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Jasmine Plant is a very Fast Growing Vine Natured Plant, That Blooms Very Heavily if You keep this Plant in a Suitable Area. In this Post, we will Discuss about Why Is My Jasmine Not Flowering. I will also Describe You Their Simplest Solutions, so Keep reading.

Following are the Some Most Common Reason of Less Blooming on Jasmine Plants;-

  • Wrong Seasoning
  • Less Fertilizers
  • No Pruning
  • Root Bounding
  • Compact Soil (Make It)

No Pruning;-

The Most Common Reason of Less Blooming on Jasmine Plant is Less Pruning of Plant. Jasmine Plant is a fast Growing Plant, And for Growing them in a Pot, you Definitely needs to Prune it regularly.

Otherwise it will became Jus Like This. This thing ultimately Causes less Blooming on Jasmine. Regular pruning of Mogra Jasmine Plant also Keeps the Plant Healthy and well growing.

So simply keep Removing Overly Grown Jasmine Shoots every 15 to 20 days.

Roots Bounding;-

The Other Most Common Reason of Less Blooming on Jasmine Plant is the Bounding of Roots, specially When you are Growing them in a Pot.

A Smaller Planter have a Limited Space for the roots. and over the period of Time, Roots Gets Stuck that ultimately makes Jasmine Plant not to bloom. If you are Growing Jasmine Plant in the ground, then you don’t need to worry about this Thing.

But for the potted Plants, You have to Re pot them Every year. Best time to Re pot is in the Spring Days, Choose a Ideal Container & Soil Mix.

Poor Quality Soil;-

Form the Soil mix, Our Next Reason Came up. Compact Soil, or the water blocking Soil mixture can also cause this Problem. It is a very important Point to Keep your Jasmine Plant We’ll Growing & Blooming.

Always Choose a Well Draining, Loose Soil mix to Grow Jasmine. You can also make such type of a Mixture by Simply Mixing Some Ingredients. Sand, Coco peat & Cow Dung in these Ratios Works perfect for A Blooming Jasmine.

Or You can also buy a Ready to Use Potting Soil mix for Flowering Plants;-?

Best Soil Mix For Jasmine!

A loose and Porous Soil mix is best To Let the Roots Grow Constantly.

Wrong Seasoning;-

The Next Reason that makes the Jasmine Not Blooming is Seasoning Effects. If Winters Coming up, then it is Definite for Jasmine not to bloom.

Jasmine Plant Loves a Hot Area, while in Winter that environment is not possible. Try to Grow These Beautiful Flowers in the Summer Days. In a Tropical region, you can grow them from Starting Summer Days UpTo Early Winters.

You can Propagate Jasmine, Re pot Jasmine or Fertilize Jasmine in this Period Whenever you want.

I have also made a video on These Points that gives you a Better Understanding,

Why Jasmine Plant Not Flowering?

Less Fertilization;-

The an other Very common Reason of Less Blooming on Jasmine Plant is The deficiency of Essential Nutrients in the Soil mix. It is Compulsory to add nutrition in the Soil, no matter How much fer tile is Your Medium.
Try to Fertilize your Jasmine Plants With a Nutrients En Rich Fertilizer. You can also make an ideal Fertilizer for Jasmine at Home, Simply follow up this video;-?

Best Fertilizer for Jasmine!

Or you can also buy a Suitable Fertilizer For Jasmine Plant, that have every Useful Nutrient.

Buy Fertilizer for Jasmine!


There are also some other Reasons that can Cause less Blooming on Jasmine, But I have described you the most common causes.


If we sum up the whole Post, pruning is the key for More Blooming, roots Bounding leads to a stunted growth, Fertilization works as a Booster for Jasmine and soil quality also depends Very Much. The simplest solutions to these problems have been described. For any Questions, leave a comment below.

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