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A DETAILED Guide On Dog Flower Plant Care! (7 SECRETS*)

A DETAILED Guide On Dog Flower Plant Care! (7 SECRETS*)

The Most Easiest To Grow & Best For beginners Flowering Plant is The Dog Flower Plant, That’s Also Called as Snapdragon and Antirrhinum Plant. & In This post, We Will talk About Dog Flower Plant Care Guide, discussing All About Its Growing Season, Fertilizer needs, Best Soil Mix, Sunlight Etc So Keep Reading.

Origin & Basics About Dog Flower Plant!

Dog Flowers In Sun

Dog Flower Plant Is a Winters Annual Flowering Plant native To rocky Areas of europe* & North america. Its a Very Hardy & Almost Zero Maintainance Plant, That also produces Very Unqiue Flowers. Its a Non Toxic plant That is originally an Outdoor Plant But Can be Grown In Indoors Too. Its also Called as lions Mouth, Snap dragon & anitirhinum Plant,

Its Because Of the Shape of its Flowers. Originally its Used as an Ornamental Plant, For Making Borders in Garden. It Have Many Flower Colors To Choose From & can be Grown Very Easily even If You havenot grown a Single Plant over Your Whole Life. Just Follow This Post Point By Point.

Antirrhinum Plant Seedlings
Antirrhinum Plant Seedlings

You Can Start Them Either By Their Seeds or You Can Also propagate Them By Their stem Cuttings.

Transplanting Dog Flower Plant
Transplanting Dog Flower Plant

But The easiest Way is To Buy Their Younger Plants From Any Local Nursery, They Are Available During The Winters & Springs.

Transplanting Dog Flower Plant
Transplanting Dog Flower Plant
Dog Flower plants
After 14 days….
antirrhinum plants
After 22 days…
antirrhinum plants Flowers
After 34 days….

1-What Is Its Growing Season?

The First & The Most Important Thing To Understand in dog Flower Plant care is its Growing Season. So Its a cool Area Plant That likes a Temperature Range of 15 to 24 degree Celsius. Which means its Growing Season Starts In The Early Winters As Soon as The temperature Is In This Range, & Then it Will Continue To Grow All Over The Winters.

Antirrhinum Plant Flowers

Spring Season Is Their Peak Blooming Time, but as The Summers Start The Rising Heat makes It Very Hard For The Dog Flower Plant To survive, So Then it Dies. But Its a Natural Thing as Its an Annual Plant With a Short Life Cycle. Before dying It do Give Us Some Seeds That We Can Store For The Next Season. Overall Its a Cool Area flower Plant & Should Be Grown In Winters.

2-The Ideal Pot Size!

Antirrhinum Flower plant

Another Important Thing In Dog Flower Plant care is its Pot Size. Once You Brought This Plant home, You may Wonder What’s The Ideal Pot size For This Flower Plant. So for dog Flower Plant, Any Size Pot Can Work Well.

I have Grown this Plant In a 3 to 4 Inches Of Pot & That’s Working Well, But It Should be Better For The Plant If You Choose a 5 to 6 Inches of a Pot For a Single Plant, So It can Spread All Over The Pot & Produce healthy Blooms.

3-Dog Flower Plant Soil Mixโ€ฆ

Loose Soil of Dog Flower Plant

Another Big Thing In Dog Flower Plant Care is About Its Soil mix. In general, Its a Hardy plant That can Survive well In Wide Range of Soil mixes, either its a Little Hard or Compact, But To be Sure, Choose a Well draining Mixture, So problems Like Root Rot, Powdery mildew Etc Wont Happens To Your Plants.

Dog Flower Plant Loves a little hard Mixture, That Replicates Their Natural habitat, But It do Can Survive in a Loose Mixture, You Can Simply Use This Homemade Potting Mix, It Works Best For All Type of Seasonal Flowering Plant, Detailed Guide On This mixture is Linked Here. The Main Motive Is To Just Avoid The Execessive Moisture Around The Roots.

Watering Dog Flower Plant

For Watering, Follow The Simple Rule to Water over Only a Dry Soil mix. First Check The Top Layer of Soil If Its Dry Then Water, Otherwise Wait. Its as Simple As That. Watering over a Moist Soil Mix Will Cause many Problems, So Be Careful.

4-Where To Place It For Maximum Blooming?

Dog Flowers In Sun

Another Very Important Thing In dog Flower Plant Care is to Place It in an Ideal Spot. If The Plant Gets An Ideal Amount of Sunlight, Not only The Plant Grow Well, But also produces More buds, & Flower, Also very Less Problems Will Appear On It. Dog Flower Plant is Sun Loving Plant.

You Should provide it atleast 3 to 4 Hours of Direct Sunlight, & More Than this will Work Even Better. It Wont produce any Blooms, If Its Placed in a Shaded Area, but If Its Placed in a bright & well Lit Area, You may See Some Flowers. So Overall A Sunny Spot Works Just Fine.

& To Explore More of Such beautiful Flowers Of Winter Season, You Can follow The Guide Added Here.

5-Which Fertilizer Works Best For Dog Flower Plant?

Fertilizer For Dog Flower Plant

Another Big Thing In dog Flower Plant care is its proper Fertilization. Deficiency of Nutrients In The Soil Will Appear On The Plant In Form of Yellowing Leaves, a Stunted Growth & Less Flowers. So To keep Everything on Track, You Should also Fertilize This Plant Every 2 weeks.

fertilizing dog flower plant

Its a Low Feeder Plant That Requires Less fertilization, So You Can use any fertilizer Like Compost, Cow dung etc. i have made a flower Fertilizer at Home, Using Very Simple Ingredients, That Works Best For Flowering Plants. Detailed Guide On This fertilizer is Linked Here, Must Check It Out & Fertilize Your antirihinum Plant Every 2 weeks, in its Flowering Stage.

6-Dead Heading For Max Blooming!

Deadheading Dog Flower Plant

Another Growth Boosting Tip For Dog Flower Plant is That its an Annual Plant, So here a Timely Dead heading of Its Spent Flowers Will keep The Plant Blooming. Otherwise they Will Start Making Seeds, Which Will Reduce The flowers Very much. So to Keep The Flower Coming, We Should Remove The Dried Flowers Whenever needed.

To Know About More of Such Tips & Trick Which Can promote Flowering On Any Plant, You Can Follow This Ebook. Its Linked Here To Buy.

7-Common Problems?

Dog Plant Flowers

In General, Dog Flower Plant is a Hardy Plant, But Some of it’s Common Problems That You Might See On Your plants are the Drying & yellowing leaves, Root rot, etc. So Use a good fertilizer, & Soil Mix. You can Also Buy Them From This Link.

Pests Like Aphids, Spidermites, & Caterpillars Might Appear While The Springs, So For That You can Neem oil Spray once a Week. & Hopefully They Will Go Away. Neem Oil pesticide Making Guide Is also added Here.

So Its all About Dog Flower Plant Care Guide, One Thing about this Plant is That you Have to Grow It every Season, While Here is a List of Plant That You just Have To Grow Once & They Will Keep Blooming For years.

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