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How to Make Neem Oil Spray? [Benefits Of Neem Oil for Plants]


How To Make Neem Oil Spray For Plants: Using Neem Oil For Plants Can Be Very Beneficial, if You Follow up a Right way To use This Thing. & In This Post, We Will Talk all about Neem Oil & Its Benefits. At The End, There Are a Few Side Effects Of Neem Oil for Plants, That You Should Must aware Of.

What is Neem Oil & How It’s Made?

Neem Oil is The Yellow Coloured Oil Extracted From The seeds of Neem Plant, That Is Majorly Used to serve Plants, to treat number of Pest Related Problems.

7 Benefits Of Neem Oil For Plant:-


There are A Few Other Benefits of Neem Oil As Well, That Makes This thing Even More useful.

Works as a Pest Control;-

First of All It Works as a Pest Control, & Used In The Form Of Pesticide spray All Over The Plant.

Insecticide (Smell):-

Its is Also Used as an Insecticide, Because Neem Oil Have a Strong Smell, That Small Insects Hate. Sometimes These Insects Works as a transporter of Pests, Taking Them From One Plant To Other. This Can Cause The Spreading of a pest, So Here Neem Oil is Very Useful.

Healthy Vegetables (Boost immune):-

Radish Plants Treated With Neem Oil Pesticide (Healthy Harvest)…

Regularly Application of Neem Oil Spray on Vegetable Plants, Boost Their immunity Against These Pests, & Hence The Plant Produces a defense Mechanism, That is in Short Very Useful For such plants.

Fungicidic Effects:-


Spraying a Small Amount of Neem Oil pesticide Over The Soil Surface, Also Prevents The soil borne Pests which includes nematodes, Fungi, bacteria & So On.
Neem Oil Spray Can also be Used To Treat Fungal Problem, Like Powdery mildew, Leaf Spot, fire Bright & So on, this Way Neem Oil Also Works as a fungicide.

Control Soil Borne Pests:-

Another Benefit of Neem Oil is that It is Natural & organic Pest control, As Its the Exraction of Neem Seeds.

Foliage Fertilizer:-

Turnip Plants After Neem Oil Application….

Beside Its Pesticidic Effects, Neem Oil also Have a Some nutrients In it. & Spraying its Liquid Over the Plant Leaves, Works as a Foliar Fertilizer. It Improves The Bright Color of leaves, By directly providing Them a range of Essential Nutrients.

How to Correctly Make Neem Oil Pesticide Spray?


So considering These benefits of Neem Oil for Plants, Its Very Important To Know The Right Way To Make its Liquid Pesticide. So We Can get these benefits Effectively.

Step 1 – Take Pure Quality Neem Oil….
  • To make Neem Oil Spray, First Of All We Need Neem oil, & a pure Quality Neem Oil is Linked Here.
Take a litre of water for the second step – Step 2
  • Take a Liter Of Simple Water in a Bottle, & add a Tablespoon of Neem Oil In It.
Step 3 – Add Liquid Soap After Adding Neem Oil….
  • As Neem oil is an oil & It Would not Mix evenly With The Water, So Here You Can Use as Small Amount of Liquid Soap in it.
Use Baking Soda If Available…
  • You can Also Add A half Table Soon of Baking Soda, To Improve The Effectiveness of Our Pesticide.
  • After Adding All, Mix Well & Here is our Neem Oil Pesticde Spray Ready To use.

How to Use Neem Oil Pesticide Spray?

Tomato Seedlings With Leaf Miners Attack…

Applying Neem Oil Spray On Plants Correctly is also Important, So Its Can Works Well. To Apply Neem Oil, here We have These Tomato Seedlings, with leaf minors attack On Them. Just Spray The Neem Spray All Of the Plant, Make Sure The Liquid Is Getting On Each & Every Side of The plant. You can also Spray This Liquid over The Soil Surface, It Prevents Soil pests & also Repels Insects.

After 5 Days….

This is After 5 Days Of Neem Oil Application….

After Around 5 days of Applying Neem Oil, These Plants Have Reduced Effect, The New Leaves are Not Affected, That is a Good Sign. The Older Leaves Wouldnot Turn normal back, So Dont Worry About them.
This Way You can apply neem Oil On Your Plants every 10 to 15 Days, & 4 to 5 days For an Affected Plant.

You can Also Buy Ready To Use Neem Oil Pesticide Spray Here….

What are The Drawbacks Of Neem Oil For Plants?


There are a Few Side Effects You Should Know About Neem Oil Pestide.

  • Neem Oil is a Concentrated Form & That’s Why We Use it By Mixing It With Water. Directly applying Raw Neem Oil can Cause Burning of Leaves, So Be Careful About that.
  • Neem Oil Have a Strong Smell, That Basically repel These Pests & Insects, So It can Be Irritating for Some people.
  • Neem Oil also have Some Allergic Compounds in it, That Can be Harmful For Some People, So Be aware of That.
  • Neem oil is a natural & Plant Base Pesticide, That’s why its not a Quick Fix, & Takes time to Show its Effects.
  • Neem Oil is More off a Prevention, Than Treatment. & it is a perfect Choice To Repel & prevent Pests Attack. But as a Treatment Its not So much Useful, depending on the Serious ness of The Problem, Sometimes We need To use Chemical Spray.

So As a Conclusion it Will be Very Helpful, If we follow the Golden Line, Prevention is Better Than cure. As We All Know yellow Leaves are Very common, A Complete Guide Is Linked Here, To Show You How To Treat Yellow Leaves, Step by Step. Must Check it out.

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