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How to Make A Cheap Cactus Soil mix at Home? (EASY RECIPE*)

How to Make A Cheap Cactus Soil mix at Home? (EASY RECIPE*)

Watering Related Issues like Root rot, Stem Rot etc are very Common In Cacti plants, So In This Post We Will Make A Very Cheap Cactus soil mix At Home, That Will Help you master The Watering of Cacti Plants. So lets Begin.

What Type Of Mixture Cactus Plants Like?

Cacti Soil Mix

First Of All its Very Important To Understand Whay Type of Mixture Cacti Plants Like. So All Type of Cacti Plants Likes a Very Well Draining mixture, Basicall That replicates Their Natural habitat. cacti plants Have alot of moisture Stored In Their Leaves. So a Costantly moist Soil mix is Not Required.

Ideally, Our focus Should Be On Making a Well Draning, Loose & Porous Soil Mix. To much of a Fertile Soil is also Not what a cactus Likes, So We Should Also Make It Only a Little nutrients Enrich. hope You Got The idea.

What Are The Qualities of This Mixture?

Homemade Cacti Potting Mix

So This Is The Mixture, That Have all of These Qualities. Using This Mixture makes a Few Changes In The growth & Health of a Cacti Plants, So Shortly Let me Describe That.

  • First of all The drainage System Will be Excellent, So here All The watering Related Problems & Diseases Will Almost zero.
  • As This mixture Is Porous & Loose, So The Root growth Will Be a Little Bit Better Than Before.
  • & Overall your Cacti Plants Will Be Healthy & Results making More baby Pups.

The key Ingredients!

Now Lets Talk About The Ingredients We Need To Make This Cactus Soil mix.

1-Sand 30%

Sand in A Bowl

The First Ingredient is Sand which is The Best Thing To Improve The Drainage of Any Soil Mixture. Make Sure You are Not Using Sea Sand, As Its Salty Which Is Not good For Any Plant. You Can Simply use The Sand Used In Construction Work.

2-Cocopeat 20%


Another Ingredient To make the Cactus Soil Mix Is The cocopeat, That I am Using To Make The Soil A Little Soft & Porous. Cocopeat retain Alot of Moisture Inside Of It For A Long Time Which Is not good For Cacti Plants, That’s Why Ratios Are important, so Use Only given Amounts.

3-Brick Pieces 20%

Brick pieces In a Bowl

Another Ingredient To make The Cactus Soil mix is The small Pieces of brick. You Can Use the Bricks Made From clay Soil, & Crush Them Into Smaller Pieces, These pieces have Some very unqiue Properties, Like They sucks extra Moisture of Soil & Store it deep Inside of Them.

& Provide To The roots Only When They try to Suck the Moisture. You can Also Use Brick dust, But that Will Make Our Mixture A Little Hard & Compact, So Use The Small Brick Pieces.

4-Garden Soil 20%

Soil In a Bowl

next Ingredient of This Cactus Soil mix is The Simple garden Soil. I am Assuming its Not completely Clay Soil. Otherwise That Wont be a Good Thing. Soil Is Important To retain The Trace Elements in it. But Use it after Drying it In The Sun For a Few Days, This Will Remove any Chance of pests & insects.

5-Cow dung 10%

Cow dung In bowl

Another ingredient of this homemade cactus Soil mix is The Cow dung Compost, which will be Our Source of nutrients. Cow dung compost have a Lot of Nutrients In It, Which Will be Released Slowly. just make Sure Its Cowdung Compost, Not Fresh Cow dung.

You can Also Make Cow dung Compost at Home, Detailed Guide Is Added Here, if You Like To try.

Cactus Soil Ingredients

Here We Have all The Ingredients Into Given Ratios, Mix Well & Our Cactus Soil Mix Is Ready To use.

Can We use This For All Cacti Plants?

Cactus Soil Mix

You Can Use This Cactus Soil Mix For Almost All Type of Cacti Plants, Even You Can use This For Succulents. This Mixture Might not Work Well For Very Senstive cacti plants Like Moon cactus, Queen of night etc, But Works Just Fine For Most cacti plants.
For Them, You Can Buy a cheap But an effective Cactus Mixture, its Linked Here. So Its All About making Cactus Soil mix. To make An Organic fertilizer For cacti Plants, Here is a Right Article For You,

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