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How to make the Best Liquid Fertilizer For Winter Vegetable Plants?


In This Post, We Are Going To Learn, How To make a Powerful Fertilizer For Winter Vegetable Plants, that Provide them Energy as Well as Nutrition. So it’s a Liquid Fertilizer, that you can use On Your Younger Seedlings UpTo the Harvest Stage. It works Really Amazingly because it has all the Required Nutrients, so let’s Know How to make it.

What type of Fertilizer Is Best for a Vegetable Garden?

As We know, there are So many Types of Vegetables, that We Can Grow At Home, from Seeds. But basically All Of Them Requires Around the Same Nutrients for their Healthier Growth & Blooming. We can Include some rich Sources of These Nutrients in Our Fertilizer, So They Can Go through The Roots of our Plants, or our Growing Vegetables.
Winter Vegetable Plants Requires Nitrogen For Healthier Growth of Their leaves, Phosphorus For the Faster Growth Of Their Roots, & Potassium for Healthy Blooming & Fruiting. Besides that, Some Nutrients are Required in Small Amounts but have a Very Major Role.

Calcium is required in Small Amounts, but Their Deficiency Can cause, issues Like Black Leaves, & rotting Bottom in Tomatoes, etc.
So this is Why we Should also add a Good Source of these Micro Elements. Such type of Fertilizer With all of these Nutrients Works as an all in One Fertilizer for our Winter Vegetable plants. By the Way, if You Don’t Know What are the Winter Season Vegetables, a Detailed article Is added Here.

What are the Benefits Of Using This Liquid Fertilizer?


So now Lets Me Shortly Describe Some Very Useful Benefits of Using This Liquid Fertilizer on Your Winter Vegetables. The Regular Use of This Organic Fertilizer Gives a Healthy Boost To Your Younger Seedlings, Provide them Energy & Strength to fight against Pests & Diseases, it helps Them Grow Fast, Making a Heavy Root Structure, Yellow & Patchy Leaves Wouldn’t Appear Again, it Makes the Soil Softer & Porous as Well. Overall, This Liquid Fertilizer Works Best For Winter Vegetable Plants. You can Use It as Your Regular Fertilizer, & keep Fertilizing Your Vegetable Plants, & Seedlings Every 7 to 10 days, during the Winter Time.

The Key Ingredients;-

So now let’s Know What Ingredients Make this Fertilizer So much Powerful, & you can get all of them From the given Links.

Tea Powder 1/2 Tbsp;-


The First & Main Ingredient is Tea Powder because it is a rich source of Nitrogen. & Nitrogen is Required By the Plant From the Germination Stage. it also makes Soil Acidic, which is Very Beneficial for Flower Producing Vegetables. You can use Waste Tea Powder, but I am Using Unused Tea Powder.

Leaf Molds 20 G;-


Our Next Ingredient for Vegetable garden Fertilizer is leaf Mould. It is Very Easy to make leaf molds, simply Take a Few Dry Leaves & Crush Them with Your Hands, & they are the Leaf molds. They Provide Nutrients to the Plant for its New Growth & More Branches. You can also Buy Leaf Moulds Here.

Cow Dung 20 G;-


The use of Cow Dung Compost in Our Vegetable garden Fertilizer is Extremely Important. because it not only contains Nitrogen but also a Very wide Range of other Micro Elements as Well. It makes the Soil Softer, makes the Plant Resistant to Pests & Diseases, & faster Growth of Leaves Appears as well. A Complete Guide on Cow dung Benefits is Here, must check it out.

Mustard Powder 4-5 Tbsp;-


Our Last ingredient is a Very Beneficial Thing Because it makes the Roots Stronger & Induce More Flowers & Fruits on the Plant as well. It’s Mustard Cake, which you can get very easily from Here.
Because it’s made up of mustard seed Remains, therefore it has all the plant Required Nutrients as well.

Jaggery Pieces 1 S Piece


One last thing, that You should Add in the jaggery. Because we are making a Liquid Fertilizer, & Jaggery helps in the Faster Decomposition of these other ingredients. So must Add it.

What is The Best Fertilizer For Vegetable Gardens?

Put all of these ingredients in a Liter of Water bottle & Let it in the Shade for a Few Days. Don’t Place this Container in a room, because it makes a little Smell. You can Put it in an open area.

After 4-5 Days….


As the Liquid Turns Its Colour, then you can use it.


But first You have to dilute this Fertilizer with 5 to 6 parts of more Water. Now you can add this Liquid to Your Winter Vegetable Plants.

How to Correctly Apply This Fertilizer?

Dig the Upper layer of Soil & let it Dry For a While, Then add a Glass of this homemade Liquid Fertilizer in every 10 inches Of Pot. You can use This Liquid every 10 days, & you can also adjust the Dose According to The Pot Size & Plant age.


For the most Efficient Results, Fertilize the Plants in the evening Time during the Growing Season. So it’s all about this vegetable garden Liquid Fertilizer, for any Question Leave a Comment Below.

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