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Main Reasons of Adenium Plant Soft Trunk – Adenium Soft Trunk Problem..?


It is Very Common With The Adenium Plants, that Suddenly Adenium Stops it’s Growth & Shows Such Type of Soft Trunk. In This Post, We will Talk about this Problem in Details, So Keep Reading.

Adenium Plants is a Desert Area Plant, that can Show you This Problem due different Issues. But Here We will Discuss only about The Most Common Reasons.

  • Adenium Facing Water Shortage
  • Soil is Not Water Retaining
  • Attack of Fungus.

Water Deficiency;-

The Most Common Reason of Adenium Plants Soft Caudex Is Water Shortage. As it Belongs to Deserts, Therefore it Stores Water & Moisture in it’s Trunk. When Adenium Plant Faces Shortage of Water, It Starts Using it’s Stored Moisture to Survive.

This Shortage of water can be Due to Number of Reasons like recent Repotting, Seasonal effect or etc. You can Solve this Problem by Simply Adding more Water. It Doesn’t means You add to Much Water, just to make the Soil Moist.

Deficiency of Water is not bigger Issue, But Can be very harmful if Take it light or Became over protective. Simply Keep the Soil a Little Moist.

How to Correctly Water Adenium Plant?

In summers, You can Water every Day and in winter Once in a week. It deeply Depends Upon the quality of Soil Mix. I have made an Other Article on How to often Water To Succulents, that you can Check Here!

Soils Quality;-

The Next Reason of Adenium Plants Soft Trunk is related to Soil Quality. For the Succulents, we mostly Use a Well Draining soil. As the drainage of Soil is Important, Retention of Moisture in the Soil is also Important.

Roots have to absorb Water, for that some Moisture must stay in the Soil, so it can be absorbed. Otherwise It can cause Water Shortage in the Plant, which Ultimately Results such type of Soft Caudex of Adenium.

The Solution is Simple, Use a Small Amount of Coco peat in the potting Soil, With other Ingredients. Coco peat holds Some Moisture for the Plant, that can be absorbed Time to time. Or You can also use a Professional Soil Mix, that is Specially made for adenium according to its Needs.

Less Watering & Over Watering both Causes Variety of Problems in the Plants Growth & Health. So Using a Good Mixture Solves this Problem. I have also made a Video on This Topic, linked Here!?

Adenium Soft Trunk Problem!

Fungal Problem;-

The Last Reason in our list that cause adenium Plant Soft Caudex problem is the Attack of Fungus. This fungal Attack can be caused by many Problems, like recent re potting, pruning with infected tools and also with the Over watering.
Adenium Plant With fungal Attack shows you a Blackish & Brownish Appearance, when you nailed out it’s skin. Fungal Attack in succulents is very common, and it also spreads from plant to plant by Infected Tools.

In this Condition, plant also shows us sudden Change in plants Growth. Leaves dries out with in days, and plant Don’t Grow so much. It is very hard to save such Type of an affected plant.

To prevent this Problem, you have to water Carefully, use Disinfectant to clean the Tools while pruning. add Fungicide water Every 10 days and also keep the Plant in a Well lit, open area. You can use Cinnamon Powder as Fungicide.

Making Organic Fungicidic Liquid;-

Add a table spoon of Cinnamon Powder in water and add in adenium’s Soil Mix. You can also use Other Fungicides Linked Here!?

Buy Ready to Use Fungicides!


So these are the Some Most Common Reasons of Adenium Plant Soft Trunk, hope this Video Helps you. For any Question, leave a Comment Below

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