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How To Make The Best Liquid Fertilizer For Tomatoes?


Making a Powerful Liquid Fertilizer for Tomatoes, You just Haveย  to Follow up this Post, We will talk about making the Best liquid Fertilizer For tomato Plants in details. There are a few very important points that you have to Consider, While preparing a good Fertilizer For Tomato Plants.

For Growing Tomato Plants in Pots, Planting Them in a right Season and Fertilizing them Regularly is extremely important. Therefore in this Post, i am going to Show you an amazing Liquid fertilizer for tomato Plants. This Liquid Fertilizerย is Very easy make and gives your Tomato Plants a healthier Boost.

What is the best Fertilizer For Tomato Plants?

As Tomato Plants Are the Heavy Feeder Plants, And They have to Produce flowers & Fruit, Therefore We Have to make a Powerful Fertilizer For Tomatoes, That Give them an energatic Start By Promoting the growth of new buds & Shoots.

Your Tomato Plants Liquid Fertilizer Must have Nitrogen for Leaves Production, Potassium Forย  a Big Size Tomatoes, Phosphorous For a Healthier Root Structure, Many Of the Micro elements For Disease Resistance in Tomatoes.

When does Tomato Plants requires a Fertilizer?


Just After the Sprouting of Tomato seeds, Plant Requires Variety of Nutrients, that enhance their Growth and Health. Adding an organic Fertilizer in Tomato Plants Soil makes them producing lot’s of Tomatoes.

First We Can add a Nutrients Source in The soil Mix & we need to apply our organic liquid fertilizer for tomatoes dose after the 20 to 25 days of seeds Sproutings.ย  At the Seedling Stage & flowering Stage, tomato Plants requires lot’s of Nutrients to perform well.

It is easy to make because all the ingredients must be Frequently available around you. This Liquid fertilizer can applied on all types of Tomato Plants, like Cherry tomatoes, Roma tomatoes,steak etc…. It have A nice Combination of and many of the Micro Nutrients, Nitrogen, Phosphorous, & Potassium etc..

How to make the Best Liquid Fertilizer for Tomatoes?

For making this Tomato plants Liquid Fertilizer, First of all we need a liter of Water in a bottle. You Need to have a Few Ingredients, that are linked here:-

Calcium Deficiency in Tomatoes:-

Tomato Plants commonly shows a rotted base that is mostly due to the deficiency of calcium and magnesium. In this liquid fertilizer i have included a calcium Source that is Bone meal. Bone meal enhance the Immunity of tomato Plants, and fulfills the calcium Requirements in an organic form.

Bone Meal also have good Amount Of Phosphorous That is basically Responsible for the Healthier Growth of Roots. Use Of Bone Meal Powder in The Tomato Plants Liquid fertilizer can be Useful to Keep all The Root Related Diseases Away.

It is easy to make Bone meal Powder at Home, Otherwise you can also buy a Ready To Use Bone Meal Powder Here. Add About 3 table Spoons Of Bone Meal Powder.

Making Soil Acidic:-

The next ingredient that is very important because it enforces new buds on Tomatoes. In the alkaline type of Soil, Flowering plants doesn’t produces lot’s of flowers. Therefore I have Included a table spoon of Dried tea Powder, that makes the Soil slightly acidic. This thing makes theย  soil very suitable for the flowering of tomato Plants.

Tea Powder also Have Nitrogen That Keeps The Leaves & New Shoots Very Well Growing. Don’t add More than 1 Tbsp, because it can make Your Liquid Fertilizer High in Nitrogen.

Cow Dung Compost:-


The next ingredientย  to make Theย Best Liquid Fertilizer For Tomato Plants, is Cow Dung Compost.ย  That provides lot’s of Nutrients to the fruit to get bigger and bigger, Also the Leaves of Younger tomato seedlings Grow Fast.ย  I am using a 10 tbsp ofย Cow Dung Compost, that is a rich source of Multiple nutrients, that are required in a small amount but there roles are extremely important.

Cow Dung Compost also Makes the Soil Softer For the Fast Growth of Roots, You can also checkย  Out a Detail Article on Theย Benefits & Uses Of Cow Dung Compost Here.

Banana Peels Dried:-

Last ingredient in our list to make The Best Liquid Fertilizer For Tomato Plants are dried banana peels, that have phosphorus & Potassium in Good Amounts. And phosphorus makes the Root system of the Tomato Plants Stronger and stronger. A stronger root system is very much helpful throughout the fruiting of tomato Plants.

And the Role of Potassium Is also very Remarkable, as it makes the The Tomatoes More tasteful & Juicy.ย  you can’t use Fresh banana Peels as they can cause Fungal Growth. First Dry Out the Banana Peels In The sun For a few days & Crush Them a Little To Use in Our Tomato Plants Liquid Fertilizer.

How to make Tomato Plants Liquid Fertilizer?

After filling all of these ingredients into the water bottle, let it in shade for few days. The process of Fermentation will be done within 5 – 7ย  days, When the color of the Liquid has changed that means it is ready to apply.

Before applying this Fertilizer, dig the upper Layer of Soil, And also make sure the Soil is dry. This Tomato Plants liquid fertilizer is a factory of nutrients that can burn the roots, therefore we have dilute it with More water.

Add about 5 parts of Plane Water and 1 part of this Concentrated liquid fertilizer into a bottle or container. Now you can add this liquid fertilizer into the soil of Tomato Plants.

What is the Best Time to apply Fertilizer on Tomatoes?

Best time to apply this diluted liquid is in the evening. Add about hundred ml of this liquid in every 8 inches of a pot. For smaller seedlings, add only a smaller amount of this liquid. Hope you get the Point, this Fertilizer works perfect for tomato Plants and Seedlings.

What is the Difference Between Liquid Fertilizer and Solid Fertilizer?

The liquid fertilizer gives you instant results within some days. But the Solid Fertilizers have a ability that they Are Slow Release Fertilizers. I also have a slow release fertilizer for tomatoes, That Givesย  the Tomato Plants a Long lasting effect. You Can try a Slow Release fertilizer On Tomato Plants as well as an Instant Fertilizer, Both have Their Own Plus & Minuses.

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