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How to Grow Lemongrass at Home? (Beginner’s Guide)

Lemongrass is an Excellent Pest Repellet Plant, That is Easy To Grow & also provides us its unique flovor. Growing Lemongass At Home Can go Very Easy With a Few Simple Things, So Keep Reading because In This Guide We Will Cover Some Of the Basics Of Lemon Grass care & Maintainance.

Lemongrass Intro & Basics!

lemongrass Leaves

Lemongrass Plant is a Native Plant Of South East Asia, its a Grass Type plant, but have a Sweet Lemon like Smell & Flavor. & therefore Its Used In Cooking, herbal Teas & Medicines.

Its a permanent Outdoor, Summer Season Plant That can also Survive Very Well In Indoors. Its Can Grow Such Long & Wide, In Containers it Grow In Limits, But still You Can Grow this Choosing a Good Size Pot. Its Have a Unique Aroma That Insects & Pests Don’t Like Much, So It Works as a Pest Repellent As Well.

Propagation Waysโ€ฆ

Lemongrass Stalks

You Can Propagate Lemongrass Plant Very Easily, They have Such Type of Stems Growing From Same Trunk Part, You Can Simply twist Them Off the plant & Plant Them in a Loose & Well Draining Soil mix. At The First, place It In shade But Then You Can Move It to a Sunny Spot.

lemongrass seeds

You can Also Use Their Seeds To Propagate Them, But They are Very Small In size & Requires a Lot of Experience to Germinate. I Tried several Times But Failed. But Don’t Worry, You Can Also Buy Their Mature Plants From Your Local nursery & enjoy Their Flavor. They Are Mostly Available In Their Growing Season.

Season Of Growth & Dormancy Timeโ€ฆ?

Now Lets talk About Some basics Of Lemongrass care. The First & The Most Important Thing is understanding Their Season. So Lemongrass Plant Likes a Slightly Warm Temperature Range. You Can Grow Their Plants, In Starting Summers Upto Late Summer Days.

What is The Growing Season of Lemongrass Plants?

lemongrass Plants

They Grow Alot in Summer Days, But in Winters as The temperature Drops upto 15 degree celcius, They Starts to Slow Down Their Growth & Became A little Dormant. In the Burning Days Of Summers, lemongrass Plant Can Also Stop its Growth For While, Due To High Temperature.

But That’s a Normal Thing, if You Live in a Colder region, Consider Growing It Indoors Or in partial Shade. But In a temperate Region, Lemon grass Plant Grow Really Well.

Container Size?

Leaf burn on Lemongrass

Another Thing In Lemongrass Plant Care Is it Container Size. lemon Grass Plant propagate By These Stalks, & When Its Like This. The Whole Container is Full of Lemon grass Plants, The Roots gets Bounded & Results Such Type of Drying Leaves.

lemongrass Plants in pots

While Looks At This image, These Plants Are away Bigger Then a Small Container Plant. Lemongrass Grow Very Well in Ground, But You Can Also Grow Them In Planters, But You Have to Make Sure The Container is at least 5 to 8 inches Deep & as wider as Possible, Because They loves To Spread. You Can Checkout Some of The Pots From Here.

Soil Requirementsโ€ฆ

Soil mix of lemongrass

Another Important Thing For Growing a lemongrass Plants Healthily Is Its Soil Mix. Soil Plays a big Role in The Growth Of Lemongrass. So Make Sure The Soil You are using Is a bit of Loose & Well Draining.

What Soil Works Best For Lemongrass Plant?

The Moisture Should Never Stay Long In the Soil, As This Can Cause The rotting of Their Bulbs. Lemongrass Plant Loves an acidic Mixture, So It will be Very useful, If You can add Some Compost In Your Soil Mix. You Can Also Checkout a Detailed Guide On Making a good Soil Mix At Home, Using Simple but Useful Ingredients. Its Added Here

Watering lemongrass Plants

& when It Comes To Water The Plants, Its better To First Let the Top Layer of Soil Dry a Little, & then add Frequent Amount of Water.

Choosing the Right Spot For Lemongrass!

For Growing lemongrass Disease Free, The location Of Your Plants Matters The Most. Lemongrass Plants likes to have a Sunny Spot, With Plenty of direct Sunlight. But In Hot Summers, You Should Move Them in a Semi shaded area For a while.

How Much Sun is Good For Lemongrass?

lemongrass leaves

Otherwise The Leaves Gets Pale & Can also Dry Out From Their Tips Like This. Besides Hot Summers, A Healing Sun Of Even 6 to 8 Hours Is good For Lemongrass as Well. Just Don’t Let The Plant In Extremely Low light Area.

Fertilizer Requirements?

Another Big Thing For Growing Lemongrass Plant is Its fertilization. Lemongrass Plants are The Moderate Type of feeders, That Likes fertilizer normal Fertilization, Not To much Not To less. But Its Better To Give Them a Good fertilizer Atleast Regularly.

How To make The Best fertilizer For Lemongrass?

Fertilizer For lemongrass

You Can A part of Cow dung with a Part of compost, To fertilize Lemongrass Plants. that all They Like, But Remember To Fertilize Regularly. For Appling The Fertilizer, Loose The top Layer of Soil & Let It Dry.

fertilizing lemongrass plants

Add A Dose Of This Homemade fertilizer. For a Smaller Pot Like This use Only 3 to 4 table Spoons, But For a Bigger Pot, You can Increase the Dose. Mix Well & Water Well. This Way use It every 2 weeks, Within the Season.

Common Pests & Problems?

Drying Leaf of Lemongrass

Lemongrass Plant as general is a hardy Plant, That needs very less care, But If You mistakenly Over watered It, it can Show You Rotting Bottom With Yellowish Leaves & Stunted Growth. Just Use a Well Draining Soil & Don’t Water To Much.
Another Thing is when lemongrass Plants are Not Recieving enough Sun, Their stalks Can Go Leggy & Stunted.
So That all About Lemongrass Care For Growing Them healthily. If You Like to ask Any questions, Whatsapp Link is Added Here. & Here is The Guide on Lantana Plant care, That You Can watch If You Like to.

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