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Free Liquid Fertilizer for Vegetable Garden.


We can get a Beautiful Harvest Out of Our Vegetable Plants, if we have an organic Fertilizer. A Nutrients Enrich Fertilizer Helps Growing Vegetables in a Very Healthy Way.ย So in this Post, i am going to show you an Amazing homemade liquid fertilizer for your Vegetable Garden. This Liquid have many Healthful Benefits for Your Plants That We will Discuss in this Post, so Keep Reading.

Benefits of Using Liquid Fertilizer on Vegetable Plants:-

The liquid that we are going to make, can be prepared for free and insanely easy to make. Three macro Nutrients are Very Useful When we are Growing Vegetable Plants. Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium all of them have very Important Roles in growing vegetable Plants.

This liquid Fertilizer provides instant Energy to your Vegetable Plants, that Helps when the Plant is producing Flowers. This Liquid Fertilizer have almost all type of nutrients, that a plant requires at the Flowering Stage.

It have potassium that makes the Fruit more Tasteful, it also phosphorus that plays a very Important role in Growing a healthy Root Structure. Roots are the basic part of a Plant, that makes the immunity more and more Stronger.

This type of Black Spots appears very commonly on the leaves, when the plant is facing Calcium Deficiency. This liquid Fertilizer also have calcium, that also Keeps the diseases away from your vegetable.

Smaller amounts of other Micro nutrients like Iron, copper, magnesium etc… are Also present in this Liquid Fertilizer, and this Thing makes it more & more effective for your vegetable plants.

Key Ingredients for Liquid Fertilizer:-


Keeping all of these Benefits in mind, it become extremely important to try this Liquid Fertilizer on our Vegetable Plants for once. The Main and only thing we require to make this liquid Fertilizer is the oranges skin.

Orange Peels have an value of 0 ratio 2 point 9 ratio 27, that is Best to Use on Vegetable Plants. They are also very easily available and Free to use.

How to make This Liquid Fertilizer?

It is Very easy to make a liquid Fertilizer out of that. You just have to Put them in a Water Container, it will be great if you can Break them into smaller Pieces, For a faster Decomposition.

Make sure this Liquid is Placed under a Shade For at least 3 to 5 days. After 3 to 4 Days, the colour of this liquid had turned Yellowish, that means the nutrients are ready to get absorbed.

How to Apply Liquid Fertilizer on Vegetable Plants?


First Thing you need to Do before applying this liquid, is to dig the upper layer of Soil and let it dry for some days. It is like a rule to apply any liquid Fertilizer only when the Soil Mix is dried. Otherwise you may found this Type of Fungal Growth on the Soil surface. If some of the Roots Break during this, then it is ok.

Because it works like the pruning of roots. Now dilute this Liquid Fertilizer with 5 parts of More water. This diluted liquid Fertilizer have a low concentration, that wouldn’t harm the Roots.

You can apply this diluted Liquid Fertilizer on almost all type of Your Vegetable Plants. It helps to induce New buds and more flowers on the plant. It strengthen the Roots system of the Vegetable Plants, for a Consistent and Healthier Growth.

You can apply about a glass of this liquid on 10 inches of pot. Hundred milliliter of this liquid is enough for a Small 5 inches of Pot. Small Amount for Smaller Pots and large amount for larger Pots.


Best Time to apply this Liquid Fertilizer is in the Evening Time, so the Roots can Absorb it for the whole Night. This liquid Fertilizer works Best, when the Plant is Going through the Flowering Stage. Apply it on all your vegetable plants every 10 days, for at least 3 to 4 times for quality results. 090

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