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How to Make Organic Npk Fertilizer At Home?


It Doesn’t Matter Are You Growing Vegetable Plants, Flowers, Succulents or Indoor Plants. Nutrition is the Thing That Is required by Every Living Being. So in this Post, I am going to Show you an organic Combination, that Will Replace Your Chemical Npk usage. How to make organic Npk fertilizer at home For Plants is Really Easy, Simply Keep Following This Post.

What Really Npk Fertilizer Does In Plants Growth?

So Let’s Start From organic Npk Fertilizer’s Importance, & Role in Plants Growth. How actually Npk Fertilizer Boost the Growth of a Plant. N stands for Nitrogen, P stands for Phosphorus and K Stands for Potassium.

What Essential Nutrients a Plant Requires?

These are the three Main & Most Important Nutrients, that are must to provide to our Plants. Without These Nutrients None of Your Plants will grow Healthily. You can Provide Npk Nutrients to Your Plants in organic as well as Chemical Forms.

But here We will discuss Only About Organic Ways to Formulate a complete Npk Fertilizer, that We Can Provide All most All type of Plants, including vegetables, Outdoor Plants & Succulents, Flower Plants & so on.

What Nitrogen Does in a Plants Growth?

Nitrogen Promotes the fastest Growth Leaves, & Branches. Phosphorus Gives a plant Stronger Root Structure to absorb more & More Nutrition. And Potassium is important for more Buds, Flowers and Fruit.

We are going to make all in one Solution, that we can apply on all Plants. Therefore I am using Three Different Organic Ingredients, for making organic Npk Fertilizer for Your Plants.

Organic Npk Ingredients

ash powder 0:1:3

cow Dung 3:2:1

bone Meal 1:5:0

This Fertilizer’s npk ;- 4:8:4 = 1;2;1 (all Plants)

Cow Dung 3:2:1;-

For the Nitrogen Source, I am using Cow Dung Compost, that Is a rich Source of Nitrogen and it also contains Phosphorus and Potassium. Nitrogen Is important for all Plants & Extremely Important Fi Younger Seedlings.

Npk value of cow Dung Is added on the Screen, that helps You Understand better. Cow Dung have many useful & Some Harmful Effects, that you Should Must Know. A complete Video on Cow Dung Fertilizer is added here;-?

Benefits & Harms of Cow Dung Fertilizer?

You have to Use All the Ingredients in equal Ratios According to Your Number of Plants. For Buying Cow Dung Compost, You can Check this Link.

Buy Cow Dung Fertilizer Here!

Bone Meal 1:5:0;-

Our Next Ingredient is A rich Source of Phosphorus, Phosphorus Helps to improve Roots Health and Immunity of a Plant. For that I am Using Bone meal Powder, that is Made From Bones.

What are the Benefits of Phosphorus Fertilizer?

Phosphorus is extremely Helpful When You Are Growing Pup Producing Plants, like Aloe Vera, Snake Plant etc. Npk value of Bone meal is 1 by 5 by 0, that means it contains a good amount of Phosphorus in it. You can Buy bone Meal Fertilizer Here.

It is purely Organic and best to use for all type of Plants. Again We are Using All ingredients in similar ratios. If you Have More Plants, You can increase the dose Of all Ingredients equally.

Ash Powder 0:1:3;-

Next Ingredient for Making Organic NPK Fertilizer is the Rich Source of potassium, that is Best for Flowering & Fruiting Plants. Wood Ash Powder Contains Npk value of zero by 1 by 3, and it also have some Other Benefits, that I have described in my Other video, linked Here!

Benefits of Ash & Charcoal!

Ash Powder Repels Insects and Fungus also, so it is Must to Use on our Plants. Again, Use Similar Ratios of all Ingredients.

Buy Ash Powder Here!

How to Apply This Slow Release Npk Fertilizer?

Mix All of these how to make organic Npk fertilizer at home and now it ready to Use. Simply Dig the upper layer of Soil and make sure it is Dry. Don’t Apply this Fertilizer On a Moist Soil. For a 5 Inches Pot, you can use UpTo 2 to 3 table spoons every 10 days.

And for larger Pots You can Use larger Amounts of this Organic Npk. It is not that strict, because it is an organic fertilizer. therefore over Fertilization doesn’t Harms So much, but still, be careful.

Mix it well with the Soil and add frequent Amount of water. This Organic Npk Fertilizer have Npk Value of 1;2;1 that is Best to apply on all type of Plants. You can Use this Organic Fertilizer on Your vegetable Plants, Flowering Plants, Indoor Plants and Even on Younger Seedlings.

This Npk Fertilizer is In dried Form, therefore it takes some time to show it’s amazing Results. With time, as the Ingredients Releases their Benefits, the Plant Pick that up, & Shows You quality Results.

For best Results, try to Apply this Fertilizer in the evening Times. Don’t Apply this Fertilizer on a dormant or out of season Plant.


So Now it’s Clear We Can also make an organic Npk Fertilizer At Home, using Only Organic Ingredients, And it is Working also. We don’t Need to Use Chemical Npk Fertilizer. This Organic Npk Fertilizer Can be Used Whenever You Want, On Whatever Plant.

For More, You can Visit Our YouTube Channel;-??

~Pure Greeny

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