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Liquid Seaweed As a Fertilizer – Pure Greeny


Seaweed Fertilizer is an organic Solution for Fertilizing all Types of Flowering Plants, it Contains number of Micro Nutrients, Specially the Calcium and Magnesium. Calcium and Magnesium, both Of them have an extremely Important Role in the Growth of all Type of Plants.


Why Calcium and Magnesium are Important in Plants health?

Magnesium is Present in chlorophyll of the Plant, that is responsible for a Making the Food for The plant in Sunlight.

Calcium makes the cell wall of the Plant, and cell is present in every part of a plant, in the roots, in the stems.

Deficiency of these micro Element can leads to many Harmful Diseases, they mainly makes the immune System of a Plant. Back Coloured Rotted base in tomato Plants, black Coloured Patches on leaves etc… All of them are the results of Calcium and magnesium Deficiency.

What is Liquid Sea Weed Fertilizer?

Seaweed Fertilizer is an extraction of weeds that are found under the sea, after that they are converted into a liquid Form that can be applied on all Types of Plants Easily. It is in a Liquid Form that can be directly applied On all types of Plants, it is concentrated therefore it is better to dilute it.

How to Apply Sea Weed Liquid Fertilizer?

It is Common and Useful because it is made up of organic Ingredients, it is Easy to Apply. A bottle of liquid Sea Weed Fertilizer came in different Packings, but there usage is almost same. You have to dilute the Sea Weed Liquid in to More water that ratio is given on the Labeling of Product.

Frequently add this diluted Liquid in all your Plants, 100 ml is enough for a 10 inches of Pot. Best time to Apply this Liquid Fertilizer is in the Evening Time, when Temperature is Cooler than day.

On what Type of Plants can We use Sea Weed Liquid?

Liquid sea weed fertilizer is better to Use on the Plants that requires Potassium. For example in Vegetable plants like okras, Carrots, Beans, Peppers, Tomatoes, Potatoes. And you can Also use Liquid Sea Weed Fertilizer on your , like roses, ade.niums, marigolds, hibiscus, jasmines etc….

Benefits of Using Sea Weed Fertilizer:-

  • Develops a Healthy & Strong Immune System.
  • Helps to induce new Buds and multiple Flowers.
  • Sweetens the Fruit through Potassium.
  • Helps to Produce Bright Coloured Flowers.
  • Fulfills all Types of Nutritional Deficiencies.
  • Produces new Shoots and Fibrous Roots.

Don’t Use the Sea Weed Fertilizer:-

  • In Succulents
  • In House plants
  • On Smaller Seedlings
  • Ornamental Plants
  • Cactus family Plants

As a Foliar Spray for Plants:-

Itcan Be Sprayed on Foliage Plants after dilution. It helps to Let the Leaves Shine, but it is most Favourable for Vegetable Plants and Flowering plants. You can Spray this Liquid over the Leaves of Vegetable Plants. It helps to improve Photosynthesis Process That is our First step to Fasten the Plants Growth.

When to Apply liquid Sea Weed Fertilizer?

Liquid Sea Weed Fertilizer is a high Dose Fertilizer that must be Applied after a dilution. You can Use the diluted liquid Fertilizer every 15 days. But using Seaweed Fertilizerย every Week is Not preferred. And Sea Weed Fertilizer is Also a little Expensive, therefore Use it on all Your Plants Every 15 to 20 days.

Where to buy the Best Quality Liquid Sea Weed Fertilizer?

You Can BUY Liquid Sea Weed Fertilizer right Here, It is the best Quality liquid Sea Weed Fertilizer that you use Without any hazard. There are number of other Brands out there, but for the Quality and Price Range this is the best Product

All the Guidelines have been added on it’s Label, Must Use this Type of Organic Fertilizers in Your Garden.

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