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Aloe Vera plant Care In Summer Days! (Care THIS Way)


Aloe vera plant care problems: Aloe Vera Plant Requires Some Important Things in Summer Days to Survive and Continue it’s Growth. In the Summer Season, The rising temperature Makes their Leaves to Turn Redish.

Therefore in this Post, I am Going to Show You every Useful Thing, You Should Know To Grow aloe Vera plants in Summers, So Keep Reading.

Location For Summers;-

The Most Important Thing to Take Care of in Summers is the Location of aloe Vera plant. The Sunlight of Summers is Very Hot, that is Not So much Suitable For Aloe Vera Plant. To much Exposure of Sunlight Causes a stunted Growth on Aloe Vera, and it’s Leaves also Starts Drying.

Why Aloe Vera Leave Turning Red?


Take a look of this Plant, it’s leaves had Turned Red, only due to the strong Sunlight Exposure. It’s the Natural Response of Aloe Vera Plant towards Direct Sunlight Exposure.

How To Get Juicy Aloe Vera Leaves?

For Juicy aloe Vera Leaves, You Should Place Your Plants In a Well lit area, Just a Little away from direct Sunlight. It promotes a Healthier Growth with Green Aloe Vera Leaves.

How to Grow Aloe Vera plant Fast?



You are Living In cooler area where Summers are not to much Hot, Then You Don’t Need to Worry about this thing. The ideal Temperature Range for aloe Vera plant is from 13 – 17 °C.

At these Temperature Ranges, Aloe Vera plant Shows You a really Fast Growth. But in Summer Days, this Temperature is not Possible, so It’s better to Place Your aloe vera Plants in a Shade.

Keep It Hydrated;-

Other Thing You Should Do To keep Your Aloe Vera plant Growing, is to keep the Plant Hydrated. Many Times The Leaves starts Drying and their Gel also starts Drying Slowly. This thing Happens when the Plant is facing water shortage.

Aloe Vera Is a Succulent, but Keeping it Thirsty for a Longer Time can effects the Growth & Gel. As the soil dry outs about 90 percent, Then add Water into the Soil Mix.

When To Water Aloe Vera plant?

You might need to water Aloe Vera after a week or if your soil is Not water retaining, then it can also takes UpTo 2 to 3 days. Whenever the Soil dries, you just have to Add Water.

For Juicy Aloe Vera leaves, Watering is really important. It’s better to keep the Plant Hydrated by watering Regularly. That Doesn’t means you add to much Water into the Soil.

Should We Water Aloe Vera Daily?

Adding water regularly can also cause over Watering Condition, that further leads to such type of Rotted leaves. It happens mostly because your soil medium is not Good to Drain water Efficiently.

What type of Soil Aloe Vera plant Likes?

So it’s also important to use a Good Medium for aloe Vera. A loose and well Drainage Mixture works Well for Aloe Vera plants. in summer Days, a good mixture also helps you to keep the Plant Healthy & hydrated.

For that You can make a Quality Mixture at Home, by mixing Some Easily available Ingredients. You can use a Mix of Sand, Coco peat and Cow Dung In these Ratios.

This mixture Works well for Aloe Vera Plants, its Well draining, Loose & Perfectly Water retainsive. Otherwise You can also buy a Professional Potting mix for Aloe Vera plants. That mixture also works Very well.

Buy Quality Aloe Vera Mixture Here! 

Propagation in Summers;-

In the Hard Summers, it’s better to avoid propagation of aloe Vera plants. You can wait a little, after summers You can grow their pups very easily. The Increased Temperature is not good to propagate Aloe Vera.

I have also made an article on caring Aloe Vera in summer Days, that Helps You Understanding These Points More Clearly;-

Aloe Vera Plant Care in Summers!

Should We Fertilize Aloe Vera plant in Summer Days?

Lastly if we talk about the Fertilizers, Aloe Vera plant Don’t require any specific Fertilizer. And In summer days, you Should also avoid adding to many Fertilizers.

What’s the Right Way to Fertilize Aloe Vera In Summers?

Best Way to Fertilize Aloe Vera plant in summer Days is to use a fertilizer every 15 to 20 days. A diluted Nitrogen enrich Fertilizers Helps you to grow Bigger Aloe Vera leaves.

For that You can use Cow Dung Liquid Fertilizer, that is Really easy to make, and best For promoting a Healthy green Growth on Aloe Vera plant. It’s not preferred to use Cow dung liquid fertilizer again and again, you should Use this Liquid only once in a Month specially in summers.

After that, You can Apply it every 15 to 20 days. For making cow Dung Liquid Fertilizer, Check out a Video here;-

How to Make Cow Dung Liquid Fertilizer?


So In Summers, it’s Important To Follow These Tips & Tricks. Try To avoid Propagation & Fertilization. Use Well Draining Mixture, put it in a Shade and Water Very Careful. For Growing More Pups on Aloe Vera plant apply THIS Method. Check out this Article here.

How to Grow More Pups on Aloe Vera Plant?

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