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7-GROWTH HACKS: Haworthia Plant Care & Propagation! (100% SUCCESS)

Haworthia Plant is One of Low Maintainance Succulents & By Following a Few Simple Things, You Can Grow alot of Haworthia Plants at Your Home. In This Post, We Will Talk all About Haworthia Plant Care Using 7 Growth Hacks. & At The end of This Post, We Will also See a Simple Way To Propagate This Beautiful Plant, so Keep Reading.

Origin & Basics About Haworthia Plant:-

Haworthia Plant

Haworthia Plant is an Easy To Grow, Hardy Indoor Plant, native To South africa. It Belongs To The Same family as Aloevera Plant belongs. Haworthia Plant Is also Called as Zebera Plant, or Pearl Plant & Treated as a Decorative house Plant.

Another Good Thing About Haworthia Plant Is That it is non toxic to pets & Childern, which Makes Its Best For Growing Indoors, But You Can also Grow This Outdoor With a Moderate Temperature Range.

Haworthia Plant Leaves

Its a Common Plant & Have Several Varities Based on Its Shape & Speed of Growth. You Can Grow This Beautiful Low Maintanence Plant By Just Getting It From Your Local Nursery, & Then Follow The Steps I am Going to Show You To Grow It Wider & Taller.

1-Season Of Growth & Dormancy!

The First & Most Important Growth Hack In Haworthia Plant Care Guide is about Its Season of Growth. There is a Time of The Year When The Temperature is Very Ideal For The Growth of Any Plant, & Here The Plant Grow at its Max Speed.

What Is The Growing Season of Haworthis Plant?

Haworthia Plant Leaf

For Haworthia Plant Its season Of Growth Starts In early Spring & Continue Until ending Summers. In This Period Of the year, Haworthia Plant Grow Bigger, Produces New Leaves & Such Type of Baby Pups. If You Live in Temeprate Region, With High Levels Of Temparture, The Growth may Slow Down For While, But as Soon as The Temerature comes To Normal, It will Grow Again.

In The Rising Summer days, You Can fertilize Your Plant, Change Its Soil, try To Propagate It Very Easily. While in Winters, You Should NOT Do These Things, Otherwise The Plant can Die.

How To Manage Dormancy Time of Haworthia Plant?

In The Winters, Haworthia Plant is on a Sleeping Mode, but When Temperature below 10 celsius, You Should Move This Plant Indoor To Protect it From Severe Temp Decrease.

In Winters, Haworthia Plant Is under a Dormancy Condition & At That Time Dont Water To Much, Just let It Be. & As The growing Season Starts, It will definitely Grow. Keeping These Simple Points in Minds, Can help You Alot While Handling Haworthia Plant, so follow Properly.

2-How important Is it’s Soil Mix?

Haworthia Plant

Another Important Point in Haworthia Plant Care is its Soil Mix. As We Haworthia Plant Is a Succulent that Have a Lot of Moisture inside Its Leaves, & Have a Very Tiny Root system, So a Simple Mistake In water Can Cause Serious Problems, Like Root Rot or Leaf Rot.

Rotted Leaf of Haworthia Plant

So The Solution & The Growth Hack is That You Should use a Well Draining Soil Mix, That Not Only Helps You Avoid These Problems, But Also Provide The Roots An Ideal Environment For Their Growth.

What Type of Soil Is Good For Haworthia Plant?

For The Soil Mix Any Well Draining Soil Mix Can Work Well, Just Make Sure The Water should never Stay Long In The Soil. You Can also Buy A Good Medium For Your Haworthia Plant From This Link.

Moist Soil Mix Of Haworthia Plant

Or if You Want To Make It at Home, a Simple Soil Recipe is linked Here as Well. You can Check That Too. The Mian Motive is Just making The Soil Loose & Well Draining.

3-Selecting The Best Pot For Haworthiaโ€ฆ.

Another Thing For Haworthia Plant care is The Size Of Pot. Its Not that Much of Essential, But to Make Sure of a Well Draining Soil medium Can get a benefit From This. As We Know Haworthia Plant have a Very Small Root System, Thats Why We Dont have To Provide it a Big Size Pot.

What Pot Size Is Best For Haworthia Plant?

Haworthia Plant Pot Size

Pot Size Majorly Depends Upon The Size of Your Plant, Just a Lttle Big From The Size of Its Root System is Good Enough. You Can any Type of Pot, Either a Plastic Pot or Clay Pot.

The Walls of plastic Pot have not pores From Where The Extra Moisture Can Escape. & For That Reaso, If You Are Going To Grow This Plant For The First time, try to Use a Clay pot. Some Of Them are also Linked Here To Buy. & If You are Using Plastic Pots Like me, Try To be More Careful with Watering.

4-Where Do Haworthia Plant Grow Fast?

Now comes The Another Most Important thing in Haworthia Plant Care That is the Location of Your Planter. Haworthia Plant Can Be Grown Indoors & Outdoor As Far As its is Getting Good Light Coditions.

