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How to Make The Best Fertilizer For Vinca Plant?

How to Make The Best Fertilizer For Vinca Plant?

Providing a Powerful Fertilizer To Your Vinca Plant On Regular Basis Can Give You Very Beautiful Results in the Form of New Buds & Flowers.
And As the Vinca Plant Is a Fast Growing Plant, & making an Ideal Fertilizer For Vinca Does not Requires Any Special Care & Ingredient. So Lets Discuss About Some Tips & Tricks About Vinca Plant Fertilization.

The Best Fertilizer For Vinca:-

Vinca Plant is a Summer Season Flowering Plant, & Grow Very Fast With Lots of Buds & Flowers, a Good Fertilizer Works amazing on Boosting Vinca Plant’s Flowering.
You can Apply Any Fertilizer Like Cow Dung Compost, Mustard Cake Liquid, Tea Waste, Banana Peels. But Making a Powerful Combination of these Organic Ingredients Works Really Well. Because the Vinca Plant is Getting A wide Range of Nutrients To Grow. But First You Should Must Know What type of Fertilizer does It Requires?

What is the Best Fertilizer For Vinca Plant?

How to Make The Best Fertilizer For Vinca Plant?

Vinca Plant, Vinca Minor, Vinca Vine etc all types of VInca Plants requires almost Similar Nutrients To Grow well. Vinca Plant Requires an Organic Fertilizer with Macro Nutrients In Good Amounts, & A Small Amount of Other Micro elements.
As it is not a Heavy Feeder, Therefore a Single dose of a Powerful Vinca Fertilizer Every 20 Days, Works Really amazing To Grow a Bushy VInca Plant With Multiple Flowering Shoots. You Can Use Cow dung as a Regular Fertilizer, But You Should Must Try Out This Organic fertilizer On Your Vinca Plants Once.

Benefits of This Vinca Fertilizer:-

Following are The Some Very Useful Benefits Of Using This Organic Vinca Fertilizer, You Can Consider them as Your aspectations after Applying This fertilizer.

  • More Roots Growth
  • More Buds & Flowers
  • Resistance of Diseases
  • New Growth on the Plant
  • Less effect of Enviroment & Temp.
  • No Yellow & Brown Leaves

How To Make This Organic Fertilizer For Vinca Plant?

So Now Lets Know How You can Make This fertilizer, What are the Ingredients That make it So Useful.

  • Compost 20g
  • Banana Peels 5-6 Pieces
  • Egg Shells 2-3 Tbsp
  • Tea Powder 1 Tbsp


How to Make The Best Fertilizer For Vinca Plant?

The First & the Most Useful Component in this vinca Fertilizer is The Compost. Compost have a Large Number of nutrients in It, that makes the Soil Very Fertile For The Roots of Vinca Plant. & You Can Use This Ingredient Without Any side effects.
You Can make it at Home, Or Simply buy a Ready To Use Compost. All Online Sources of Compost are not So much authentic in the Quality Measurements, Therefore Here is a Good Source of Compost added You Can Check it out also.

Egg Shell:-

How to Make The Best Fertilizer For Vinca Plant?

The Next Ingredient in making the Best fertilizer for Vinca Plant is a Rich Source of Organic Calcium & Other Micro Elements as well. Egg Shell in Crushed & Dried Form Provides a good Amount of Calcium, that Is a Big part of Plant Body.
& Its Deficiency Can be a Big Problem, So adding a Calcium Source in Our Soil Mix Make it very Fertile For the Vinca roots.

Banana Peels:-

How to Make The Best Fertilizer For Vinca Plant?

The Another Good soruce of Organic Potassium are the Peels of Bananas. Adding Banana Peels in Our Best Fertilizer For Vinca Plant is Extremetly Important, Because the Potassium is a Very Beneficial Thing to Promotes The Growth of Buds & Flowers on Vinca Plant.
Dry them in the Sun For Some days & Crush them in Powder Form For Better Absorption. You can Use Banana Peels Powder in Your Other Plants Also, They Are Very Useful to get Blooming.

Tea Powder:-

How to Make The Best Fertilizer For Vinca Plant?

An Acidic Component With good Amount of Nitrogen in It, Works Really Well To keep the Vinca Plant Resistant of diseases, With better absorption of Nutrients, & More Growth of Younger Shoot.
Tea Powder have Acidic Nature That Works Very Well to Make The Soil Acidic. If Your Soil mix is Alkaline, Than It Can effect the Plant Growth Very Much. Nutrients & Fertilizers Does not Show Their Results, No Buds & Flowers Will Grow. So You Must Consider this Point as Well.
Mix all of These Ingredients In Similar Ratios & Our Fertilizer is Ready to use.

When To Fertilize Vinca Plant?

How to Make The Best Fertilizer For Vinca Plant?

Vinca Plant Grow Very Fast In Summer Days & applying a Fertilizer At This Time, Gives as Maximum Results. You Can Fertilize Your Vinca Plant In summer Season Whenever You, Just avoid Fertilizing it in Winter Days. As it is The dormancy
Time of Vinca Plant, fertilizing Does not Show Good Results.

How To Apply fertilizer On Vinca?

You Can Add This organic Fertilizer On Your Vinca Plant After:-

  • Digging its Soil Mix.
  • Let It Dry if it Is Wet, It Will Help Better Absorption.
  • Mix a Dose (4-5 Tbsp) of This Fertilizer.
  • Add Frequent Amount Of Water In Its Soil Mix.
  • Put The Plant in a Sunny Spot For Good Growth.

You Can use This Fertilizer Every 20 Days, For Quality Results. Best Time To Apply This Fertilizer Is evening or In Early Morning.
So It is All about Vinca Plant Fertilizer, & For any Question Comment Below.

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