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5 SECRET Jasmine Plant Growing Tips! (Use This Way)


Jasmine Plant Can be A Low Maintainance Plant, If You Know Some Basic Growing Tips About Them. In This Post, We Will Talk About 5 Very Useful Jasmine Plant Growing Tips.

Season Comes First…

First of All Its Very Important That You Grow Jasmine Plant in Its Season. Ideal Season Is very Important For The Proper Growth of Any Plant, & Jasmine Plant is A Summers permanent Flowering Plant, That Means You Can Plant It In Early Summers & Enjoy Their Fragrant Flowers over The Whole Summers.

1-Properly Locate:-


The Most Important Thing To Boost The Growth of Jasmine Plant Is To Put it In an Ideal Space. As Its A Summers Plant, & Produces Flowers, So Here Sunlight Is Extremely Important.

Jasmine Plant is a Hardy Drought Tolerant Plant & Can be Grown in a Sunny Spot. Ideally You Should

Provide It At Least 3 to 4 Hours of Direct Sunlight & More Than That Will be even Better.

Deficiency of Sunlight Can Attract Pests & Can Cause Less Buds On The Plant. So Choose A Sunny Spot & Let The Plant Untouched There. Change Of Place Can Be a Disturbance So Just Locate It Properly & Dont Replace It Again & Again.

2-Prune this Way:-


Another Thing In Jasmine Plant care Is the Regular Pruning Of Its Shoots. Jasmine Plant Grow Fast &

Leggy, & if Dont Pruned Timely, This Can Cause Serious Problems Like Less Flowers, Stunted Growth & Leggy ness.

So here You Need a Clean Cutter To Prune The Upper Growing Shoots of The Plant. You Can Also Use

The pinching Method, just Remove The Upper 1 inch Part of The Shoot, With The Help of Your Nail. & This Way You will See Multiple Benefits Within Days. The Plant Produce More Branches, More Buds & Looks Healthy As Well.

Just Keep One Thing In Mind, Dont Use The Cutter Without Cleaning It. You Can Simply Use Hydrogen Peroxide That Ensures The Removal Of All Type of Germs, Its Also Added Here To Buy.

3-Use This Fertilizer Regularly:-


Another Jasmine Plant Growing Tip Is the Use Of a Powerful fertilizer On Regular Basis. Jasmine Plant is a Heavy Feeder & Reguires a Wide range Of Nutrients For Its Healthy & Constant Growth. Its Very Easy To Make a Good Fertilizer For Jasmine Plant, Let me quickly Show You a Simple Recipe.

I am Using a Mix of 5 Tbsp Compost + 3 Tbsp Cowdung + 1 Tbsp Mustard Cake Here, & Follow Up These Ratios. Compost Provides Many Benefits To The Plant, Same Way Mustard Cake Powder Works Just amazing to promote Buds On The Plant.

For big Size & Lush Green Leaves of Jasmine Nothing Works better Than Cow Dung. Detailed Videos On other benefits Of Compost, Cow dung, & Mustard Cake Are added Here, Must Check Them Out. & Keep The Plant Fertilized Every 15 to 20 Days Within The Growing Season.

4-Water Carefully:-


Once You Follow These Simple Things, Your Jasmine Plant Will Will definitely Grow Really Well. But there are Some Things That Can Disturb The Growth of Jasmine Plant, & Its very Important To Keep an Eye On Them.

Watering overly Can Take The Jasmine Plant Under a Stress Condition & then Pruning Or Fertilization Would Not Work. So Here You Need To Fix The Watering Problem, For That Try To Water When The Upper Layer Of Soil Dries Out a Little.

If Your Soil Mix Is Not Drying Out Time To Time. This Can Indicate The Poor Drainage Of Your Soil Mix. Jasmine Plant Likes a Well Draining & A Bit of Loose Soil Mix, but A Compact Mix Wouldnot Let It Grow.

So Here A Well Draining Soil mix Can Solve The Whole Issue of Watering. For That You Can Use a Mix of Very Simple Ingredients, a Complete Guide Is Linked Here To Show You The Whole Way To make it.

5-Roots & Repotting:-


Another Jasmine Plant Growing Tip is to Check For Any Root Bounding. Jasmine Is a Permanent & Fast Growing Plant & For Growing it In a Pot, You Must Need To Provide It a Good Space.

Once The Roots Get Stuck With The Pots Walls, This Can Lead To The stunted Growth of The Plant, So It Will Be Much Better If You Can Repot Your Jasmine Plant, Choose A Big size Pot For Maximum Flowering.

A Good Size Grow Bag Can Be A Perfect Choice, Its also Added Here To Buy. Best Time For Repotting Will be Early Summers & Rainy Days. & After Repotting, Place It in a semi Shaded Area & Give it Some Time To Recover.

6-Protect It From Pests:-


Another Thing You Should Consider is any Chance of Pest attack. in General, Jasmine Plant is a Hardy Plant & Haven’t many Pest enemies, but any sign of pest attack can go really Bad if You Don’t Treat It Timely.

For that Neem Oil Spray Is the Best Choice, Use it as a Prevention Every 10 days in your Plants. Detailed Guide is Linked here to Make Neem Oil Pesticide At Home, Must Check it out.

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