Aloe Vera, Rock Phosphate Can Be a Great Choice For You. In This Post, We Will Discuss All About Rock Phosphate Organic fertilizer, Including Some Of Its Benefits, The Right Way To Use This Fertilizer & Some Of Its DrawBacks.

What is Rock Phosphate & How it’s Made?

Rock Phosphate Is a Powdered Form Phosphorus Fertilizer, That is Made Up of Sedimentary Rocks For Which Reason its Called as Rock Phosphate.

8-Benefits of Rock Phosphateโ€ฆ.

Rock Phosphate In a bowl

It is Used Plant Food, Because It Have Several Benefits.

1-Better Root Growth:-

The First Benefit of Rock Phosphate is Its Effect On the Growth of Roots. It Helps In Better Development of Roots That Is a Very Useful Thing For The Health of a Plant. It Contains Phosphorus That Majorly Causes The Enhanced Growth of roots.

2-Healthy Immune System:-

Petunia Plant In Full Sun

The Another useful thing about Rock Phosphate Is That it Creates A Defense Mechanism In The Plant, Which Helps In Lesser pest Attacks & Diseases. Means It Makes The Plant Stronger By improving Its Immune System.

3-Works as Soil Amendment:-

Soil Mix of Curry Leaf Plant

Another Benefit of Rock Phosphate is That It Also WOrks as a Soil Amendament. As An Organic Fertilizer, It also Improves The Quality of Soil.

Soil plays A Really Significant Role In overall Growth Of The Plant, That’s Why You Should Use a Well Draining & Loose Soil For Your Plants. Dont Worry You Can Make It At Home, Using very Simple Ingredients, Details are added Here.

4-More Pups Production:-

Aloe Vera Plant Pups

Another Use Of Rock Phosphate Is That It Helps The Pup Producing Plants To Grow More of Them. That Means You Can Fertilize Your Such Plants With Rock Phosphate, & Get More Pups Out Of Them.

5-Long Lasting Effects:-

Rock Phosphate Dissolves Slowly With The Soil, & Keeps On Providing Its benefits For a Long Time. It Means it Also Have Long Lasting Effects Like Other Organic fertilizers.

6-Best for Root Vegetables:-

Final Harvest From Radish Container On Day 47

As We Know Rock Phosphate Have A Good Amount Of Phosphorus, Therefore You Can also Use For Your Root Vegetables & Enjoy a Better Harvest.

SomeTimes Radishes Dont Get Bigger In Size, For That Rock Phoshate Can be a Solution. But Its Also Important To Know Other Reasons Of Smaller Radishes, A Detailed Guide On That Topic Is also Added Here.

7-Calcium Source:-

Yellow Leaf With Black Patches

Another Good Thing About Rock Phosphate is That It have Calcium In it. Calcium Is One Of The Most Important Plant Nutrients, & Its Deficieny Results Such Leaf Spots, & Rotted Bottoms Problem in Tomatoes. So Here Its Again a Great Thing to Be Considered.

8-Natural & Organic:-

Rock Phosphate Is Made From Rock, That Means Its an Organic & Natural Source of nutrients.

How to Use Rock Phosphate For Plants?

Rock Phosphate In a Spoon

After These Benefits, Its Still Very Important To Know The Right Way To Use This Organic Fertilizer On our Plants.

  • To Use Rock Phosphate For Plants, You First Need To Loose The upper Layer of Soil.
  • You can Add Upto a Table Spoon Of Rock Phosphate Powder In a 6 to 8 Inches Of a Pot Size. You Can Also Buy a Good Quality Rock Phosphte From Here.
  • After Properly mixing The Powder With Soil, Now You Rock
  • This Way You Can fertilize Your Plants With Rock Phosphate Every 20 to 30 Days, Within The Season.

On What Plants Can We Use Rock Phosphate?

Using Rock Phosphate On Plants

You Can Use Rock Phosphate For Almost All Type of Plants, & You Can also Mix It With Some Organic fertilizers. & Enhance Its Ability Even More.

For The Succulents, Use Carefully. Water Blockage Can Harm, So After Fertilizing add a Small Amount of Moisture. For Mature Seedlings Try To Use Only A Small Amount of The Dose.

What are it’s Side Effects & Drawbacks?

Rock Phosphate Powder In Bowl

Now Lets Talk About Some Overuse Side Effects & Drawbacks of Rock Phosphate For Plants.

1-Nutrients Imbalance:-

First is That Its Not a Balanced Fertilizer, Plant Not only Requires Phosphorus, Nitrogen & Potassium are also Important. So That;s Why You Cant Use it as a Regular fertilizer For Your Plants.

To Provide a Balanced Dose Nutrients, You Can Use Compost As An Alternative Source of Rock Phosphate. You Can Also Buy It From Here.

2-Cost & Purity:-

Another Bad Thing Is About The Cost And Quality of Your Product. Rock Phosphate Is Not So Much Common All Over The World, & For That Reason Its Costly & Have Less Purity.

To Overcome This, You can Take A Look Of The Rock Phosphate Pack Added Here, Because Its Much Cheaper & Quality Wise Good Enough.

3-Not a Quick Fix:-

Rock Phosphate Powder

Another Thing About Rock Phosphate is That its a Slow Release Fertilizer. Once You Apply It, It Takes Around a Month To Start Showing Its Effects.

So If You Are Searching Quick Results, Its Not For You. For That You Can Try Compost Tea Liquid. That You Can Make At Home Using Compost. Details are Added In This Article, Must Check it Out.

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