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The Best Fertilizer For Winter Flowers! (Get Maximum Blooming)


For Enjoying The Colours Of Winter Flowers, Proper Seasoning & a Powerful fertilizer is Extremely Helpful To Get Most Out of Our Winter Flowering Plants. In This Post, We Are Going To Talk All About The Fertilization Of Winter Season Flowers. We Will Make an Organic Fertilizer & Also See How We Can use This Fertilizer Correctly On Our Plants.

What Type Of Fertilizer Works Best For Winter Flowers?

First Of All, It It is Important To know Exactly What Type Of Fertilizer do Winter Flowers Like. As Every Plant have Different Type Of Requirements, Similiarly The Winter Flowering Plants, Likes a Nutrients Enrich Fertilizer, Containing A Nice Combination of npk & Other Trace elements.

& It Wil Be Better If You include An Acidic Ingredient is It, So They Flowers Comes Up With More Buds & Flowers. as We Are Talking about Winter Flowering Plants, There Are So Many Of Them, but The 10 Easy Ones Are added Here, Checkout If You Don’t Know About Them.

How We Can Get Such a Fertilizer?


You Can Get an Ideal Fertilizer For Your Winter Flowers Either From The Market, or You Can Make it at Home. A Ready to Use Fertilizer is Added Here To Buy. But For Making a Homemade Fertilizer, That Works Much Better Than The market Bought Fertilizer, we are Going To Use a Few Organic Ingredients.

Compost 10 Tbsp:-


The First & the Major Ingredient in our Fertilizer is The Compost. Homemade Compost Works Much Better Than Market Ones. Its Not That Difficult To make Compost, Proper Guide is Linked Here.

Otherwise You can Buy That As Well. Compost have So Many Nutrients, Helpful microbes & Soil Enhancing Abilities. Compost Works Really Well To Feed Flowering Plants, It Also Makes The Soil A Little Acidic, That is Most Focused target in Our Fertilizer.

Banana Peels 4-5 Tbsp (Dry them):-


The Next Ingredient In Our Winter Flowers Fertilizer are the banana Peels. The Fresh Banana Peels are Not Suitable To Use, you can Dry Them in The Sun For a Few Days & When They get Blackish, You Can Crush them In Pieces. Banana Peels Have Lots Of Benefits, It Promotes Buds & Flowers On The Plant & Improve The Size & Colour of Your Winter Flowers.

Banana Peels Also Have Calcium That Prevents Black spots of Leaves & Hence your Plant Keeps Its Growth Continue. Overall Banana Peels Have Many Benefits, So Start Using Them, But Try To Use Them in Dried Forms.

Cow Dung 10 Tbsp:-


The Another Growth Boosting Ingredient in Our Fertilizer is The Cow Dung Compost. It is a High Dose Fertilizer & Works Amazing For The Winter Flowers & Vegetables. A Detailed Guide on Only Its Benefits is Added Here, Must Check It To Know More About Its Benefits.

For Now, You Can Use it To Promote The Leafy Growth on The Plant. At The Seedling Stage, Cow Dung Helps your Winter Flowering Plants Very Much. you Can Use That Alone As Well. But Remember You have To Use It In right Dosage, for which About We Will talk in a While.

Buy Cow Dung Compost Here….

Mustard Cake Pieces 2 Tbsp:-


The Last Ingredient in our Fertilizer for winter Flowers is The Mustard Cake Powder. The Liquid fertilizer of Mustard Cake Is Very Much Known to Promotes Flowers, But You can Use Its Powdered Form As Well. It Releases its Benefits Slowly & Lasts Long. You can Also Use It Solo, But This Combination Will Give You even Better Results, So Keep Following.

Making Best Fertilizer For Winter Flowers;-

So These are The Ingredients, All Of Them Are added Above, You can Buy That If You Can Find Them. Follow up The Proper Ratios & Mix Them All Evenly.

How To Correctly Use This Fertilizer?


The Right Method to Use This Powerful Fertilizer Still Matter More Than All Of This. Now Lets Talk About That, You can Use This Organic Fertilizer By Follow The Steps Given Below.

  • Digging The Upper Layer Of Soil.
  • Let It Dry if Its Moist.
  • Add A Dose Of This Fertilizer That Depends Upon The Plant’s age & Container Size.
  • Frequent Watering After Fertilizing Helps In Better & Faster Absorption.
  • Repeat This Same Process Every 10 Days For more Efficient Results.

What is The Best Time to Apply This Fertilizer?

Try To Use this fertilizer in The Growing Season, & Because At this Stage The Plant Needs More & More Nutrition to Bloom Well.
You Can use This On All Type Of Low To Moderate Feeder Winter Flowers & As Well As Heavy Feeder Winter Flowering Plants. Just Increase The Dose a Little For Heavy Feeders like Roses, Dahlias, Rananculus Etc.
But it is Still Undoubtable That It is a Slow Release Fertilizer, but To Get Faster Cure For Your Leaf Problems, You Should Use Another Fertilizer, That Is Compost Tea Liquid. It is very easy To Make & Apply, Check out a Detailed Guide Here.

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