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How To Make Mustard Cake Liquid Fertilizer at Home?(6-BENEFITS)


Using Mustard Cake Liquid fertilizer Specially For Flowering Plants, Can be Extremely Helpful. & In This Post, We Will See How To make Mustard Cake Liquid fertiliser At Home. Also Some Of Its benefits & Drawbacks.

What are the benefits of Mustard Cake Liquid Fertilizer?

Mustard Cake Is A Very Useful Source of Nutrients, That Can Provide Us Many Benefits.

1-Best For Blooming:-


The First & Most Useful Thing About Mustard Cake Liquid fertilizer Is That Its The Best Fertilizer To Apply On Flower Producing Plants. Mustard Cake Have Potassium, That Promotes Buds & Flowers On a Plant. Mustard Cake Liquid fertilizer Also Improves The Bright Colour & The Size of a Flower.

2-Improve Soil Quality:-


Mustard Cake Liquid fertiliser Also improves The Quality of Soil mix. It Improves Soil Fertility, drainage & Looseness. This Way The Roots Grow Much Faster & Ultimately Your Plants Will be More Healthier.

3-Best For Fruit Size & Taste:-

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If You are Growing Vegetables, Then Again Mustard Cake Liquid fertiliser can be Very Useful. The Growing Fruit Requires Potassium To Get Bigger & Mustard Cake Have That. Potassium Also Improves The Taste Of Your Vegetables & Their Colour as Well.

4-Pest Resistance:-


A Plant Treated With Mustard Cake Liquid Will Be Much Healthier & Resistant To Pests. While A Nutritionally Deficient Plant Will Be Much More Suseptible To Pests & insects. So This is another benefit of Mustard Cake. For Pest Treatment, You can Checkout a Detail Guide On Neem Oil From Here.

5-High Dose Fertilizer:-


There are Two Type of Fertilizer, Once Are High Dose & High Potency Fertilizers & Some Are Low Dose fertilizers. & Mustard Cake Is a High Potency fertilizer, That Can be Really Useful For Heavy Feeder Plants.

For Example, Rose Plant Shows Yellowing & Patchy Leaves very Commonly, & This Is mostly Due to the Deficiency of Nutrients. You Can Can Solve This Issue By Using a Powerful fertilizer like Mustard Cake.

6-100% Natural & Organic:-

Another benefit of Mustard Cake Liquid fertilizer is That it is a Natural & Organic Source Of Nutrients. Mustard Cake is Made From The Seeds of Mustard Plant & Its Purely Organic.

How to Make Mustard Cake Liquid Fertilizer?


Now Let Know How We Can Make Mustard Cake Liquid fertilizer At Home. First You Need a Liter Of Simple Water In a Bottle.


Add around 5 to 6 Table Spoon of Mustard Cake Powder In It, Make Sure You are Using a Good Quality Mustard Cake Powder, You Can Also Buy that From This link.
Mix It Well & Place This Container In a Shade.


After Around 4 to 5 Days, The Liquid Will Turn Its Colour yellowish That Means Its Ready To Use. All The Nutrients of Mustard Cake Have Already Dissolved In The Water.


But Here We Should not Use This Liquid Directly on your Plants, Because Its Concentrated. You have Mix a Part of This Liquid With 10 to 12 Parts of Simple Water. Mix Well & Now our Mustard Cake Liquid fertilizer Is Ready To Use.

How to Correctly Apply It on Plants?


For Correctly Applying it On Plants, You Need to Loose The Upper Layer of Soil & Let It Dry For Some Time.


Now Take a Dose Of Mustard Cake Liquid fertilizer & Add Over The Soil Surface. Dose Depends On Plant Age & Container Size. For a 10 to 12″ Size Pot, You Can Use Upto 200ml of This fertilizer. But For 5 to 6 Inches Pot, Use only a 100 ml of This Liquid.
You Can fertilize Your Plants In Their Growing Season, Because At This Stage They Will Show You Maximum Growth. This Way You Can Use It Every 15 to 20 days. Just Avoid Using in The off Season Of a Plant.

On what Plants Mustard Cake Liquid Works Best?


You Can Use Mustard Cake Liquid fertiliser On Almost all Type Of Flower Producing Plants. Just Avoid Using it On Younger Seedlings, Once They are a Month of Age, You can use It. Dont Use It For Succulents & cacti, For Them a Mustard cake ftilizer Recipe is Added Here, Must Check That Out.
You Can Use a Small amount of this on Indoor Plants, Just To Improve Their Leaf Colours.

Some Side Effects of Mustard Cake…?


There are Also Some Side Effects of Mustard Cake Liquid fertiliser That You should Must Aware of.

1-Smells bad:-

First is that it may cause a Bad Smell That is Due To The decompostion of mustard cake. It Will be Gone As Soon as The Liquid Gets Into The soil.

2-Fungal Growth:-


After Applying Mustard Cake Liquid fertilizer You May Find a Layer of White Fungus On The Soil, That is Not a Bad Thing. You Can Simple Loose the Upper Soil Layer It Will Be ok.

3-OverUse Burnings:-

Overuse Of Mustard Cake Liquid fertilizer Can Cause Many problems, So This Thing Needs To Be in Control. Follow The Right Dose & dont Apply It again Until 2 weeks. You May Find A Stunted Growth & Burning of Leaves, If The Plant is Overdosed. So be Careful About This.
So Its All About Mustard Cake Liquid fertilizer. Root Health is Another big thing & You Can Also Grow a Such Type of Massive Root Structure Using Rock Phosphate, Detail guide on That is Linked Here, Must Check it Out.

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