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How To Make Leaf Mould Compost at Home? (WITH UPDATES)

How To Make Leaf Mould Compost at Home? (WITH UPDATES)

Leaf Mould Compost is one Of The Best Organic Fertilizers For plants. & In This Video, we Will Talk all About Leaf Mould Compost, what are its Benefits & How We Can Make It At Home, With Updates, So keep Reading.

What is a Leaf Mould Compost & Why its Used?

Leaf Mould Compost is Simply The Decomposed Form Of Leaves & Used as Source of Nutrients For Many Plants worldwide. Leaf Compost is a dark coloured, Highly Porous & Soft form of Leaves & Roots Can absorb nutrients Out Of it very Efficiently.

Homemade Leaf Mould Compost

The Most Useful Thing About This Organic Fertilizer is That it Can Be Made at Home Using The Waste Leaves of Our Plants.The Method Of Making Compost Is Very Simple & Easy, You Just have to Follow Some Simple Things, Lets breakdown The Process & discuss it.

Best Time To Make Thisโ€ฆ

First thing to consider For Making Leaf Moulds quickly is The Season. The Best Time To Start The Composting Process is The Summers.

When Should We Make Leaf Compost?

Homemade Leaf Mould fertilizer

At This Time the Temperature is warm That Is very ideal for The Growth decomposing bacteria & Other Microbes. In The Falls, You Can Collect The Leaves of Any Plant, Just Make Sure They are insects & Infection Free. & As The Summers starts, We Can Start our Composting process.

Method of Compostingโ€ฆ..

Composting Bin For Leaf Mould Compost

For the composting Bin, I am using This Plastic Bucket That is Deep & Wide, But Its Not Ideal. It was a Mistake, I Should Of Use a Porous Bucket like a Grow Bag or clay Pot.

They Have More Arreation, That speeds up The Process of Composting & This Way You Can Save alot of Time.

preparing The Base of Composting Bin

Now I am Also Placing This plastic Basket For Drainage Purposes. You can Make Some Holes At The Bottom, or You Can Use Such a Basket In The same Way.

base layer of Paper Pieces for Composting

Now I am Using Some Paper Pieces, That are A Great Source of Carbon Element, Required By The Microbes.

Adding Compost at the base of leaves

Add a Small Amount of Soil or Compost At The Bottom like a Layer. I am Using This To Initiate The Decompostion of Leaves.

dried Leaves for Leaf Composting

Now We Can add the Leaves, for that i Have These Dried Leaves of a Bigger Tree. You Can Also Add Fresh Green Leaves, Both Are Ok.

adding Leaves in The Composting Bin

Make a Layer of These Leaves, Than add a Layer of Soil, Than Again Add Leaves over The Soil.

Making Leaf Moulds at Home

This Way You have To Make Mutiple Layer of Leaves & Soil or Compost On another.

Adding Soil in The Composting bin

The Leaves Will Settle Down as The Decompostion Starts, So Its Better To Press Them inside The Bin. 

Leaves In Compost bin

When You Filled Up The Whole Bin, Now You can add a Good Amount of Moisture.

Watering The Composting Material

Moisture, Darkness & Warm area are The Some Most Liked condition by The fungus, Which is Our Main Decomposer here. So Place this Bin In a Shady Side, & Keep The Moisture up.

After 15 daysโ€ฆ.(Decomposing)

After 15 days of Composting

After around 10 to 15 days, The Composting Material Will Starts To Settle Down, That is The First Sign Of Decompostion, It Means The process of Composting had Started.

Adding More Material After 15 days of Composting

You can Also Add some More Material over This To Fill Up The Space.

watering The Composting bin

Otherwise Its Fine. Just Keep The Medium moist.

After 67 Daysโ€ฆ.

white fungus Layer on leaf Mould compost

After Around 60 to 70 Days, I Noticed This layer on our Composting Medium, That is A Type of Fungus Named Comonly as White fungus. Its not Harmful, Oppositely Its useful.

During This Period, You Should also Turn The Material Up & Down, So The gases Can Get In & Out, This Thing Is Important To Speed Up The Process.

After 114 Daysโ€ฆ.(Harvesting)

After 114 Days of Composting

After Around 4 months, Our Composting Material now Looks Like This, Its even More Settled Down.

Analyzing Leaf Mould Compost

You can dig Up The Material With something To See If Its Ready or Not. Commonly after 3 Months with a Porous composting Bin, Leaf Mould Compost Will be Ready To use. Due To Lack of Arreation, Our Composting process Took This Long, But Now Its Ready To use.

Leaf left outs in The Leaf Compost

It also Have Some Of The Small Leaf left outs, But Its Not a problem.

Homemade Leaf Mould fertilizer

This Is Fine Form Of Leaf Mould Compost That Can Be Used For Plants & Provide Them Nutrients.

How To Use Leaf Mould Compost For Plants?

For Applying Leaf Mould Compost on Plants, Just Follow Up The traditional Method, Loose The upper Soil Layer & Let it Dry.

adding leaf Mould Compost on the Soil

Add a Dose Of Our homemade Leaf mould Compost, That Depends On Plant Age & Container Size. For a 5 to 6 inches Pot, Use Around 100 grams, For a 10 to 12 inches pot Use Around 200 g, & So On. A Little Up & Down is Fine, As Its an Organic Fertilizer, But Dont go Much Far.

Mixing fertilizer With Soil

Mix It Evenly with The Soil.

Watering after adding leaf Compost

& add a Frequent Amount Of Moisture For Effective Absorption.

Leaf Mould Compost Benefitsโ€ฆ

Leaf Mould Compost Have Some Very Useful Benefis For Plants, That You Should Know.

1-Nutrients Source….

First benefit of Leaf Compost is That Its a useful Source of Nutrients, Containing potassium, calcium, Nitrogen, Sulphur Magnesium etc.

2-Pests & Diseases Resistance….

Other benefit of Leaf Moulds is that it Makes The plant Resistant of Pests & Other Diseases, By Making Its Immune System Stronger. This Is Very useful To keep our Plants Stronger & Resistant of Minor Problems.

3-Improved Soil Structure…..

Other use of Leaf Mould Compost is That It Improves The Soil Quality, By enhancing its Drainage, Losseness & Porouscity.

Such Type of a Soil can Work as a Growth Boosterb For Plants, So always Try To Use Such a Soil Mix. You can Also Make It at Home, Detail guide is Linked Here, Must Check It Out.

4-100% Natural & Organic…..

Leaf Mould Compost is purely Organic & Natural, That is Very Useful For Vegetable Plants.

5-Effect on Alkaline Soil….

If Your Soil Mix have Alkaline Ph, Leaf compost Usage Can Help To Balance The ph. That Is Again a Good Thing About it.

Can We Use This On all Type Of Plants?

Leaf Mould Compost Ready for Use

You Might wanna Know, Can We use Leaf Compost on all Type of Plants, So The Answer is Yes. But its Better To mix It With Other Fertilizer & Then Use. Because Its a Low Dose fertilizer & Its Long term Use Is Not So Much Helpful.

On What Plants Can We Use Leaf mould Compost?

Homemade Leaf Mould Compost

You Can This For Fertilizing Indoor Plants, Vegetables, Flowering & Fruiting Plants, Just Remember Its a Low Dose fertilizer.
So Its all About Leaf Mould Compost, The Only bad thing about This Type of Compost is That, It Takes Much Long to Be Ready For Use.

So Here The Kitchen Waste Compost can Be The Perfect Choice For Your Daily Needs, Detail guide is Linked Here To Show You How You Can Make Kitchen Waste Compost At Home in Less Than a Month. Must Check it Out.

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