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How to Make Chicken Manure Fertilizer At Home? [Benefits INCLUDED*]

How to Make Chicken Manure Fertilizer At Home? [Benefits INCLUDED*]

Chicken Manure is one The Best Organic fertilizers, That Contains Essential Nutrients, in Just a Perfect combination. In This Post, You Will See The Exciting Benefits of homemade Chicken Manure, How to Make it at Home Step By step.

& Once You Have It, How To Apply it on Our Plants & Get Most Benefits. At The End, i have also Added Some Of The Possible Drawbacks Of Chicken Manure & the Ways to Avoid them.

What is Chicken Manure? Why it’s Used?

Chicken Manure Homemade

Chicken Manure is Simply The Composted Form of Chickens Pop, That Contains high levels Of Many Essential Nutrients. A Good Quality Chicken Manure is Brownish in Color, With a loose & Polite Texture, Containing An Earthy Smell.

Chicken Manure Is Used very Widely & From a very Long Time. This Thing proves Its Significiance for Plants, & Making it At Home Worth The Efforts.

7 Benefits of Chicken Manure For Plants!

There are a Lot Of Benefits That Chicken Manure Provides To Our Plants through Different ways, Let me Describe Them Shortly.

1-Nutritional Value….

Chicken Manure Fertilizer

The First benefit of Using Chicken Waste Compost is Its Nutritional Value. Its Is High not macro Nutrients, But also Contains Hundred Of Trace elements. That’s Why It promotes a Lot Of Green Growth on The Plant.

3-Microbial Activity……

Another Benefit is that it is One Of That Organic Fertilizers that promotes The Microbial Activity in The Soil. These Beneficial Microbes ultimately Leads To Better Root Growth & a Big Size Harvest.

4-High Potency Fertilizer…..

Chicken Manure is Considered As a high Potency fertilizer, Means It Contains greater amounts Of Every Nutrient per dose. This Makes It Best For Using On Heavy feeder Plants, like Hibiscus, Tomatoes, Roses etc.
I have also Made a Similar Custom fertilizer For Heavy feeders, using Simple But Powerful ingredients, Its Linked Here, Must Check that Out. Regular Use of Chicken Manure on a Plant Can Improve its Immune system. & Such Plants With stronger Immune Systems become resistant to minor Pests & Diseases.

5-Soil Amendment….

Loose Soil Mix for Vinca

Another Plus Point of Chicken Manure fertilizer is That it improves Soil Quality. Its made up of Organic Matter, & as It Goes Under The soil, the Drainage Gets Better, Loosness Gets Better & fertility levels Rises as well.
Soil Plays a Very Big Role In The Growth of Any Plant, So Its Essential to Give a Good Soil Mix To Our Plants, For Getting better Growth. Detail Guide is added Here Must Check That out.

6-Cost Effective….

Chicken Waste is Made From The Pop Of Chicken, So That’s make this fertilizer Free. Instead of Costly fertilizers, It can Be a Great Choice To Rely on.

7-Acidic Nature….

Ph Meter With Alkaline pH

Another Big Thing About Chicken Manure Is That it have the Ph value of 6.5 to 8. & If Regularly Used, it can reduce Soils ph Making it Best for The Fruiting & Flower Producing Plants. But You Should Also Moniter Soil ph regularly, So it Wont Get to much acidic, You can Use This Ph Meter. Its Linked Here to buy.

How to make Chicken Manure At Home Step-by-step?

Now Lets Know How We Can Make This Valuable Organic fertilizer At Home.

