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Rose Leaves turning Yellow? – 7 Causes & their Solutions!

Yellow Leaves On Rose Plant are very Common & Can Be Fatal For Your Rose Plant. But They Can Be Cured With a few Easy Steps, Just Follow This Post Point By Point & Your Rose Plant Will Definitely grow Healthy & Lush Green Leaves again. Let’s Begin.

1-Nutritional Deficiency:-

Yellow Rose Leaves

The First & Most Common Cause Of Yellow Leaves On Rose Plant is Nutritional Deficiency, It Happens more Often That The Plant Faces Nutrients Shortage & Shows This Deficiency in the Form Yellow Leaves. Simply Recall When Was The Last Time You Have Fertilized Your Rose Plant & the Rose Fertilizer Was nutrients enrich Or Not.

As We Know Rose Plant is a Very Feeder & a Little Shortage of an Element Immediately Effects its Health & Growth. & Yellowing Leaves Mostly Appears on Rose Plant Due To The Deficiency of Nitrogen & Magnesium. So The Solution For This Issue Is Simple, Make Sure The Rose fertilizer You are Using Is Good Enough.

You Can Use Compost Tea liquid Fertilizer, That Will Immediately fulfill all The Deficiencies. You Can Make it at Home, detailed Guide On Making Compost Tea Is Linked Here, You Can Follow That. & Keep fertilizing Your Rose Plant Every 10 Days in its Growing Season.

2-Lack of Proper Light:-

Yellow Leaves On Rose Plant

Another Cause Of Yellowing Rose Leaves is The Lack Of Proper Sunlight. Sunlight is Extremely Important For All Type of Flower producing Plants. So Here Rose Plant also Needs a Sunny Area, Simply Re-evalute The Spot where You Have Your Rose Plant Placed.

Is it Getting at least a Few Hours On sunlight on Daily Basis. & Make Changes Accordingly. In a Light Deficient Rose Plant, Mostly The Growth Is very Dull & Leaves Turns pale Yellowish, Not The Spots. So Overall Sunlight is Important & provide Your Rose Plant 3 to 5 hours of Sunlight.

3-Compact Soil mix:-

Yellowing Rose Leaves

Another Big Reason of Rose leaves Turning Yellow is Your Soil’s Compactness. Commonly Local Nurseries Have Rose Plant is a Clayish Type of Soil, & Planting It In Such a Mixture Will definitely Effects its Growth & Yellow Leaves are Just A Start. So Here Make Sure Your Rose Plant’s Soil is Not Compact & Hard, Also It is Draining out The Extra Moisture Properly.

You Can Simply Mix These Ingredients & Make a Good Soil mix at Home For Your Rose Plant. Rose Plant Loves to have a Well Draining & loose Type of Soil Mix, So i am also adding a Good Soil Mix Here, If You Like To Buy.

4-Pests Attack:-

Common Rose Plant Enemies

Another Cause of Rose Yellow Leaves is Pest Attack. all The Sap Sucking pests like Apjids, Red Spider Mites, Whiteflies Etc All causes Yellow Leaves On Rose Plant. & Their Attack Is also Very common, Specially On a New Repotted Or a Weak Rose Plant. i know pests are Very harmful & can be Unbeatable Sometimes.

So Here to Solve This Whole Issue, You Can Either Use Neem Oil Spray, Otherwise for a 100% Removal of pests From All Your Plants, You Should Follow a Step by Step treatment.

I Have made an e book, on a Proven & Organic Pest Control Strategy, That You Can Follow & Say Goodbye To all Type of pests. Its added Here, If You Like to Buy. Otherwise Use Neem Oil Spray Every 3 Days at The evening Time.

5-Seasonal Change:-

Another Cause of Rose Plant yellow Leaves is Seasonal Change. When Season Changes The temperature also Changes, & This Change Appears on Rose Plant Through Yellowing Leaves. But its not Harmful at all, Just let The Plant To Adjust In The New environment. The Yellow Leaves Wont Turn Normal Again, But Make Sure The New Leaves are Green & Healthy. That;s All Matters.

6-Stress & Shock:-

Rose Plant yellowing Leaves

Another Common Cause of Yellowing rose leaves is The Stress & Shock On The Plant. When Every The Rose Plant faces any Type of Stress It Will Turn Its Leaves Yellow. & This Could Be Due To Tranplant Shock, Change of Place or Season.

But Its Temperary & Your Plant Will be Ok On Its Own. Just Dont Panic, & Overwater or Overfertilize The Plant. Follow A Proper Method To Transplant, Try not To Disturb The Roots. Also Dont Place Your Rose Plant In Sun After The Transplant. & Hopefully it Will be Ok.

7-Leaf Life:-

Another Common Cause of Rose Plant Yellow Leaves is The Leaf life. Means The Life Span of a Leaf Is Now Over & Its A Natural Thing, That Will Turn Yellow & Fells Off. Here is Nothing You Can Do, the older Leaves have To Turn Yellow & fells Off. Just Make Sure The Plant is Growing new leaves, Have Healthy Environment & That’s All It Needs.

So Its All about Yellow Rose Leaves, Hope This Helps. To Learn More About Rose Plant Growing Tips, You Can Explore Our Website From this link.

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