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How To Grow Petunias From Cutting? (With UPDATES)


You Can also Propagate Petunias At Home Very Easily. In This Post We will See How To Grow Petunia Plants From Cuttings, Step by Step.

Season To Grow Petunias:-


First of All It is Very Important To Grow Petunia Plants From Cuttings, In Their Season. Proper Seasoning Helps in Better Results, & as Petunia Plant is a Winter Flowering Plant, That Means You Should Propagate Petunia Cuttings in Winters Or in Springs.

For an Out Of Season Propagation, You Need a Poly house & Controlled Environment. So It Will be Much Better & Easier, If You Propagate Petunias In Springs.

Choosing Mixture:-

Step 1 – Choosing Best Mix….

Another Thing You Need is a Good Medium, Because It Plays a Really Big Role To Maintain an Ideal Moisture Level. Petunia Plants Can be planted In any Type of Mixture, But For Their Cuttings You Should Use a Well Draining Mix, That also Hold Some Moisture in It.

A Complete Guide On Making an Ideal Potting mix for Cuttings is added Here, You Can Check that Out. Or a Ready To Use Mixture Is also linked Here.

Taking Cuttings:-

Step 2 – Taking 2-3″ Cuttings….

Now Its Time To Take Cuttings From Our Mature Petunia Plant. For The Cuttings, You Have To Take around 2 Inches Of a Branch With 2 to 3 Nodes. node is The Area From Where The Leaf Grow.

After Cutting Half Of Their Leaves….

So Here We have Our Cutting Ready To Plant, This Way You Can Take Multiple Cuttings & Half Cut Their Leaves. I am Using a Professional Mixture To Plant These Cuttings, You can Also Check it Out From Here.

Step 3 – Putting Them in The Mixture…

Simply Put Your Cuttings In The Medium Around an Inch Deep. Water Well & That’s It.

After Adding Water in The Soil…..

You Can Place This Pot in a Shade, Where the Sunlight Cant Reach.

After 10 Days….

10 Days Later…

After Around 10 Days Of Growing petunia Cuttings, We Have A Few New Leaves & Very Tiny Roots At The Bottom Of Our Container. Here We Wait for a Little While & Then We Put It in a New Container.

After 14 Days….

Roots-Of Petunia-Cuttings-After-14-Days
Roots Of Petunia Cuttings After 14 Days…

After around 14 Days, Now Our Plants Are Ready To Go in a New Space. After Removing The Pot, This Is The Final look of Our Petunia Roots. Every Cutting Have Some Roots, & Now We Can Give Them a New Container.

Step 4 – Preparing Pot for Petunia Cuttings…

For The Pot, I am using a Small Plastic Container, With a Loose Soil Mix In it. Make a Deep Hole & Now You can Put Your Petunia Roots In This Hole.

Step 5 – Transplanting Petunias…

Cover The Roots Well & Press Gently. Add Some Moisture In The Soil & This Way You Can Plant all Our Propagated Cuttings. But Make Sure You are Placing them in a Bright Shade For The Next Few Days, & Then Move in a Sunny area.

After 28 Days….


After Around a Couple of Weeks, Now Our Plants Are Big Enough To show us Some Blooms. Here You Should Fertilize Them a Little.


For The Fertilizer You Can Use Our Homemade Winter Flowers Fertilizer, Its Linked Here. You Can Also Fertilize Them With Any other fertilizer, Because Petunia Plants are Low to Moderate Feeders.

After-34 Days-Of-Growing-Petunia-Plants-From-Cuttings
After 34 Days Of Growing Petunias From Cuttings…

So Here is The Final Look of Our Petunia Cuttings, They have Some Flowers On them & Are Growing Really Well. It Is Ok To Propagate Petunia Plants This Way, But To Get Them on Such Blooming, You Have To Follow Up Some Care Tips, That I have Described In This Guide. Must Check It Out.

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