Bunny Ear CactusCactusPlant Propagation

A Step-By-Step Guide on Bunny Cactus Propagation! (WITH UPDATES)


Bunny Ear Cactus is a zero Maintainance Plant & Its Also Very To Propagate Them By Using Their Leaves. In This Post, We Will Talk all About Bunny cactus Propagation, With Results.

When Should we Propagate Bunny Cactus?


First Of All Its Important To Know The Best & Most Ideal Season To Propagate Bunny Cactus. As Its a Hardy Plant & Can Survive Extreme Conditions, You Can Try Their Propagation In The Whole Summers Days.

You Dont Need So Much Of Moisture To Root Their Leaves, & IT Will Be More Suitable If The Environment Also Stays a little Dry. So Avoid Growing Their Leaves In Rainy & Winter Days.

You Can Propagate Bunny Ear Cactus Starting From Springs upto Late Summers Days. Just Make Sure The Humidity Level of Air Is Low.

Taking Leaves from The Plantโ€ฆ


In General, Bunny Cactus Leaves can Produce Roots Very Easily, But For Absolute Surity You Should Take Their Mature & Older Leaves, Because They Sprout Very Quickly.

1-Take Mature Leaves…

For Taking Their Leaves From The Plant, Try To Use Gloves as They Have Small Spikes. Twist Them Gently & You Will Get Such Type of Grow able leaves. You Can also Dry Them In Shade For a Few Days, So The Base Part Can Heal. It Prevent Any Chance of Rotting of The Leaf.

Soil Mix Requirement!

2-Choose a Well Draining Soil Mix….

For The Soil Mix, You Can Put Them In any Type of Mixture Just Make Sure Its A Bit of Loose & Drains Water Effciently. You Can Also Buy Such A Mixture From This Link. Otherwise Mix Cocopeat & Sand In Equal Ratios.

Putting It In Soil & Wateringโ€ฆ

3-Gently Slide the Leaves In The Soil!

Now You can Put Your bunny Cactus Leaves In This Mixture, Gently Slide Them In The Soil. Make Sure The Base Part Is In Contact Of The Soil. This Way Place All The Leaves In The Soil. Add Some Moisture In The Soil & Place This Pot In a Semi Shaded area, & water Only If The Soil Dries.

After 2 Weeksโ€ฆ


13 Days Later…

After around 1 to 2 Weeks, You Will Find Some Signs Of New Growth On These Leaves, As You Can See On The Screen. At This Point, You Can Check For Their Roots.


Once You Remove The Soil, Roots Appears.


As You can See Here, These Are The Some Roots, & For Such Cactus They are More Than Enough.

Putting Them in Sperate Pots!

4-Plant Them Separately…

Now Its Time To Plant them Separately, Choose Small Size Pots & Just Carefully Put Them In The Soil & Cover The Roots Gently.

5-Water carefully…

Dont Too Much Moisture, Just Make Sure The Soil Is Little Moist.

After A Month….

Hope Its Clear now, How Easy is To Propagate Bunny Cactus Plant. Just Follow these Simple Things & Keeps On Propagating Them. & Once Your New Plants Are Stable, You can Also fertilize Them With This Homemade Cacti Fertilizer, Detail Guide On Making This Fertilizer Is Linked here Must Check It Out.

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