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Preparing Soil For Vegetable Garden – The Best Mixture for Vegetable Garden.

For Growing lots of Vegetable Plants in our Garden, the Soil mixture is a very important Component. The Use of a Good Quality Soil mix in Vegetable Plants Can Boost the Harvest Up to 2 to 3 times.

All type of Vegetable Plants like Peppers, Tomatoes, Peas, Red. Turnip and Cabbage etc… All of them Requires a well Draining Soil mix, that have lots of Nutrients and also have a very good System. 

For the Vegetable Plants that are rooted like the carrots, white Red and potatoes etc.. they also Requires a loose Soil mix that doesn’t became so much Compact with time.

The Soil Must Have These Qualities:-

1- Good Draining System

2- Proper System

3- Fertility 

4- Softness

We have to Make a Mix of Ingredients that have these Qualities. 

Choosing Ingredients For Vegetable Garden Soil Mixture:-

1- Key ingredient:-

I am using Garden Soil that is fully Dried the Sun. I am using dry Soil because the Soil of the Older pots must have different Insects and sometimes it also have Fungus in it. Therefore it is very important to dry out the Soil in the Sun for at least 2 days. 

Make sure the Soil doesn’t have even a single drop of water in it. Spread it in the full sun to get fully dry. You can use up to 3 parts of this dried Garden top Soil. 

Why Not Soil less Media for Vegetables?

Using a soil less medium is not a good choice, because the garden Soil have many types of Different micro Nutrients. and these Micro Nutrients keeps your Vegetable Plants very well Growing, and from many Diseases. So Must Use 3 Parts of Garden Soil.

2- Making It Soft and We’ll Draining:-

The garden Soil mostly becomes Compact and hard with the Time. So we also have to add Coco peat In it, that enhances it’s Softness and it also retains a good amount of Moisture in it. 

Using Soo much coco peat can also cause water blockage in the Soil, therefore we have to add only 2 Parts of this. 

Coco peat Makes a good Drainage system into the soil and also make it loose for the roots. The exchange of gases is also performed very effectively in coco peat soil mixture. 

3- Filling it with Nutrients:-

Most of the Vegetable Plants Requires about 3 to 4 months for their first harvest. At that time they absorb Different essential Nutrients and Minerals from the Soil, from which our Vegetables are produced. 

Therefore, it is highly important for the Soil mix to Be Enrich with lots of Nutrients, and For This You Can Use Organic Homemade Compost.

Compost have almost all type of Nutrients that a Plant needs, I am adding 1.5 parts of Compost in this Soil mixture. Compost works as a Fertilizer for the Plant as well as it makes the Soil Soft and Porous. 

Availability of Softness in the Soil mixture helps the roots lot to Grow Fastly. Compost also have many beneficial Bacteria that enhances the quality of Soil. 

Drainage TEST:-

Add this Mixture in a Pot and water it. This will drain out from the bottom hole within Few Mints. This is Called a Well Draining Soil.

Benefits of This Vegetable Garden Soil:-

You can use this Soil Mixture for Growing winter Vegetable Plants, as well as Summer Vegetable Plants, It is perfect for Vegetables. You can transplant their seedlings and you can also grow a bigger plant in this mixture. 

The Attack of pests and fungus in such type of Soil is almost zero, because we have prepared this mixture using only pest free Components. The Soil is in the Sun so the attack of Insects is not so much Possible.

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