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How To Make an Organic Fertilizer For Cacti & Succulents At Home? (SIMPLE INGREDIENTS)

How To Make an Organic Fertilizer For Cacti & Succulents At Home? (SIMPLE INGREDIENTS)

By Following This Post Step By Step, You Can Also Make a Good fertilizer for Your Succulents & cacti Plants, The Ingredients I Will Use Are Very Very Simple & Must be available Around You. We Will Also Talk About What Is The Right Way & Time To fertilize Cacti Succulents, So Keep Reading.

What Type of Fertilizer Cacti & Succulents Like?

First Of All Its Important To Know, What Kind Of Fertilizer Succulents & cacti Plants Like. So Basically They are Very Hardy Plants, That Grow In Dry & Very Less Fertile Conditions In Their Native Areas.

What Is the Best Fertilizer for Succulents & cacti?

Succulents & Cacti food

You Can Provide Them a Very Slow Release, Balanced fertilizer. Means Your Succulents & cacti Fertilizer should have almost All The Nutrients, Like Nutrogen, Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphorus & So On. This Will Help The Plant to Grow Very Consistently. & Making Such an organic Fertilizer is Super Easy, All You Need Is a Few Ingredients.

Benefits of This Homemade Fertilizerโ€ฆ.

There are Also Some Benefits of Using This Fertilizer, That You Should Know.

1-Better Growth:-

As a Source Of Essential Elements, This Homemade cacti Food Can help Them Grow In a Much Better Way. It Will Supply Them Nutrients, & in Result The Growth Will Much Healthier. Overall This fertilizer Helps Your Succulents & cacti Grow Bigger & taller.

2-Improved Soil:-

Moist Soil Mix Of Haworthia Plant

Another use Of This Organic fertilizer is That It Improves The Soil Quality. The Ingredients I have used To Make This Are all Organic, This Way They Improves The Soil Drainage & Looseness. & a Well Draining Soil Mix is always Very Important Specially For Such Delicate Plants.

A Little Up & Down In Watering Can Trigger Fungal Attack & Problems Like Root rot. So This Way Longterm Use of Our Cacti & Succulents food Is Very Healthy For Soil Also.

You Can also Prepare a Good Soil Mix For Your succulents at Home, Using Simple Ingredients. a Detailed Guide On That Is Linked Here, Must Check That Out. Because That Soil Mix Can Save your Money as well As your Succulents & cacti plants.

3-Trace Elements:-

This fertilizer Also Have a Wide Range Of Trace elements, The Elements That are Required Is Smaller Amounts But have a Major Role In The Overall Health & Deevelopment of a Plant. So This Way Using This fertilizer Can Save Your Succulents & cacti From Many Deficiencies.

4-Buds & Flowers:-

Longterm Use Of This Fertilizer For Succulents & cacti Can also promote a Very Healthy & timely Flowering On Your Plants. Sometimes Its Hard To Get a cactus On Flowering, So If You Use This fertilizer That Problem Wouldnot be a An Issue Any More.

5-More Pups:-

Aloe Vera Plant Pups

Most of Succulents & cacti Multiply Them by making Pups, So This Fertilizer Can Promote these Pups Also. It Containa a Great Phosphorus & Potassium Source, Which Ultimately makes More Pups.

How To Make This Cacti Fertilizer?

So Thats All About Its Benefits, Now let Know How We Can Make This fertilizer at Home. You Need a Few Ingredients, That You Can gather From Your Local Market or You can Buy Them Online, Their Buying Links are also Added Here.

Leaf Compost 20g:-

Leaf Mould compost

The First for This Fertilizer is called As black Gold, Due To Its Unusual Benefits. It Made From Leaves, & Also Called as Leaf Mould Compost. You Can also Make It at Home for Free, Detailed Guide on That is Added Here, It Will Show you a Step By Step Method To make This, Must Check That Out.

Cow Dung 20g:-

Cow dung Compost

Another Ingredient For Making Succulents & cacti Food Is an Excellent Source of Nitrogen & Other Essential elements. Cow dung Compost is Available all Over The World, even You Can Buy This Thing Online as Well. Cow dung Compost Is a High Nitrogen Fertilizer Must be Used With great Care, Otherwise This Can Cause damage To Your Succulents & Cacti.

So Be careful While Using Cow dung For Any of Your Plants, a detailed Article is Added Here, to learn The right Way To Use Cow dung. For Now Use Only The Described quantity.

Egg Shells 3-4 Tbsp:-

Egg Shells

Another Organic Source Of Element is egg Shells, That contains Calcium, Which Is a Primary part of Plant Body. & It Also Have Some Phosphorus & Potassium & They Are also Very useful. But Make Sure to Dry The egg Shells In The sun For A Day Or so, This is Important To Remove any Chance of Fungus.

Blood Meal 3 Tbsp:-

Blood Meal fertilizer

Another Ingredient i am Using Here is The Blood Meal, You Can Skip This Thing If You Like. But adding a Small Amount of This Can Really Improve The effectiveness of Your Fertilizer. Blood Meal have many Unique & Useful Benefits On Plants, You Can Learn More About That From This article. For Now Use only The Described Dose, Because It is High Nitrogen Also.

Banana Peels 3 Tbsp:-

Banana Peels Crushed

The Another Special Ingredient for Succulents & cacti Fertilizer is The Banana Peels Powder. Banana Peels Have A Good Amount of Organic Potassium & Some Phosphorus, & Both are The Basic Plant elements. You Can dry The banana Peels In The Sun for Some Days, & Once They are Black You can crush them Into Small Pieces Or Into a Powder Form & Then You can use Them For This fertilizer.


Ingredients For Succulents & Cacti Fertilizer

Now Take All These Ingredients In These ratios & Mix Them Well.

Succulents & Cacti Fertilizer

& Our Homemade Fertilizer For Succulents & cacti is Ready To use.

How To Use It For Cacti & Succulents?

To Fertilize Your Suuculents & cacti, You Can Simply Loose The Upper layer of Soil & Add a Dose. Dose Depends Upon The Size of Your Plant, For a Bigger Plant Use More & For a Small Cacti or Succulent Use Less. Some Reference Amounts Are also Adde Over The Screen, You Can Follow them.

Fertilizing Cactus Plants

Mix The fertilizer Very Well With the Soil, Now You Can Add Some Moisture, So The Fertilizer Can Be Absorbed by The roots.

Adding Water After Fertilizing

Dont Add To much Moisture. This way You Fertilize Your Cacti & Succulent Every month, At The evening Time.

On What Plants We Can Use This Fertilizer?

Homemade Cacti & Succulents Fertilizer

You Can Use This Fertilizer For Almost All Type of Succulents & cacti, For The Heavy Feeder cacti & Succulents Use A Little Big Dose. Just Remember dont apply This fertilizer When A Plant is Under a Dormancy time.

So Its all About This Fertilizer, You can Also Buy a Similar Ready To use cacti & Succulents Fertilizer From This link.

Fertilizer is One Thing That Can Help Your Succulents & cacti to Grow, There are Also Some Otherthings You Need To Take Care of, Like Placing Your Plants In an ideal Location, Their soil mix & Much More. Here is A Playlist That Can Help You Understand These Thing About Cacti and succlents, & Get Better Results, Must Check It Out.

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