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7 Magical BENEFITS Of Using Cow dung Compost For Plants! (Apply This Way)


Cow Dung is a very Useful Source Of Nutrients & used Very Widely All Over The World, It’s Because of Its So Much Benefits On The Plant Health & Growth. In This Post, We Will Know about Some very useful Benefits Of Cow Dung Compost For Our Plants & The right Way To use This Fertilizer, Because It Very Much Important To Get Most Out Of Cow Dung Fertilizer.

What is Cow Dung Compost & how it’s made?

Cow Dung Compost is Decomposed Cow Dungs Waste, which has a Variety Of Essential Nutrients. These Nutrients Dissolves In The Soil & Helps Our Plants To Grow Fast & Healthily. Where it have Benefits, Its Wrong use Can also Lead To Such type Of Leaf Burnings, That’s Why We will also Talk about How To Use It Correctly At The End of This Post.

7 Benefits of Cow Dung Compost:-

Here is a Big Question That why cow dung sauce Compost is So Much Useful & Important For Plants. So There are 7 Most Common Benefits of dungs cow compost, That make It The Best Fertilizer For Your Plants, So lets Know About Them.

Nitrogen Source, Hence More Leafy Growth:-


The Biggest Benefit of Cow Dung Compost is that It Contains High Amount of Nitrogen, Which promotes a very Fast Growth of Leaves & Branches. In Plant Growth, Nitrogen Plays a very Big Role & Cow Dung its Number 1 Organic Source.

Its Regular Use on a Plant Gives you a very Fast Growth of Leaves. Means If You are Growing leafy Vegetables Like Spinach & fenugreek, You can Use This fertilizer & get More & big Size leaves. But Remember It is High In nitrogen & should be use in limits.

Stronger Immunity:-

The Another use of Cow Dung Compost is That it is an organic fertilizer & Makes Up the immunity of Our Plants. Regular Use of Cow Dung Fertilizer makes Up The Immunity of a Plant & in result Very Less Diseases & Pest Attacks Appears. Cow Dung Can be Very Useful for Smaller Seedlings, Because At This Stage they Requires a stronger Immune System.

Micro Elements, Less Leaf Problems:-


The other Use of Cow Dung Compost is That it have lots of Trace Elements, & These Nutrients are Extremely important to overcome different Leaf Problems. Black spots are Caused by Calcium Deficiency, Yellow Leaves are Because of Nitrogen & Magnesium Deficiency & So on. & Cow Dung Prevents all of These Leaf Problems Very Efficiently.

More Microbial Growth:-


Regular use of Cow Dung Compost in Our soil mixes Promotes The Growth of Useful Microbes. These Insects & Bacteria Help The Plant To Grow & Cow Dung Rich Soil is The perfect medium for Their Growth.

Make Up Soil Quality & Fertility:-


Another Big benefit of Cow Dung is That it Enhances the Soil Quality & Drainage. Use of Cow dung Compost In our Soil Mixes Prevents Their Compactness & Erosion. It Increases its Fertility & Make It Well draining as Well.

A well Draining & Fertile Soil mix is also Very Important For The Fast Growth of Roots. & Cow Dungs Helps

In This way as Well, To Know all about a Well Draining Soil Mix, You can Check out a Detailed Guide Here.

High in Nutrition, Best for Heavy Feeders:-

Another Benefit of Cow Dung Compost is That it is Best For Using on Our Heavy Feeder Plants. As Heavy feeders like roses, Tomatoes etc Requires a high Dose Fertilizer, Cow Dungs Can Be Used To feed Them. Obviously, you can add other ingredients in dung cow as Well, Detail Guides are added Here, Must Check Out Them.

Long Lasting Effects:-

Regular Use of Cow Dung fertilizer on our Plants also Promises a Long lasting Effects on them. As It is a Slow Release Fertilizer, That’s Why You don’t have To Use dungscow So Much frequently.

How to Use Cow dung Compost For Plants Correctly?


To Get Most of These benefits, The Right Way to Use Cow Dungs Compost is Very Important. so Now Let’s Know How We can use this fertilizer.
To apply Cow Dung, dig the Upper Layer of Soil & Let It Dry. Take a dose of Cow Dungs Compost & Add it over The Soil. Mix Well & Add frequent amount of water. In the Same Way, You can Use Cow Dung Liquid fertilizer. Repeat This Same Process Every 15 Days In the Season & 20 to 25 days in The Off Season.
You Should Use Cow Dung Compost When The Plant is Growing Well & at The Starting Stage. You can use This Fertilizer For Smaller Seedlings & also Use Cow Dungs In Your Soil Mix. But Don’t Use More Than 20 percent.

On What Plants We Can Use This Fertilizer?

You can Use Cow Dung Fertilizer On almost all Type of Plants, Because All Plants Need Nitrogen. at the Younger Stage, Cow Dungs Works Really Well. But as The Plant Gets Bigger, You Should also Use Some Other Fertilizer, That Promotes buds & Flowers on The plant.

Like You can use Compost Because It Contains Potassium & Phosphorus That promotes Buds & Flower on plant. Detailed Guide On This Is Added Here. Plants Like Aloe Vera, Vinca plant, Gazania Flowers, & Other Low To Moderate feeders Likes Small amount of Cow Dungs, & overuse can Lead To many Side effects of Cow Dungs. That’s Why it is also Important for You To Know About Its Drawbacks.

3 Disadvantages Of Cow Dung:-


OverUse of Cow Dung Compost Can cause Burning effects on The Roots, & In Results The Whole Plant Can dry Out Over Night. So Don’t Use Fresh Cow Dungs, You can Buy Its Compost That is Perfect & Safe To Use. & To Make It Even More Safe For Your Plants, You can Make Its Liquid fertilizer.

As Cow dung Compost is a Slow Release Fertilizer & Takes a Few weeks To Show Its Results & These Benefits, on the Other Hand, Its Liquid Fertilizer is not Only Safe, but also Absorbs Quickly in the Roots & Shows It Results. That’s Why You Should Use it’s Liquid Fertilizer, a Complete Video On Topic is Linked Here, Must Check it out.

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