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Yellow Leaves On Tomato Plants – Their Causes & Fixes.


There is a number of Reasons that Makes Yellow Leaves On tomato Plants, In this Video, we will talk about how you can Avoid or Prevent These Yellow Leaves On Tomato Plants From The Beginning. If You follow Up these tips & Tricks, then Definitely Yellow Leaves Don’t Harm Your Tomato Plants and More.

Sunlight For Yellow Leaves;-


So the First Thing You have to Do For Avoiding yellowing leaves on tomato plants is To Put Your Younger Tomato Seedlings in a Sunny Spot From the Start.

At the Younger Stage, Tomato Plants have to Make up their Immune System To Bear Environmental Changes. & Also a Common Reason for Yellow Leaves of Tomato Plants is The Deficiency of Sunlight.

Sunlight plays a Big Role in Keeping The Tomato Seedlings Well Growing & Healthy. A deficiency of Sunlight Causes a Decrease in photosynthesis, & The Green Material in the Leaf called Chlorophyllย also decreases.

This Thing turns the Leaves of Tomato Plants Yellow. The Whole Plant Grow Very Slowly & Hardly Survives If You don’t Fix this Thing. So it is important to Provide Sunlight To Tomato Seedlings To Preventing Yellow Leaves.

Nitrogen & Magnesium Deficiency;-

Another Thing You have to Do To Avoiding Yellow Tomato Leaves is to keep Fertilizing them. You can Start Adding Fertilizers to the Tomato Seedlings When they are 20 to 25 Days Older.

And also Try to Use A Fertilizer that specifically has magnesium & Nitrogen in it. Both of these Nutrients majorly cause Yellow Leaves, if They Are Deficient in the Plant body. So To Prevent Or Avoid This Problem, Right From The Start You can use Epsom Salt that has Magnesium To feed Your Tomato Seedlings, Every 20 to 25 Days.


Otherwise, If Your Tomato Plants Fertilizer already has Some Magnesium, then You Don’t Need to add it Separately. You can also make a Balanced Liquid Fertilizer For Your Tomato Plants at Home, It has all the Essential Nutrients that Tomato Plants require to Grow well. Fertilization is Very Important, OtherWise many Other Harmful Effects, besides yellow Leaves, can also appear.

The Best Way to Water;-

The Next Important Thing to avoid Yellow Leaves on Tomato Plants is the Watering Technique. You have to Go with Good Watering, not So much to cause Stress on Tomato Plants, or not too less to make the Plant Drying.

OverWatered Tomato Plants;-

Over Watering causes yellowing leaves on tomato plants by Putting the Roots in Ina Stress Conditions. This Stress on the Roots Makes Them unable to absorb Nutrients Efficiently, & hence Deficiency of Nitrogen & Magnesium Appears in the Form Of Yellow Tomato Leaves.

So the Thing You Should Do is to Use a Good Soil Mix, that Drains well. This Thing is Important because another Common reason for Yellow Tomato Leaves is Compact Soil Mix. Roots can’t able to Exchange Gases From the Environment, which leads to Zero creation, which also makes Stress On The Roots. So The Solution to both of these Causes is using a Good Soil Mix.ย 

What is the Best Soil Mix For Tomato Plants?

Tomato Plants love to have a Well Draining Loose Soil Mix. As it is a Heavy Feeder, We also have to Consider Very Fer Tile Soil For Them. You can Make a Good Soil Mix For Tomatoes or Simply buy a Ready To Use Potting Mix For Tomatoes.ย 

Just make Sure, Your Soil mix is Draining Properly, Has some Creation for the Roots. These Things Not Only Keeps The Yellow Leaves away, but they also keep Your Tomato Plants Very Well growing & Blooming.ย 

Tomato Plant Pests & Diseases;-

As Tomato Plant is a Soft Leaf Plant, & There is a Large Number of Pests & Insects, that are ready to attack them. So We have kept them away also, yellow Leaves of Tomato Plants are also caused by Aphids & Mealybugs.

So If They Get to Our Tomato Plants, then Yellow Leaves must Appears. As We Grow Tomato Plants, We Have to spray Them with an organic Pesticide Regularly, this Thing Ensures the removal as well as Prevention of All Types of Pests in one go.

You can use A Pesticide spray Every 10 to 15 days on all Your Tomato Plants. Buyย Neem Oil Pesticide sprayย Here.

Transplanting Tomato Seedlings;-

The another Common Cause of Yellow Leaves in Tomato Plants is the Transplant Shock. But The Yellow Leaves after that are a natural Thing, & You have to Give some Time To Your Tomato Plants, so They can Recover. One thing you can Do is to follow the right method To Transplant Them.

Yellow Leaves On Tomato Seedlings;-

The Yellow Leaves on Tomato Seedlings are majorly Caused by Roots Bounding. As the Roots Don’t Find Space to Grow, This thing Makes Stress On Them & Ultimately Yellowing Leaves Appear on Tomato Seedlings.

So To Avoid This Problem, You have to transplant Them on time. Or try to Space the Seeds A part, while Sowing Their Seeds. You can Transplant them After a Month of Sowing their Seeds.

You can Follow up on this Article, For Correctly Transplanting Them into a New Container.


So These are the Some Important Preventions, that You can Follow To Avoid Yellow Leaves on Tomato Plants. Yellow Leaves on Tomato Plants are The Signs of Some type of Mistaken Attitude. That You can Fix this By Following this Article.

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