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How to Grow Hibiscus Plant at Home Fast?


  • Introduction To Hibiscus Plant;-
  • Varieties & Types of Hibiscus;- 
  • How to Grow Hibiscus Plant At Home?
  • What months do hibiscus bloom?
  • Care Tips to Grow Hibiscus Fast!
  • Propagation of Hibiscus!
  • Best Fertilizer For Hibiscus!
  • Best Medium For Hibiscus Growth!
  • Blooming Tips & Tricks
  • Diseases & Problem in Hibiscus Plant
  • Conclusion!

Introduction To Hibiscus Plant;-

Hibiscus Plant Is a Low Maintenance, Easy To Grow Outdoor Plant. It is a Summer Season Flowering Plant with no Fragrance. The Shape, Appearance & Colors of Hibiscus Flowers are their Main Beauty. It is a Warm Natured, Tropical area Plant, Natively Found in rain Forests. 

Varieties & Types of Hibiscus;- 

There are Number of Variety ranges in Hibiscus Plant, Due to their Low Maintenance Nature, We also have a wide Range to Grow Hibiscus Plant In Different Colours & Shapes. Some Varieties are very common & Some are very Rare & Beautiful.

Following are Some Common Names Of these Hibiscus Plant Types;-

Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis (Chinese Hibiscus)

Hibiscus Coccineus (Texas Star Hibiscus)

Hibiscus Syriacus (Rose of Sharon)

Hibiscus Moscheutos (Swamp Rosemallow)

Midnight Marvel Hibiscus.

Hibiscus Mutabilis (Confederate Rose)

Alyogyne Huegelii (Blue Hibiscus)

How to Grow Hibiscus Plant At Home?

Hibiscus Plant Can be Grown at Home very Easily, You can Start Them by Simply buying a New Plant, From Your Nearby Local Nursery. Hibiscus Plant is really Hardy and Can Survive with Very Minimum Cares. 

What is the Best Time To Plant Hibiscus?

Hibiscus Plant Should be Planted & Brought From nursery in Their Growing Season. As it is a Rain Forest’s Plant, Try to Plant them in the rainy Days. Their Growing Season Starts from Early Summer days UpTo Early Winters. It Mostly Varies From Zone to Zone. In the Asian Climate, You Can Plant a Hibiscus Tree from February month UpTo Septembers. 

During This Time Hibiscus Keeps on growing. But as the Temperature decreases in Winters, hibiscus plant Became dormant and Stops it’s Growth Completely. 

What months do hibiscus bloom?

Hibiscus Plant Starts Producing Buds & Big Size Flowers just After it’s Growing Season Starts. Their Blooms Remains For at least 1 to 2 days, with Very Bright Colours, attracting Butterflies, & Other Pollinators. A Bigger Hibiscus Tree Can Produces As Much as hundred Of Flowers at Once, Depending on the Soil, Environment & Fertilizers. 

Video On Hibiscus Plant Blooming Tips!

How to Plant Hibiscus In Pots?

Planting a Hibiscus Tree or a Young Plant in Pot is Easy.

  1. Choose a Good Size Planter
  2. Add Soil In It
  3. Take Hibiscus Plant, after Removing Nursery Poly Bags.
  4. Put it in the center & Add Soil Around it’s Stem.
  5. Slightly Hit the Pot with The Ground to Remove Air gaps. 
  6. Add Frequent Amount of Water.
  7. Put this Container in a Shade For Some days.

Best Time to Plant Hibiscus is Springs & Rainy days. Don’t Plant it in a Burning Sunlight. 

How to Plant Hibiscus In Ground?

For Planting Hibiscus In Ground, Follow up the Same Method. Just Make Sure, You are Not planting Hibiscus in a Wrong Location. Choose a Sunny Spot & Plant it in the evening time. 

Where do Hibiscus Plant Grows Best?

As the Hibiscus Plant is a tree that can Grow UpTo 20 to 30 feets. So the Best Place is in the Ground. Ground have an ideal Environment & Space For Hibiscus Roots. 

In Pots, Hibiscus Plant Have to face limited Space & Nutrients. Therefore, For a Heathier Hibiscus Ground area is Best To Plant. 

Best Soil Mix For Growing Hibiscus;-

The Quality of Soil Mixture Depends a lot When we are Growing Hibiscus Plant, Because Yellow Leaves on Hibiscus Plant Are very Common. 
Poor Drainage & Over Watering Are the Big Reasons of This Problem, that ultimately Depends Upon the Soil Quality. 

What type of Soil Hibiscus Requires?

Hibiscus Plant likes a Well Draining, Water Retaining, Sandy Soil Mix. Such Mixture Works Really Great For rain Forest Plants. 

You can Make Such a mixture at Home Very easily.

Mix All of These Ingredients & Our Homemade Well Draining, Mixture Is Ready to Use for Hibiscus Plant.

You can Also Choose a professional Mixture That works just Perfect for Hibiscus. Because it’s Specially made for Such Type of Plants. 

Buy Hibiscus Plant Soil Here!

Does hibiscus like sun or shade?

Hibiscus Plant is a Tropical area Plant, that loves a hot & Humid Area. A Well Lit open area, With minimum 4 to 6 Hours of Direct Sunlight Is Best To Grow a Healthy Hibiscus Tree. 

In Shade, Hibiscus Plant faces Many Problems like Insects & Pests Attacks. Such Plants also Grows Very Slowly & Blooms vet Rarely. 

How often should hibiscus be watered?