How To Choose an Ideal Spot For Haworthia Plant?

Haworthia Plant In Partial Shade

Providing a Good Location Can Work as a Growth Booster Specially In The Growing Season. Haworthia Plant Likes To Be Placed in a Very Well Lit Area. Direct Sunlight of hours is Not So Good For its consistent Growth. & A Shady area Can also Works as an hardle.

So The Better Way is to Choose a Spot That Have Plenty of Indirect Sunlight, Like a Window Spot, Or in The Shade of a plant. Too Much Sun Can Cause Burning of Leaves & Less Sun Can Cause a leggy & Long Growth, So Here You Have To Make a Balance.

A Well Lit bright Spot, Without Direct Sunlight Can Works well. In Winters Sun Its Ok To Place The Plant in Full Sun, But Summers Sun is Very Harmful So be Careful.

5-The Key To Success: FERTILIZER

Haworthia Plant Fertilizer

Another Important Thing is the Proper Fertilization of Haworthia Plant. Its a moderate Feeder That can grow Very Well In a Less fertile Soil Mix. But a Good fertilizater On Regular Basis Can Work As a Real Growth Booster.

What is The Best Fertilizer For Haworthia Plant?

You Can Simply Use a Small Dose Of This fertilizer once or twice a Month. there are a Few Simple Ingredients That You can Use To Make This Fertilizer at Home, Detail Guide on that is Linked Here, Must Check it Out & fertilize Regularly.

A Balanced Fertilizer With All essential Nutrients can Promote More pups & Healthier Haworthia Plant, Otherwise Yellow & Pale Leaves, Stunted Growth, Patchy Leaves Etc Can Appear, So Must Use this Fertilizer.

6-Haworthia Plant Watering Technique!

Wet Soil Mix Of Haworthia Plant

Proper Watering Of Haworthia Plant Is Also An Important Thing. If Your Soil is Good enough, Then It can Bear OverWatering But Only Upto a Level. You Also Need To pay Some Attention on proper Watering of Haworthia Plant.

How To Correctly Water Haworthia Plant?

Its Very Simple, First Your Soil Medium is Well Draining, Then Make Sure Its a Lttle Dry Before Watering, Then add a Small Amount of Moisture. & Never Spray Water Over The Plant, Because It Can Trigger Rotting of Leaves. Your Soil Mix May not Dry Until a Whole, or whole Month, Just Remember Dont water Until Soil Dries.

7-Diseases & Common Problems!

Haworthia Plant Diseases

Haworthia Plant Is a Hardy Plant & Following these Simple Things Promises a Healthy Growth. But There are a Few Common Problems Of Haworthia Plant That You Should At Least Know. First is The Root Rot & Leaf Rot Problem, where The Roots Or Leaves starts To Rot & its Major cause is the Overwatering, So Follow The points Mentioned before.

Haworthia Plant Propagationโ€ฆ.

Haworthia Plant Baby Pup

Now Lets Finally Know How you Can propagate Haworthia Plant At Home.

  • The first Thing is To Keep The Plant Healthy & Growing With The previously described points.
Haworthia Plant Pups
  • As You Use That fertilizer, The Haworthia Plant Will Produce Such Type of off Sets or pups.
  • To Get More Pups, You Have to Work on The Root System, & how Can You Do That. By Simply Using a Phosphirus enrich Fertilizer, Like Bone Meal or Rock Phosphate. Regularly Using such Things In Haworthia Plant Fertilizer will definitely Promote pups Growth.
Haworthia Plant with Pups
  • Let them Grow Until They are atleast around an inch.
  • Extract The Plant Carefully Out of The Planter.
Separating Haworthia Pups
  • Gently Seperate The Pups From The Mother Plant, You Can use a Siscor Or Simply Twist Them.
Separating Haworthia Plant Pups
  • Once They are out apart of Mother Plant, Then You Can Remove Their Base Leaves Without Damaging The Stem.
Haworthia Plant Baby Pups
  • So These Are The Plants I have Seperated. Mother Plant Have Some Roots, pups most probably Will not Have Any Roots, That is Totally Ok.
  • You Can also Give Them Some Time To heal The Base Part, Just put Them in a shade For a Day or so.
Haworthia Plant Propagation
  • Now Prepare the Soil Mix & Place The Pup Carefully Inside The Soil & add The Soil Around Its Trunk Part.
  • Your Soil Mix Should Not Be Moist, Specially if You Doing all This For The First Time.
  • Now You Place This Pot in a shady area for Few days, There is No Need To Water, Water After a Day Or So This Will Help You Get succeed With Haworthia Plant Propagation.
Haworthia Plants After Dividing

This Way You Can Make Multiple Plants Out of Your Haworthia Plant, Just Dont Do the Propagation in Winters, as Its The Resting Time of The plant.

So Its all About Haworthia Plant Care & Propagation. Checkout This Article To Know How You can Care For Bunny Ear cactus For its Maximum Growth.

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