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A MASTERING Guide on Kalanchoe Plant Care! (5 HIDDEN SECRETS*)

Kalanchoe Flower Plant is an Easy To Grow, Succulent Flower Plant That Have Very beautiful & Long Lasting Flowers. & In This Post, We Will Discuss indepth About Kalanchoe Flower Plant Care, i Will Discuss Every useful thing like Its Fertilizer, Growing Season Propagation & So On So keep Reading.

Origin & Basics Of Kalachoe Plant!

Kalanchoe Plant Flowers

Kalanchoe Plant is a Winter Perrinial Flowering Plant, That is Native To Madagascar & Africa, Where Its Grown as a Decorative Houseplant. Its Basically An Outdoor Plant But Can be Grown Indoors, Because it Dont Requires So much of Special Care.

Its A Very Easy To Grow Plant That Also Produces very Unique & Beautiful Flowers, They also have Bicolor Flowers, But They are a Little More Sensitive Than the Common Variety. Kalanchoe Plant is a Little toxic plant, So Try To Keep It Away From Pets & Kids. Commonly It Called as Christmas Kalanchoe, & It Available In Almost All Nurseries Specially in Winters.

For Growing Kalanchoe Plant, You can buy It From a Local Nursery Their Propagation is also Super Easy, You Can Simply Use a Small Stem & Propagate It. Detailed Guide On kalanchoe Plant Propagation is Linked Here. & Once You have This Plant, Follow these care Tips to Get Most Out Of Them.

1-What Is Its Growing Season & Dormancy Time?

Kalanchoe Plant Flowers

The First & The Most Important Thing In Kalanchoe Flower Plant care is understanding Their Growing Season. If You Grow a Plant In The right Season, The Growth Will be Maximum. The Ideal Conditions Make The Growth Effortless, Kalanchoe Plant Have an Ideal temperature range Of 15 to 29 degree Celsius.

& In This Temperature Range, It Continues To Grow Very Well. Its Growing Season Starts In Early Winters & Contunies Till Ending Springs. But As Soon as The Day Temperature Exceeds To 29 Degree Celsius, The Plant Becames Stressed & Go Under Dormancy.

During The Hot Summers, The Plant Shows No Growth, & It Also Better To Keep It in a Cool Shade, So It Can Pass The Summers Healthily. Also In The Dormancy Time Period, Water Very Less, & Dont Fertilize It So Much. & This Way You Can Keep this Plant Surviving For Year With Time To Time Flowering.

2-Discussing Soil Mix & Watering of Kalanchoe!

So The Season is Just Ideal To Grow Kalanchoe Plant, So What Other Thing Matter Now, One of The Big Thing That Works as a Secret Growth Booster Is Your SOil Mix. If The SOil Mix of Kalanchoe Plant is Good Enough, The Growth Will Be very Healthy & Fast.

Soil Mix For Plants

A Good Soil Mix Will Negate The chance Of All The Moisture Related Issues In just One Go. Stem Rot, Root Rot, Powdey mildew, Fungus, Shock & Stunted Growth Etc all of Them are Somehow Connected to Your Watering Habits & Your Soil mix.

So If We Correct This, No Such Issues Will Appear Again. ideally Kalanchoe Plant Likes a Very Well Draining & Loose Soil Mix, A Soil mix That Retains Very Less Moisture Inside Of It. So To Make Such a Mixture, You Can Follow a homemade recipe linked Here.

How To Water The Kalanchoe Plant Correctly?

Watering Kalanchoe Plant

Kalanchoe Plant is a Succulent That have Fleshy Leaves With a Lot Of Moisture, So They Can Survive Without a Single Drop of Moisture For Weeks. but Overwatering For Once Wont let It grow.

So here learning The Right Way Of Watering is also Important, For Kalanchoe Plant Moisture Is its Biggest Enemy, Just let The Soil To dry out Completely & Than Water, Dont Water Over a Moist Soil mix, & also make sure The Drainage holes are Opened.

3-Ideal Pot Size?

Pot Size For Kalanchoe Plant

Another Important Thiing Kalanchoe Flower Plant care is The Size of Its Pot. So kalanchoe Plant is a Hardy Succulent That dont have a complex Root Structure, They can Be Grown In Any Medium Size Container.

Make Sure The Roots Are Not Congested In a Small Size pot, Around a 5 to 8 inches pot is Enough For This Plant, One Thing You can Do is that, Choose a clay pot Or fabric Grow Bag, as They Have an Excellent Drainage System, unlike The plastic Pots. Some Of Them Are Also Linked here, If You Like To Buy.

4-Where To Place It For Max Blooming?

Another Important Thing in Kalanchoe Plant care Is its Sunlight Requirement. Kalanchoe Plant is a Fllowering plant, That Produces bunches of buds & Flowers In Its Growing Season, But This Thing Will Never Happen, If The sunlight is Not Good Enough.

Kalanchoe Plant In Full Sun

The Whole budding & Flowering Health Of a Plant, Totally Depends upon The Season & Sunlight. The Ideal Amount Of Sunlight For Kalanchoe Plant is around 3 to 5 Hours, & More Than That can Work Even Better. But Not The killing Sunlight of summers, its a Cool Area Plant, that Likes Winters Sun.

You Can Also Place It in a bright Light area, Or In Indirect Sunlight, But the Flowering Will be Maximum In Direct Sunlight. So make Sure a Sunny Area.

5-Use This Fertilizer For max Results!

Best Fertilizer For Kalanchoe Plant

Another very Important Thing In Kalanchoe Flower Plant care is its Proper Fertilization. Fertilizer isnot a Primary Thing For inducing Buds & Flowers, But it Do Enhance the whole Flowering of a plant. Kalanchoe Plant is a light to moderate Feeder Plant, That can Survive Well On Any Good Fertilizer.

Make Sure The Fertilizer is a Complete Fertilizer Containing all The Essential nutrients. Dont Worry You Can Make It At Home, Using only a Few Ingredients. Detailed guide On This Flower fertilizer is Added Here, Must Check it Out & fertilize Your Kalanchoe Plant Every 2 Week In its Growing Season.

Common Problems?

Patches On Kalanchoe Plant

So If You Follow These Simple Things, Your Kalanchoe Plant Will be Very Healthy & Growing. But You May Find Problems Like Stem or Root rot, Which Happens Due To Your Soil Mix, Elongated & Leggy Growth, Which Occurs Due to Less sunlight, Less Flowering or Small Size Flowers, Which Is Connected To Your Fertilizer etc.

So Overall Follow This Guide Carefully. & To Learn About Secrets Of Inducing Flowering On Any Plant, Follow Up This Ebook, It Added Here To Buy. Pest Related Issues, are Not So common Kalanchoe Plant, But If They Appear You can use Neem Oil Spray. Just Keep An Eye On Your Plants.

So Its All About Kalanchoe Flower Plant care, To Explore Some of Such Other winter Flowering Plants, follow Up This Guide.

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