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How To Grow Cherry Tomatoes From Seeds : Home grown tomatoes are always Tastes Better Than others, and it also Very easy to Grow Tomatoes From seeds. Keep Following this post, i will Show you every useful Detail Starting From Seeds until the Harvest of Organic HomeGrown Tomatoes.

How to start Tomato plants From Seeds?

First of all You need Good Quality Tomato Seeds. always choose High production, Freshly stored Tomato seeds, they have higher Germination Rate also produces More Flowers and fruit. Seeds taken from a Market bought tomato are not a Better Choice, so Try to buy these tomato Seeds.?

Best Quality Tomato Seeds!

Best way to Grow tomato Seeds;-

You can Grow Tomato Seeds in any well draining soil mixture, but make sure it is dry. Drying the soil mixture ensures the removal of every harmful Pest and insect. You can take any plastic or Clay pot to grow tomatoes from seeds.

Growing Tomatoes in Pots easier, if you choose a clay pot. Fill up the soil mixture and make it fully moist.

Now you can place the seeds, but with equal distancing. Try to place this Container in a Bright area, away from direct sunlight.

What’s the Best Time to Grow Tomato seeds?

You can Grow Tomato Plants from seeds in Starting Winter Days. Tomato Plants are easier to grow, when temperature is slightly cooler.

After The Germination;-


As you can see tomato plants are getting Bigger in size day after Day. At this stage, Bright light is very important to keep these plants healthy and well growing.

Why Tomato Leaves Turns Yellow?

These type of yellow leaves appears on Younger tomato seedlings, that can be caused by Number of Reasons. If you are also Facing Such type of issues, check out a complete article on tomato plants yellow leaves from Here;-?

Yellow Leaves on Tomato plants

After 20 days….

When the tomato seedlings are growing Bigger some harmful pests Attacks on them. Seedlings have a weaker immune system, so it is perfectly normal. You can remove Such type of Pests using an organic Pesticide, that you can make at home.

Or you can also buy a ready to use pesticide.ย 

How to Transplant Tomato Seedlings Safely?

After some more days, the tomato seedlings will be ready to transplant. A bigger Container is extremely important for Growing tomatoes in pots, i am using this Grow bag, that have a very good Drainage System, and also bigger enough for growing tomatoes.

Video On Tomatoes Transplant!

Simply take the Tomato Seedlings out of the Clay pot, Without Damaging the Roots. You can Transfer the Younger Tomato seedlings, when temperature is Cooler.

What is the best time to Transplant tomato Seedlings?

Don’t Transplant them in a Sunny Day. Simply place the roots bowl in the Grow bag, and add more Soil around it’s Stem.

You can Plant these tomato Seedlings a little Deeper into the Soil mix. Because Tomato plants Can Produce More roots around their Stem.

Add frequent amount of water, make the Soil Fully Moist. Place the plant away from Direct Sun, it will help to recover the tomato plant From transplant Shock.

What’s the Best Fertilizer for Tomato Plants?

After a few days, tomato plants became stable, and now it’s time to add an organic Fertilizer, for their healthier growth. I am using a liquid Fertilizer, that i have made specially for tomato plants, you can also make this liquid Fertilizer at home.ย 

This Liquid Fertilizer works very well for tomato plants, improving it’s health, Providing energy for More blooming, and also for the Fruiting.

Otherwise you can simply use cow Dung compost. add a handful of cow Dung compost every 15 days. Regular fertilization is very important for growing tomatoes in pots.

Flowering Care Tips;-

After adding a Fertilizer, small Flower Buds starts appearing within Some days. At this stage, over Watering can cause many Harmful problems, so it’s better to always check the soil moisture level Before Watering.

Tomato Plants also requires support, their stem is not so much thick to Bear the Load of Fruit. You can use any Stick to give support to the Plant, deficiency of sun due to less support, can Effect the Flowering on tomato Plants.


Also keep the Soil a little loose, it Promotes a Better arreation System. Simply Loosen the Upper SOIL Layer every 10 to 15 days.

Giving support, proper fertilization, a healthy transplant, all of these things are important to keep the Plant well Growing and blooming.


After some more days, flowers starts changing into Tomatoes. Don’t add to much moisture at this stage, and keep Fertilizing regularly. Try to place the plant in a well lit sunny area, with minimum 5 to 6 hours of Sun.


Many times Tomato Plants shows this type of rotted Bottom, that is majorly due to the deficiency of essential Micro nutrients.

So it’s better to use a nutrients enrich Fertilizer for Growing Tomatoes in pots. they have been grown in a Limited Space, therefore proper Fertilization is extremely Important. Must check out this Liquid Fertilizer for growing healthy Tomatoes!

Harvesting Cherry Tomatoes;-

It’Take so much longer to grow the seeds into Fruit. But Now we can harvest these Small Cherry Tomatoes, they are Not Fully ripened.

But the Increasing Temperature on our side is not Good to let them on the Plant. Simply Pluck them out of the Plant, using a Disinfected Cutter.

How to ripen the Green Tomatoes At home?

We just have to place these un ripened cherry Tomatoes in a Shade. After a Few days, they will Automatically Turned into their Original Color. Home Grown Tomatoes always tastes Better than any other Tomato.

Watch Video On How to grow Cherry Tomatoes From Seeds?

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