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6 Reasons – Why Your Marigold Flower Plants are Not Blooming?


Marigold Flower Plant is a Very Fast Growing, Low Maintenance Winter Flowering Plant. But Sometimes The Plant Stops To Grow & Very Less appears on it. & In This Post, We will Talk About This Problem In Details. It Happens Due To Several Reasons, So Lets Move To Them One By One.

Soil pH & Quality:-


The Most Common Reason of Why Your Marigolds not Blooming is Because Of Your Soil mix. Soil Mix Plays a Very Big Role for The Healthier & Fast Growth of Marigold Flower Plants. If Your Soil Mix is Water Blocking, Then It Wouldn’t Let The Marigold Flowers To Grow.

What Type Of Soil Is Best For Marigolds?

Soil’s Ph is also Important, Generally, Marigold Flower Plants like To Have an acidic Soil mix. But As The Soil’s Ph Rises, It Gradually Stops To Grow. You Can Use A Small Amount of Compost To Make Your Soil mix acidic. & Also Make Sure Your Soil mix is Well Draining & Loose For Your Marigold Flowers.

As It is a Winter Flowering Plant, That’s Why Moisture evaporates Very Slowly & You Should Be Very Careful While Watering. A Good Soil Mix Can Solve your Whole Problem, Its Added Here To Buy.

Root Bounding:-


Another Common Cause of Less Blooming of marigold Flower Plant is The Bounding of Roots, When Roots Keeps On Growing The Plant also Produces More Buds & Flowers, But as They Get Bounded With Your Smaller Pot, The Plant Stops To Produce Flowers. So Its Important To Grow Marigold Plant in a Larger Container, Try To Use At Least 10 Inches Pot & It Will Be Much Better, If You Plant Them In a Clay Pot, or a Grow Bag Instead of Plastic Containers.

Nutrients Deficiency:-


Proper Fertilization is Also Very Much Responsible for The Healthier Blooming of Marigold Flowers. If You Are Using a Good fertilizer, That Have Nutrients, Then The Marigold Plant Would Not Stops Its Blooming.

What Type Of fertilizer Works Best For Marigold Plants?

You Can Use Different Fertilizers On Regular Basis, Like You Can Use Cow Dung Compost, That Helps You To Make The Marigold Seedlings Bigger & Bigger. A Detailed Guide On This is added Here. But If You Are Facing Less Blooming on Your Marigolds, You Should Use a Bloom Booster Fertilizer. Such Type of Fertilizer is added Here, You Can Use That On All Type of Your Flowering Plants With Maximum Blooming.

Stress & Shock:-


Another important Cause Of Why Your Marigolds Are Not Flowering is Because Your Plants Are Weaker. Means May Be Your Margold Seedlings Are Not Healthier Enough & Always Have To face Hardships While Growing.

It Mostly happens When You Have Weaker Seeds, So Make Sure You Are Choosing Healthy Plants to Transplant. & Don’t Place Your Seedlings in an Open Area After Transplant, It makes Stress On The Plant.

Weaker Plants:-


As We Are Talking About Stress, Then It Can Be a Possible Cause Of Less Flowering Of Marigold Plants. So Stress & Shock on The Plant Causes The Plants To Completely Stop its Growth & Hence Less Blooming.

Stress & Shock Can Kill Your Marigolds, So Its is Important To Follow Up the Right Method to Transplant Marigold Seedlings, & Put Them in a Shade For some Days After That. Stress Can also Be Due To The Change Of Season & place. therefore Follow Up The Right Season To Grow Marigold Plants.

Less Sun Exposure:-


The Another Cause of Less Blooming of Marigolds is Because of Sunlight Issues. As Marigold Plant is a Winter Season Flowering Plant, That’s Why It Likes Coolness, But Sunlight is Also Very Important.

Deficiency of Sunlight Causes Not Only Less Blooming, But Also Such Type of Yellowing Leaves Of Marigolds Appears. So To Overcome Such Issues, A Proper Amount Of Sunlight is Necessary For the Healthier Flowering of Marigold Plants.

How Much Sun Do Marigold Plants Need?

You Can Choose a Full Sun Area To Grow Marigolds. But If Don’t Have So Much Sun, Put Them At Least in a few Hours of Sun.
So Its All About Marigold Flowers, For Any Question Leave a Comment Below.

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