Chicken's Pop For Composting
  • Its Very Simple, First You Need our Main Ingredient that is the Dried Pop of Chickens. Make Sure It Fully Sun dried, Fresh Pop is Not So Much suitable. Its Better To Avoid Feather in it, As They Decompose Very Slowly.
  • Now You Have To Take A container For Composting, Any Porous Bucket Can Be Used. Make Sure it Have a Lot Of Holes In It, So The Composting Provcess Go Faster.
  • Place another container under its Bottom, Where The Draining Liquid Can Be Collected.
preparing Composting Bin
  • After That, You have To Cover The Bottom Of The Compost Bin, With Paper Pieces, They are also a great Source of Carbon, Which is Required By The bacteria As well For doing The Decomposition.
Making Chicken Manure at Home
  • After That You Can Add Some Compost At The Bottom, As It contains the Bacteria That Will Decompose our material. You Can Buy Compost From This link as Well.
Making Chicken Manure at Home

  • Now Add a Layer of dried Chicken pop.
Making Chicken Manure Fertilizer

  • After This, Now Add Some Soil Or Compost. This Way Again Add a Layer of Chicken Pop & Then Soil.

What is The Best Time To Make Chicken Manure?

Making Chicken Manure Will Be Ideal, When Temperature is a Little Warmer. Means You Should Try to Do This In Summers, So The Composting Go Faster.

Making Chicken Manure
  • After Making Multiple Layers, Now We Can Add Some Moisture.
  • Place This Pot In a Warm & Shady Area. You Can also Cover It, To increase The gaseous Exchange.

After 32 Daysโ€ฆ.(Compost Tea)

Chicken Manure Compost Tea

After around 20 days, The Liquid Will starts Draining Out In The Lower Bowl. This is also a Fertilizer, Containing all The Benefits of Chicken Manure.

Applying Chicken Manure tea

You Can Use This Liquid Directly On Your Plants, as a Compost Tea fertilizer. You Can also Dilute This With Some More Water. & Apply Whenever You Get This.

After 72 Daysโ€ฆ. (Harvesting)

Homemade Chicken Manure Compost

After Around 70 to 90 Days, Our Chicken Manure will be Ready To use. You Can Simply Dig Up Some Of This Material & See If The Matter is Decomposed Properly or not. With Good Arreation, Ideal moisture & warmness, This process Takes Less, But After 3 months, it Will Be Ready for Use.

Chicken Manure Homemade

The whole Smell Will be Gone, There will be No left Outs of Our Material. & Now We Can use this Fine form of homemade chicken manure To Feed Our Plants. You Can Harvest This whole fertilizer in a Separate Container, & Store It For ever to Feed the Plants Time to Time.

How to Apply it Correctly on Plants?

Applying Chicken Manure fertilizer On Plants Is also Very Important To Get Most Out Of It.

  • Its Very Simple, First Loose The upper layer of Soil & Let It Dry. Take a Dose Of Chicken Manure & Add it Over The Soil Surface.
Applying Chicken Manure
  • Dose Depends upon Plant Age & Container size, Some Of The Reference Amounts are also Added on The Screen, You Can Follow That. A Little Up & Down In Fine, As Its An Organic Fertilizer.
Applying Chicken Manure Fertilizer
  • After mixing The Fertilizer Evenly With The Soil, Add Frequent Amount of Water, For Effective Absorption.
  • This way You Can Fertilize Your Plants with Chicken Manure Every 15 to 20 days within The Season.

On What Plants Can We Use This Manure?

You Can Use Chicken Manure On Almost All Type of Plants, But You Will Get The Best Results for The Fruit bearing Plants, Or The Flower producing Plants. Try not To use this fertilizer On Seedlings, Or use a Very Small Dose. Same Way Avoid Using On light Feeder Plants, Or use Smaller doses.

What are it’s Drawbacks & Side Effects?

Chicken Manure Ready To use

Now Lets Talk a Little About its Drawbacks, & How to overcome Them.

  • First Side Effect of chicken Manure is that Its Regular use Can Make The Soil salty. & Salty Soil is Not Good For any type of Plant, So The ideal Way is To use it in limit. Try To Use Some Other fertilizer Beside this On Alternative basis.
  • While Making Chicken Manure it Causes a kind Of Bad Smell, That Can Be Irritating For Some People. So The Solution is Simple, Cover The Material Properly with The Soil, & Place It in an Open Area.
  • Another Thing is That, Its a Slow Release Fertilizer, which takes Time To Show Its Results. If you Are trying To Use it For Treating any nutritional Deficiency, Consider using Its Compost tea. Another quick way Of making Compost tea is also Linked here.

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