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How To Treat Hibiscus Leaf Curl Problem? (CAUSES & CURES)

Hibiscus Plant Leaf Curl Problem is Not a Common Problem, But If your Hibiscus is showing Such Type of Curling Leaves, Then You Should Must Follow These steps i am Going to show you. In This Post, We will see 6 Causes of Hibiscus Leaf Curl Problem, With Their Solutions, So Keep Reading.

What is A Leaf Curl Problem?

In Hibiscus Leaf Curl Problem, The Leaves starts To Curl Up or Down, It not Only effects Hibiscus Plant some of Its Other Victims are rose Plant, tomatoes, Cotton Plant, All Varieties of peppers & So on.

Commonly the new Growth appears to have Curling leaves, Then plant starts To grow Really Slow. then Some of The Leaves starts to turn Yellow, & Leaving The Plant Untreated Can Easily take The Life Of the Plant. Thats Why Its Extremetly Important To Solve this Issue timely.

1-Viral Infection (Aphids)

Hibiscus Plant Leaf curl

The First & The Most Common Cause of Hibiscus Leaf Curl Problem is The viral infection. Hibiscus Plant is a Soft Leafy Plant, & Thats why Many Pests attacks On it. & the pests like White Flies & aphids carries the Leaf Curl virus & Transfer it from Plant To Plant. This way The virus Gets into The Plant & Cause the Curling Leaves of Hibiscus Plant.

How To Identify the Viral attack on a hibiscus Plant?

This is a Variety of Hibicus Plant & It Was attacked by The White Flies A Few days ago. & Leaving It Untreated Result into these curling Leaves. To Identify The Main Causes, You Can inspect The Leaves of Your Hibiscus Plant For any type of Pests & Insects.

Pests Inspection on Leaves

Also take a look below The Leaves, Becauses most of The Insects Stays their. As You Can See here We Have Some white Spots, That are a big sign of potential pests. This Means This Plant most probably have a viral Infection, That Can Spread To Other Plants as well.
Its Hard To Cure leaf Curl Problem caused by virus, But Reducing The Pests attack can stop the Further Spreading. Once The Pest attack is Over, The Plant Will be Able To Recover it self.

How To Treat a Pest attack on a Plant?

Applying Pesticide Spray On Hibiscus

To Treat The Pests attack, You Should Immediately Use A pesticide, & the Best option is Neem Oil Pesticide Spray. Its Easy To Make & apply. Detail guide on That is Linked Here To show You The Whole way.

While Applying It on Hibiscus Plant Make Sure To Mix It properly & Spray All Over The Plant. Its Very Important To Wash The Lower Side of The Leaves as well. So Do This Procedure Properly.

This Thing Will more Effective If You Do it as Soon as you Find The Pests attack & Curling Leaves. If You Cant See any Pests On The Plant, Than This Could be Due To The Other Reasons.

2-Humdity Rise:-

Hibiscus Leaves Curling Problem

The Second Cause of Hibiscus curling Leaves is The Humidity rise. Hibiscus Itself Is a Humid area Plant & That Likes To have Humidty & Hotness. But There are several varietires Of Hibiscus Plant That likes Less Humidty.

So If You Try To Give Them More Moisture, so This Can Also Result in Curling Leaves. Humdity is Not bad For hibiscus Plant, But Beside That you should also Make Sure The air Circulation around The Plant is also Good.

Congested environment & Leaf Curl….

In a Congested environment, The Plant Faces a Stressed Condition That Can result leaf Curl Problem. So Its Better To maintain a Balance, So The hibiscus Plant can grow properly.

3-Calcium Deficiency (Egg Shells):-

Curling Leaves Of Hibiscus Plant

The Another Big Causes of Hibiscus Leaf Curl Problem is The nutrients Imbalance. hibiscus Plant Is a Heavy Feeder & Requires a Lot of Nutrition. Different Deficiencies can Result in diferent Leaf signs, Like nitrogen & Magnesium Deficiency can Cause yellow Leaves while Calcium deficiency can lead To The Curling leaves. So If Your Soil Mix is low in Calcium element, This can Result leaf Curl Problem & a Stunted Growth as well.

