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How to Grow Pansy Flower? Pansy Plant Care!


Pansy Flowers Are one of the Most Beautiful Flowers that are Too much Easy to grow. If you are going to grow Your First Plant for the first time, then Pansy Flower Plants Are the Best Choice. In this Post, We are going to Know Some Important Care Points about Pansy Plants, that helps You Growing The Beautiful Pansy Flowers Without any Problem. So Keep Reading.

Introduction to Pansies:-

Pansy Plants can be Grown in a Slightly Cooler area Very Easily. In the tropical Area, You can Grow them in Winters. Pansy Flowers have Number of Colour Ranges that makes them more Attractive. They also have some hybrid varieties, that looks slightly Different from General Pansy Flowers.

Where The Pansy Flowers Grows Best?

About a Temperature range of 15 to 28 degrees is Perfect for a healthy Blooming on Pansies. In the western world, the pansy Flowers grows all around the year. But where the temperature Rises UpTo 45 degrees in summers, it becomes hard for the pansy flowers to survive.

How to Propagate Pansy Flower Plants?

They can be grown from Seeds in early Winters days, or we can also Propagate them from younger stem cuttings. But the best way to grow Beautiful Pansy Flowers is to buy Their Seedlings from Nursery, they are very easily available in the Winter days.

Are Pansy Plants Easy to grow?

Pansies are the low maintenance, easy to grow, Winter Flowering Plants, that produces Lots of flowers in Smaller Containers. They don’t grow So much taller, but Spread Very fastly. You can Grow Them in Smaller Pots With a Soft and

What is the Best Soil mix for Pansies?


A Soil Mixture with Good Drainage, And Some Nutrients Works Perfect for Pansies. Make a mix of Organic Compost, Sandy Soil, Coco peat and Some cow dung.

In such type of Mixture, Pansy Plants and Seedlings, both Grow Very Healthily. But if you wants a Ready made Mixture For Pant

Pansy Plant Care:-

Now we are going to talk about Some Points for Growing Pansy Flowers Constantly, without any Issue. Following are the Some Important Care Tips:-

How Much Sun does Pansy Plants Requires?


Pansy Flower Plants requires a Sunny area, about 2-4 hours of Sunlight is Very much Beneficial, for a healthy Blooming on Pansy Plants. If you Place your Pansies in a Shaded area with a very less amount of sun, then Plant Shows Such type of Yellow leaves.

They became Yellow because they are on the down side of The plant, where the sun Can’t reach Properly. Deficiency of Sun shows Less Blooming and a stunted growth on Pansy Plant.

How to often water To Your Pansies?


For the Watering of Pansy Plants, You have to check the Soil Moisture level Before watering, simply Touch the Soil a little and feel The moisture. Pansy Plants loves to have a Deep Watering, Let the Soil to dry out and then water.

If your Soil mix is not Draining Properly, then Watering Must be performed very carefully. So must use a Water blockage can Cause Root rot Problem or Yellow Leaves, so be careful.

What Type of Diseases Found in Pansy Flowers?

If we talk about the diseases & problems that found in pansy Flowers, are very fewer. And they can be cured Very easily. You may found Yellow Leaves on pansies, that can be caused by over watering or Nutrients deficiency.

We will talk about that further in this Post, so keep Reading.


For the pests & Insects, these black dots mostly found in Pansies in spring Days. These are The Thrips that can be harmful if Spreads. They can be cured very easily, by using our Homemade organic pesticide, that is very easy to make and apply. The detailed video on Organic Pesticides is

You can prevent all type of Pests By using an organic Pesticide, if regularly used. The best ready made you can buy that. These are the Some problems & Pests that Commonly found in Pansy Flowers, other Are very rare issues. 090

I have also made a Detailed Video on Growing Pansy Flowers, that can help You even more understanding these Points.

What is the Best Fertilizer for Pansy Flowers?

Lastly if We talk about the Fertilizer that works great for Pansies, then Mustard cake Liquid is the best Choice. This liquid Fertilizer have all most all the required Nutrients for Pansies to bloom heavily.

Apply this Liquid every 10 to 15 days for a continuous Blooming. For making Mustard cake Liquid, you can checkout a video from.

Pansy Plants doesn’t require so much Fertilization, but it can Help to improve blooming.

How to Grow Pansy Flower ?


For getting More & more Flowers on Pansy Plants, Remove these dried Flowers Time to time. Use the mustard cake Liquid Fertilizer Every 10 to 15 days, and grow Them in a Right Season. Because in the Burning environment of summers, the pansy plants reduces their Flower size and Stops their Growth.

If the temperature Rises so much then sometimes they even die. But we can Collect Their Seeds to grow them again in the Next season, if You are in a tropical region. Where the Temperature rises UpTo 45 degrees in summers. 090


Pansy Flower Plants are the Best Choice for the People That are looking for an easy to Grow, Low maintenance, Beautiful Flowering Plant. And You Can Hack their Growth on a Next Level Using These Tips & Tricks.

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