Watering Hibiscus Plant Deeply Depends Upon the Soil Quality, if Your Soil is very Well Draining, You Might Need to Water Hibiscus Daily or Twice a day. Or if Your Soil is Water retaining Then You might need to Water after days. 

The Best Way to Water is To wait for the Soil to Dry Out about 40 Percent, & Then Waer Deeply. Add Frequent Amount of Water in the Pot or Ground. In Grounds, You Don’t Have to Worry So Much, Roots Automatically Gets moisture from the Soil. 

Simply, Feel the Upper Soil Layer & Then Water. Don’t Add Water over the already Moist Soil.

What type of Fertilizer Hibiscus Plant Requires?

Hibiscus Plant Is easy to Grow, & Bloom Heavily. Therefore It requires heavy Nutrition also, for a Massive Blooming you Definitely Needs A Nice Combination of Nutrition. 

I have Made an organic Fertilizer For Hibiscus Plant that have all the Essential Nutrients required By hibiscus For a Heavy Blooming. You can Make that Fertilizer at Home From This video Here;-

Best Organic Fertilizer For Hibiscus!

Sea Weed as an Organic Fertilizer For Hibiscus Plant;-

Other Wise, You can Use Liquid Sea Weed Fertilizer for Hibiscus Tree. There are lots of Benefits of Using Sea Weed Fertilizer, that I have described In my an other Article Linked Here;-?

Benefits of Sea Weed Liquid!

How to Propagate Hibiscus Plant At Home?

As hibiscus Plant is easy to Grow, it is easy to Propagate also. You can Propagate Hibiscus Tree from Air Layering technique or From Simply Growing it’s Cuttings. 

Hibiscus Plant Air Layering technique have very less Failure chances, & Can be Done all over the Season. While growing Hibiscus from Cuttings, Requires less time but an ideal Environment of Rains. 

Cuttings can be Propagated in Water as Well as in Soil, and results will be appeared to you within 8 to 12 days. 

Best Way to Propagate Hibiscus;-

Air Layering of Hibiscus Tree is the Most Secure & easy Way to Propagate Hibiscus Tree. It takes about 40 to 60 days for a branch to Show Roots. For a Beginner, air Layering technique is Best To Propagate Hibiscus Plant. 

Pruning as a Growth Booster;-

Pruning & Cutting of Hibiscus Overgrown Shoots & Branches helps to improve The Blooming Health of Hibiscus. You Can Prune Hibiscus Plant Every 10-20 days, Using a Disinfected Cutter. 

Complete Guide on hibiscus Plant Pruning is Here;-?

How to Prune a Hibiscus?

Why we Should Prune Hibiscus Plant?

Hibiscus Plant Grows Very Fastly in its Growing Season, so many Branches & Leaves Don’t Let the Sunlight to reach the Lower Parts of Hibiscus Plant. Therefore it became Extremely Important to Cut out these Branches a little to let the Sunlight Reach the Soil Surface. 

Deficiency & Absence of Sun at the Soil & Lower hibiscus Parts Increases the Chances of Fungal Attack & Many Harmful Pests Attack.

Benefits of Hibiscus Pruning;-

  • More Growth on Hibiscus
  • More Buds & Flowers
  • Prevention From Diseases
  • Enhances Plant’s Shape
  • Provides Full Sun
  • Make A Bushier Plant

How to Grow Hibiscus Plant Faster?

Hibiscus Plant Grows Really Fast, When You Provide Following Things to it. 

  • Give a Big Size Pot to Hibiscus.
  • Plant it in a Quality Soil.
  • Keep it in a Sunny Spot.
  • Add Water Regularly.
  • Add a good Fertilizer Regularly.
  • Prune Hibiscus Regularly.

A Complete Guide on Hibiscus Plant Blooming Tips & Tricks is here!

Are hibiscus easy to grow?

It Is perfectly True, Hibiscus Plant is easy to Grow & Care, Only If You Keep the Above Points in mind. 

Follow up these Points Correctly & Hibiscus Plant Will Definitely Grow On it’s Own. And also Produces So many Flowers in it’s Season. 

Diseases in Hibiscus Plant;-

Hibiscus Plant have Many Disease, mostly Related to the Pests Attack. Only Root rot & Yellow Leaves problem is Caused By Other Care Related Issues. But Hibiscus Plant is mostly Attacked Pests, Because if It’s So much Softer Leaves and Shoots. 

Pests & Insects Attack;-

Leaf Miners, Mealy bugs, Aphids etc….. Are the Some Vert Common Names in the List of Hibiscus Plant Pests. They are not So much Harmful, And Can be cured in early Stages Using Organic Pesticides. 

A Detailed Video on Most common Pests & Their Control Options Is Here!

You Should Use Any Organic Pesticide On hibiscus Regularly to Prevent It From Pests Attack. There are so many Organic Options to Prevent Pests. Check Out These Organic Pesticides Here & Use Regularly.

Other Wise, You Can Also Buy an organic Ready to Use Pesticide Here.

Why are my hibiscus leaves turning yellow and falling off?

Yellowing of Hibiscus Plant Leaves is a Very Common Problem, That is Caused by number of Reasons. If Your Hibiscus Plant Leaves Turning Yellow, You Can Check Out these Reasons & Their Simplest Solutions Here;-?

Why Hibiscus Leaves Turns Yellow? 


Hibiscus Plant is a Low Maintenance Plant that gives you real Colours of Summers. After this Article, hope it is Easy for You To Grow Hibiscus Plant at Home. You Can Grow Hibiscus, make it Bloom & Also propagate Even if you are a Beginner. 

For any Question, Leave a Comment Below. 

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