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How To Care For AGAVE Plant? (6-TRICKS)

Agave Plant is one Of The Most Hardy & Low Maintainance Permanent Plant & You can Literally Grow This Plant Following Only a Few Simple Things. & In This Post, We WIll Discuss All About Agave Plant Care, Including all About its Fertilizer, Season of Growth, Soil Mix, Pot Requirement, Sunlight Etc.. So Keep Reading.

Origin & Basicsโ€ฆ.

Agave Plant is a Low Maintainance Plant Native To Hot & arid Regions of America like Mexico & South Western America, Where They are Grown As Decorative Plants. Agave Plant have a Beautiful Appearance of Its Leaves, There are also a Number Of varieties available, All Of Them have a Unqiue Appearance.

Agave Plant Varieties

Some Can Be Grown Indoors, But Most varieties of Agave Plant grow Outdoors, Due To Its Huge Size. This Plant Can be a little toxic If Ingested, So Its Better To Keep Kids & Pets away. Agave plant is also pronounced as Agave plant, so don’t confuse. Agave Plant Grow Very Well, In moderate Temperature Range.

It is a Common Plant, You Can Easily Find This in a Local Nursery. One Impressive Thing About This Hardy Plant Is That It have a Long Life Of around 10 to 30 Years, Where It Also Produces, Pups to multiply it Self. So Overall Its a perfect Choice For Bigginers, To Give a decorative look To their Home Garden.

1-Season of Growth & Dormancy Time?

Big Size Green Agave Plant

The First & The Most Important Thing In Agave Plant Care is Understanding its growing Season. So agave Plant is a hot area Plant, & Its Season Starts In The Early Springs & Continue Upto Late Springs. In This Time of The Year, Agave Plant Grow Very Well, But as the Temperature Starts to fall in Winters, Agave Plant Also Stops Its Growth & Became a Little Dormant, But Its a Very Hardy Plant & You Might Not See any Signs Of Dormancy, Even In This Odd Time Period.

The Best Thing You Can Do Is That Put it in a Shade & Water Very carefully. & Remember, Dormancy time Is the Resting Time of a Plant, So Avoid Any Type of Root Works, Propagation Or Fertilization.

2-Ideal Pot Size:-

Agave Plant Pot Size

Another Important Thing in agave Plant Care is the Ideal Pot Size. Most Varities Of Agave Plant Grow Huge, & Thats Why For a Big Size Plant A big Pot Is Required. Try To use a Clay Pot Of Atleast 10 to 15 inches.

& As The Time Passes You also Need To Repot It into a Bigger Pot, Some of The Good Size Pots are also Linked Here To buy. Dont Worry, Agave Plant have many Varities, You Can Easily Find a Dwarf Variety, To Grow In a Small Pot. Justn’t let The Plant to Root Bound.

3-Soil mix & Watering Requirements!

Agave Plant Soil mix

Another Thing In Agave Plant Care Guide is its Soil Mix. Agave Plant is a Hardy Plant, & Can Survive Very Well In Variety of soil Mixes. but ideally you Will find The Best Growth In a well Draining & a Bit of Loose Soil Mix. Simply Mix a Part of Cocopeat & Some Sand In your Existing SOil Mix to Make It Ideal For agave Plant.

Here One Important Thing is That Some rare varieties are Senstive to the Soil Media, So For them Choose a Professional Soil Mix, Because Overwatering Can Cause Many problems, A Good Soil Mix Is also Linked Here, If You Like To Buy. The Only Motive Is To avoid Excessive Moisture around the Roots.

For Watering This Plant, Try To add a Break Between Two Watering & Let The Soil To Dry out first & Then water. Dont Water over a Moist Soil Mix. & You Can also Subscribe To Our Channel For More Tips & Tricks.

4-Where to Place the Agave plant?

agave Plant in shade

Another big Thing for a Healthy & Growing agave Plant is placing it In an Ideal Spot. Agave Plant is an Outdoor Plant, That Can Bear Full day Of Sunlight, But Ideally a well Lit area, With 1 to 2 Hours Of Morning Sun Is Perfect. direct Sunlight of hours Is Not Required.

Just Make Sure The Plant is Not a dark area & Have 1 to 2 Hours of Sunlight. That;s The Beauty of This Plant. Deficiency of Light May Appear In The Form of a Leggy & Dull Growth, So To Avoid That Choose a Well Lit area.

5-Which Fertilizer works best for Agave plant?

Agave green Leaves

Another Important Thing In Agave Plant Care Is its Proper Fertilization. Agave Plant is a Moderate Type of Feeder, That Dont Requires So Many Fertilizers, But a Good Fertilizer atleast Once A Month Can Be Really Helpful. Otherwise an Unfertile Soil mix Can Result Such Type of Yellowing Leaves & a Slow Growth.

So For a healthy & Consistent Growth, Try To Use a Balanced Fertilizer Atleast once a Month, Specially In its Season. You Can Use This Homemade organic fertilizer, Its Small dose Works Best For agave Plant. Detailed Guide On This Fertilizer is Linked Here, Must Check It Out.

6-Common Problems & Pests?

Yellow Leaf on agave Plant

Otherthan Yellow Leaves, agave Plant also Requires an yearly Repotting, & You Might face pest attacks But That’s rare. Aphids & Scale Insects Are Found as Their Enemies, You Can use neem Oil Spray, If Needed.

Pests attack Can be Really Disturbing Sometimes, I have made e book, That covers an Organic & Proven 6 Step method to control all type of Pests Over Your whole Garden, Its Linked Here, If You Like To Buy.

So Its all About Agave Plant Care guide, For Discovering More About agave Plant, here is a Video Linked Follow That.

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