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How To Treat Rose DieBack Disease? (5-STEPS)

If Your Rose Plant is Also Showing Such Type of Black Branches, it is Suffering From The Die Back Disease That can be Fatal For The Plant. So Keep Reading Because Now we Will See How to Treat The Rose Dieback Disease Step By Step.

What Causes DieBack Disease?

Dieback Disease Is a Common Problem That Appears On a Rose Plant & Some Other Plants as well. In This Disease, The Rose Branch Starts To Turn Black & Continues To Spread Down To The Plant. & As It Reaches the trunk Part, The Plant Starts To Die, all The Leaves Fells Off & It Very Hard To Treat Such Type of Fatal Infection.

What Its Called as Die Back Disease?

The infection travels Back ToWards the Trunk, That’s why it called as dieback. The Black Part of The branch is Dead & Cant Be Revived Again, But The Green Part of The Rose Plant Can be Saved By Following a Few easy Steps. Rose Dieback Disease Is Majorly Caused By a Fungus That Can Enter The Plant From various Sources. Like The Use of Infected Cutters, Infected Soil Mix & Much More. The Dieback Diseased Plant can also Spread This Fungus to Other Plants, So its Very Important To Solve This issue.

How To Treat Rose DieBack Disease?

Rose Plant Dieback Disease

The Chance Of A Successful dieback Treatment Will be Much Higher, if you Can Identify The problem Timely. Its very Simple If any branch of Your Rose Plant Is Turning Black, or Brownish This Means It have the Infection. & Now You Can Follow These Simple Steps To Cure This Problem.

1-Remove The Infected Partsโ€ฆ.

The First To Treat Dieback Disease is To Remove The Infected Parts of The Plant. The Branches That Are Black, You Have To Remove Them, So The Disease dont Go Further Inside The Plant.

Cutting The Infected Rose Branch

Its simple, Take a Disinfected Cutter & Make a Cut 1 Inch Below The Blackish Rose Branch. Now The Branch Is Most Probably Free of The Infection & Doesnot Spread any Further In The Plant. Dont Use This Cutter On any Other Healthy Rose Plant, Until To Disinfect it.
Its Extremely important To Clean Your Cutter, You Can do That WIth The Help of Hydrogen Peroxide, It Linked Hereto buy.

2-Make Soil Liveable!

wet & Infected Soil Mix

The Second Step Of Rose Dieback Treatment is about its Soil Mix. Rose Plant is a Very sensitive Plant & Little Change Can Trigger Many Problems, So Here If Your Rose Soil Contains any Type of Pests, Or Fungus Nothing Gonna Work.

How Pests & Fungus Affects Plant Growth?

The Pests & Fungus Keeps On Weaken up The Rose Plant From Inside, Making It Un able of fight The infection. If Your Soil Mix is Hard & Compact, This Can Also Cause a Stressed Condition On The Rose & In Result It not only Shows Dieback Sypmtoms, but number of Other Problems Appears as well.

Loose Soil Mix In Hand

So To Make The Soil Of Your Rose Plant Live able, You Can Do Two Different Things, One Is To Make This Soil Pests & Fungus Free. & Other Thing is To Completely Change Its Soil. Changing the Soil is Not a Good Choice, Because This Thing also Involves a Temperary Stress On The Plant.

But if You are Planting a New Rose & It You Wanna Make Sure The Soil is Good Enough, Then Its Better to Dry Out The Whole Soil in The Sun for Few Days, This Thing Works as a complete Strelization Of The Soil. Without Any Moisture, Pests, fungus & Insects all are Unable To Survive.

How To Make The Soil Fungus Free?

Neem Cake Pack

About Making The Existing Soil Better, You Have To Use a fungicide In It. For Example, Neem Cake Powder Can Be Use As a Pest & fungus Removing Agent. Only 1 to 2 Table Spoons of Neem Cake In The 10″ pot Of Rose Plant Is Optimum. Neem Cake Also Makes The Soil Loose & Well Draining, That is Its Another benefit. Detailed Guide On Its Benefits Is Linked Here,

3-Use A Pesticideโ€ฆ

The Another Thing You Have To Do Is To Use a Pesticide. Pests Makes The Plant Weak & Un able to Fight The Infection. & Using a Pesticide as a Prevention Can Work Really well. & For that You Can Use Neem Oil Spray, That is Very Easy To Make.

How To Make Neem Oil Pesticide Spray?

Neem Oil Pesticide

You Can Make Neem Oil At Home, Details are added Here, Must Check That Out. First Take a Deep Look of Your Infected Rose Plant, If It Seems to have any Pest or Insects, Than Use a Neem Oil Spray Thoroughly every 2 to 3 Days at The evening Time.
If The Rose Plant is Not Attacked By any Pest, Than You should still Use Neem Oil Spray, as It Prevent Any Future attacks. Use Once a Week All Over Your Rose Plant at The Evening Time.

4-Put The Pot in Sun(Humidityโ€ฆ

Another Very Important step in Rose Die back Treatment is To Place The Plant Correctly. Rose Plant is a Sensitive Plant & Can Get many Problems Just Because Of a Little Mistake. So Its Better To consider All Things, The fungus That Causes Rose Dieback Problem Have Spores everywhere.

DieBack On Rose Branch

& They can Germinate When The Environment is Ideal. Humidity of 70 % For 3 Constant Days With Little Darkness, Can be Ideal For The Germination of these Spores & Then Dieaback symptom appears. This is Because The fungus is now Present There To attack.

Why Rose DieBack Problem Appears In Rainy Days?

You Must Have noticed That In Rainy Season, Dieback Disease Appears Very Frequently, its Because of These Fungal Spores. This Thing can Also Happen If You Have Your Rose Planter in a Congested Environment, With Less Sunlight & More Humidity.

Rose Die Back Disease

So To Solve This Whole Issue of Humidity, We Have To Place our Rose Planter In a Sunny & Airy Space, So these Spores Wouldnot Germinate & Dont Cause Dieback Disease.

5-Fertilize Properly!

Once You Done All of These Things, Its Very Unlikely To Get a Dieback On Your Rose Plant. But If Your Rose Plant is Deficient Of a Nutrition, Problems Gonna Appear Sooner Or Later. So its Better To fertilize the Rose Plant Regularly.

Fertilizer For Flowering Plants...

Rose Plant is a Heavy Feeder That requires more Nurtition Than Other Plants, & Little Up & Down In Fertilization can trigger Dieback As Well As Number Of Other Leaf Problems. Proper Nutrition Makes The Plant Stronger & Resistant of Such Infections, So That’s Why You Should Must Focus On This Thing.

What is The Best Fertilizer For Rose Plant?

For The Fertilizer, You Need To Give it a Powerful fertilizer, That You Can make at Home, Using Some Simple Ingredients, A Detailed Guide is Added here To Show You The Whole Way. Make it & Apply It On Your Rose Plant Every 10 to 15 days In The Growing Season.

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