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The Best Seed Starting Soil Mix – Start Any Seed in this Soil mix.

                Use of a Good Quality Seed Starting Soil can boost the growth of Tiny Seeds upto 10 times. The Chance of Getting Higher Germination rate in a Seed Starting Soil is also More than any other mixture. 

Therefore, it is very important to provide A professional type of Seed Starting Soil to seeds, So they can Grow Healthily and Fastly. 

Properties of Seed Starting Soil:-


                             Some Basic Properties of a Seed Starting Soil that you must have to add in your Recipe. If Your Seed Starting Soil have these Qualities, then it works Very Efficiently, and Makes almost all of Your Seeds Germinated. 

1-Well Draining Soil

2-Soft Soil


4-Porouscity of Soil

Well draining soil:-

                   The most important thing that a seed starting Soil must have is the good drainage system. 

A Well Draining Soil mix is the medium that Retains only the Required amount of Moisture into the Soil and Drains the extra Moisture very fastly.”

Most of Our Seeds Fails to germinate due to the attack of Fungus. Fungus grows on a Soil that have a very Poor Drainage system. And where the water Is Blocked. So, Don’t let the Water to Stay into the Soil for a Very long time. 

Softness Of Soil:-

                       Other Quality is to have Softness, it is important because when the Seed Gets Moisture and ideal temperature, it starts to produce White coloured roots. And then it push the Soil Outwards to spread it’s leaves

But if the Soil is not so much Soft and became Compact with time, then the Seed doesn’t gets out of the soil and Dies under the Soil. Some Seeds are Very Efficient and some are weak seeds that requires a lot more effort to Grow, So it is also very important to Choose Good quality seeds

If you are going to grow Older and weak seeds into this seed starting Soil mix, then their germination rate will be very low. 

Nutrients into Soil:-

                  The next important thing to make this Seed Starting Soil  is to have Some nutrients into the soil, all of us knows plants requires nutrients to grow constantly. 

But if you are growing some seeds Into a Fertilizer less medium, than they will germinate but their future growth will be very disturbed. So to keep the seedlings Well Growing, you must have to add Multiple Nutrients into this Seed Starting Soil. 


 I have one more thing that is not so much important but it may enhance the Growth of seedlings, it mainly makes their immunity to Fight with different diseases into the future. 

It is the of the Soil, if the Medium have many Air gaps, then the Exchange of gases will be performed very Efficiently. And it enhance the growth of Seedlings to a next level. So it is also very important to keep the Seed Starting Soil Porous

Making the Seed Starting Soil:-

              For making this type of Soil medium, i am using different ingredients, that you can get from the Market very easily.

Why not the Soil Less medium for Seeds?

 I am not making any Soil less Medium for starting the seeds, because the gardening soil medium have many Micro nutrients that enhance the Immunity of Small Seedlings

At the Start the plant develops it’s immunity against many harmful and dangerous diseases. And the Simple Gardening Soil helps this things lot.

Key ingredient:

I am using about 3 parts of Soil that is Fully Dried. You have to spread the Soil in the Sunlight for at least two days, to make it fully Dried. 

You can also sterilize the soil in the flame, but it is little difficult for some people. So Sunlight is the best Source to make the Soil free of Every peat.

After Sterilization Process, Stain the Soil using any Stainer. It helps to remove all type of Different Rocks and Bigger Pieces, that are the Hurdles in the Germination of Seeds. Your garden soil must not be so much hard, it must have Some looseness. 

After that I am adding 2 parts of Coco peat peat that is known to make the Soil Soft and Porous. 

Adding Coco peat into this seed starting Soil, is very important to make it Loose, Well Draining, Porous and Soft. So, Must add 2 parts of Coco peat into this.

The last ingredient is the Compost that fulfills the Nutritional value of the Soil. Compost have many MicroNutrients, that are very much responsible to keep the Seedlings of many Harmful Diseases. Use about 1 part of Compost into this Seed Starting Soil.

Benefits of Using this Seed Starting Soil:-

 Mix all of these Components properly and our Seed starting Soil is ready to use for flowers Seeds. I ensure you that this seed starting Soil medium is Very effective for all type of Seeds. You can grow different seeds except the A.denium and cactus family seeds. 

You can grow Summer season as well as Winter season Vegetable and flowering seeds into this Seed Starting Soil. You can also store this mixture into a Poly bag for a very long time.

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