Can Ph Imbalance cause leaf curl Problem?

There is another sinario here that can result Leaf curl problem, May be Your Soil have all The Essential Nutrient, Including the calcium element, But The Hibiscus Roots are Unable to take it Inside The Plant. So This Can Also cause curled Leaves of Hibiscus Plant. It Mostly happens, when Soils ph is either to low Or to high.

What Should be The Hibiscus Plants Soil ph?

Ph Meter With Alkaline pH

Ideally Soil ph for Hibiscus plant should be 6 to 7, But when it goes To up or to low, this Can cause leaf Curl problem. It major cause is the Use of an acidic or alkaline fertilizer for to long. This thing can Ultimately effects soil ph, Which results Leaf Curl.
So The Solution Is Very simple, First Take a Look of Your soil ph, You can do This With such a Ph meter, Its Linked Here to buy. after that Use a Fertilizer accordingly.

How To Treat a Calcium Deficient hibiscus Plant?

Rock Phosphate Applying on Hibiscus

For the deficiency of calcium, You can Use any organic calcium enrich fertilizer, like eggshells, Bone Meal, or rock Phosphate. i am using 2 table Spoons of rock phosphate, you can Also Do The Same, This Will Ensure the calcium element in the Soil.

Applying Rock Phosphate

Remember it can Take Time for The Calcium to be Absorbed By The Roots, so have Patience.

Watering After fertilization

As Soon As The Plant Takes it, The New Growth Will be normal

4-Soil Compaction:-

Another big Cause of Hibiscus Plant Leaf Curl Problem is The Compaction of soil. When The Soil is Too hard, The Roots doesnot Grow at all. & this Kind of Stress Also Lead To The Curling of leaves on Hibiscus Plant.

What Type of soil is Good For Hibiscus Plant?

Loose & well Draining Soil

Hibiscus Likes a Well Draining & Loose Soil Mix, otherwise Many problems can appear. If Your Hibiscus Soil is hard & Compact, You can Either add a Part of Sand Or Cocopeat in It, To make It Better.

Otherwise Its Better to choose a Loose mix for Your Hibiscus Plants, one Of Them is Linked here to buy. just make sure the Soil is Loose.

5-Roots Bounding:-

Roots Bounding

Another Important Thing related to Roots, Is their Bounding that also can Cause leaf Curl Problem. When ever the Roots Stops Their Growth, in result plant shows Some Signs, Like Sometimes Yellowing leaves & Sometimes Leaf Curl Problem. & When These Roots Try to Grow, New buds & leaves Appears on The Hibiscus plant as well. So This Way It works about roots.

Why a Big Pot is So Important For Hibiscus Tree?

Hibiscus Curled Leaves

Another thing is That, Not for just leaf curl problem, hibiscus plant also requires a big size Pot to grow like a Tree, which basically it is. so an yearly repotting can help alot, Hibiscus plant grow alot of Roots, specially in the rainy season. & Its The Best Time For Repotting to.

So If you havenot repotted your Plant from a Long time, so Its better to give it a Good size Pot, with a Good Soil mix To. Growbags works really well for such tree type plants, You can also buy From here, Must Check them out.

Once The Hibiscus Plant is Repotted, for while it may not grow & can Also show you yellow Leaves, but thats Temperarory, just give it some time alone. After that The new Growth should be Normal.

6-Seasonal Change & Imbalance:-

Leaf Curl on Hibiscus Plant

After observing your hibiscus Plant, regarding these points, If You still dont know what could be the Potentail reason, Then it will be the Seasonal Change. when The Temperature starts to fluctuate, This can Cause a big stress on The Plant which results Such Type of Curled Leaves. Mostly it effects all the Leaves, Not just the new Growth.

But its a Temperarory thing, That will be solved automatically as soon as the temperature starts to stabilizes itself. At This Time, Just have some patience, Move Your hibiscus plant is a Semi shaded area & water very normally.

Till now i Hope you have the Reason & its Cure For your Hibiscus plant. Here is The guide, That helps you make a perfect soil mix for Your Hibiscus, Using very simple ingredients, So Must checkit out.

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