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How to Grow Kalanchoe Plant Fast? (5-TRICKS)


How To Grow A Kalanchoe Plant:  Plant Is a Winter Season Plant & Can Produce Hundred Of Blooms, If You Follow Up a Few Important Things. In This Post, We Will Discuss about Kalanchoe Plant Care, With 5 Tricks To Boost Their Growth.

Season Properly:-

The Most Important Thing In Kalanchoe Plant Care is The Season Of Its Growth. As It is a Winter Season

Plant, That’s Why If you are Growing Them in Hot Summer Days, The Growth Wil be Very Dull. On The Other Side, Growing Kalanchoe Plant In a Cool Area or season Can Be Very Growth Boosting.

When Should We Grow Kalanchoe Plant?


Kalanchoe Plant is a Permanent Flowering Plant, & Their Season Starts As The Temperature Starts To Drop in Early Winters, It’s The Best Time to Buy These Small Size Plants From Your Local Nursery. & Enjoy Their Colours Until Late April Springs.

In Cool Climate Areas, You Can Get Blooms out Of Them All around The Year. But For a Temperate Region, It Will be very helpful, if You Grow Them In Winters.

Provide a Good Mix:-

The Another Thing In Kalanchoe Plant Care is their Soil Mix, Kalanchoe Plant Have Thick & Fleshy Leaves, Filled With Moisture, That’s Why They Dont Requires SO Much Moisture. oppositely Putting Them in a Water Holding Mixture Can go Really Bad. Too Much Moisture In The Soil Can Cause Rootting of Its Roots & Stem.

How To Prevent This Rotting Of Roots & Stem?


So To Avoid This Whole Issue, You Should Use a Very Well Draining Mixture, That You can Make At Home using Very Simple Ingredients, a Detailed Guide on making the Best Mixture For Such Succulents is added Here, You Can Check it Out. OtherWise Try To Water Very Carefully, Only When The upper Soil layer is Dry. You Can Also Choose a Commercial Succulents Mix, that Helps you Even More. Its Linked Here.

Put it in a Sunny Spot:-


Another Thing In Kalanchoe Plant Care is Its Sunlight Requirement. Kalanchoe Plant is a Flowering Plant & for That Reason Sunlight is Very Important for Its Faster Growth & Blooming. You Can Put Them in a Full Day Of Winter’s Sun.

But The Summers Sunlight is very Intense That Can be Harmful. In The Summer Days, You Can Provide Them A Few Hours of Morning Sun, But In The WInters The Sunlight is Very Good For Its Health. Deficiency Of Sunlight Can result Very Less Growth & no Flowers On The Plant. So adjust the Location of Your Kalanchoe Plant Accordingly.

Use a Bloom Booster Fertilizer:-

Kalanchoe Plant produces lots of Blooms, Especially in Springs, & Here If You Apply a Powerful Fertilizer, This Can Be Extremely beneficial. The Plant Will Produce Even More Flowers & Their bright colour Will also come up. kalanchoe Plant Is moderate Feeder & A Good Fertilizer Once A month is Enough.


For The Fertilizer, You Can Use any Nutrients Enrich fertilzer, Or You Can Also Try Out Our Homemade Flower Plants Fertilizer, That also Works Really Well & Its easy To make As Well. a detailed Guide About This fertilizer Linked here, Must Check it out.

Keep Checking For Pests & Problems:-


So If You Keep All of These Points In Mind, You Wouldnt need Our Next Care Point, That Is To keep Checking For Any Pests & Diseases. kalanchoe Plant Have a Few Pest Enemies, That Can Really bad, If You Dont Treat Them Timely.

In Common problems, Rotting Of Leaves Can Be an Issue, But Keep The moisture in Control Can Prevent This thing. Less Flowers problem Can be cured by a Good Fertilizer. but For The Prevention of Pests, You Should Use Neem Oil Spray, That Not only keep Your Kalanchoe Plant Healthy, But Also Prevent The Spreading Of Any insect or Pest. A Guide On making & applying Neem Oil Is Here Must Check It Out.

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