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Tube rose is very Beautiful Flowering Plant & the Most Attracting Thing in this Plant is it’s Fragrance. In this post, We will Discuss about the Most Important Tips TubeRose Care. We will talk about It’s Growing Season, Soil Requirements, the Best Watering Technique, most Common Problems with their Solutions, so Keep Reading.


  • Propagation
  • Basics & origin
  • Season of Growth
  • Sunlight Needs
  • Watering Technique
  • Soil Quality
  • Fertilization
  • Problems & Pests

TUBE Rose Plant Introduction;

Tuberose Is a Flower Producing Summer Season, permanent Plant, that originate From the Mexico. Tube rose Plant Grow Grass type Leaves & usually In rainy Days, a Long Spike came out from the Centre of The Plant with around a height of a Feet or two.

Such Type of Beautiful White Coloured Flower Buds appears & as they Bloom, their Fragrance Fills up Your Whole Garden.

When should We grow Tube Rose Plant?

You can grow Tube Rose plant as The Spring Season Starts, from their Bulbs. They are the warm area Plants & became Dormant in Winters, due to Decreasing Temperature. With a Climate of Mid Range Temperature, You Can Grow Them as  a totally Permanent Outdoor Plant, But In low Temperature climates, You have to Grow them as an annual Flowering Plant.

Tube Rose Propagation;

Tube Rose plant is as easy as we can Grow it with a Very Little care, & Still enjoy their beauty. The Tubers or Their Bulbs Keeps on Dividing under the Soil level & such Type of Multiple Plants Appears on upsides.

It means they are easy to Propagate Too. Just take a Good Care of this plant, & it will continue on Dividing it self. You just have to brought them to Your House Once, & they will live there for years. To Get More Pups or the Bulbs, you need to provide it a Good Soil mix, on which we talk after a While.


First Let’s Talk about a Few Very Important Caring Tips for tube Rose Plant.

Sunlight for Tube Rose Plant;

As Tuberose Plant is a Summer Season Flowering Plant, then it is obvious to provide a Good amount of Sunlight to it. The whole Process of Buds Formation & Flowering depends on the amount Of Sunlight, You Are Providing.

How much Sun Tube Rose Plant Needs?

Provide at least a few Hours of Direct Sunlight to Your Tube rose Plant, for a Healthy & consistent Growth. Without Sunlight, they aren’t Going to Produce Buds & flowers.

What Happens If the Tub rose Faces Light Deficiency?

Deficiency of Frequent Amount of Sunlight, also makes the Plant To slow down it’s Growth. So Make Sure Your Tube Rose plant is placed in a Well lit Sunny Spot. In hot summer Days, A Semie Shaded area Works Well, but otherwise Provide minimum 4 to 5 hours of Sunlight.

Soil Quality;

The next thing in tube rose care is The soil Quality. As tube rose Plant have Tubers or bulbs inside The soil, therefore a good Mixture promotes a healthy of these Bulbs. & A Compact or water Blocking Soil Mix Can Leads to stem rot or Root rot Problems.

What Type of Soil Tube Rose Plant Requires?

So You have to Provide a good Soil Mix To Your Tube Rose Plants. They loves to have a Sandy Soil Mix, not too much sandy, But a well Draining loose Mixture Works great.

Water Shouldn’t  Block & have to Drain Well, so Your Plant Keeps it Growth continue. You can Check out this Soil mix For Tube rose Plant. Otherwise You can Use any Mix, only make sure it’s Draining properly.

Watering Tube Rose Plant;

Similarly Watering in a Correct way helps To promote New Growth On Tube Rose plant. You can Water Tube Rose on alternate days, & Daily in summers. Just make sure Water is Not staying in the soil for a long time. If You are Using a well Draining mix, then You don’t Have to worry about this Thing so much.

What is the Best Way to Water Tube Rose plant?

The best way To Water is to check The soil moisture level before watering. Over watering Causes Root Rot problem in tube rose, so be careful.

Fertilizer For Tuberose;

For Healthy & consistent Flowering on Tube Rose plant, Fertilizer also plays a big Role. Tube Rose plant is a Heavy Feeder, that Requires Variety of Nutrients To Grow well.

What Type Of Fertilizer Tube Rose Plant Requires?

A Slow Release, Phosphorus Enrich Fertilizer work Just Perfect. You can Also use Some Professional Fertilizers, But our Homemade Organic Npk Fertilizer Works amazing & you should try Out that.

Check It Out Here;-?

Just keep Fertilizing Tube Rose Plant every 20 days, specially in it’s Growing Season. They produces flowers starting from Springs UpTo late Summer days, so Fertilizer is Very Important to Keep the plant away from Deficiencies. Otherwise Such Type of Brown & yellow Tips Appears On them

Dormancy Time Of Tube Rose Plant;

If we Talk about their dormancy Time, in Winter Season frost don’t Let Them Grow & they Dies From upsides, but Still their Bulbs or tubers are alive under soil. & They will grow again as the spring starts. You can Store Their Tubers in a Dry Place, otherwise just let the pot on its location as it is.

You can Also Move the Tube Rose Plant indoor in the starting Winter Days, so the Plant keeps on Growing.

Diseases & Pests on Tube Rose;

If We talk about the pests & problems in tube rose Plants, they aren’t So much. Tube Rose Plant is not a Fragile Plant as the other. But still spider Mites, Aphids, thrips etc… Are found to be attacking, but not so much frequently. The all in one Prevention is to use a Neem Oil Pesticide spray, Every 15 days on All Your Plants.

Detailed Videos on making & Applying is Here

For the Diseases, Root Rot, stem rot, bud rot etc are Found, that are caused by Fungal Growth. To prevent this Thing, make sure Water is Draining Properly, air circulation around the Tuberose Plant is Good & You are Fertilizing them regularly

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