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Best Liquid Fertilizer For Vegetable Plants – Pure Greeny.


Growing Vegetable Plants at Home Can be Very Easy and joyful, if you Have an organic Liquid Fertilizer. Liquid Fertilizer is easy to apply and have Magical Results, Therefore in this Post, we are Going to know an amazing Organic Combination For Making best fertilizer for vegetable garden for all type of Vegetable Plants.


What are the Benefits of Using Liquid Fertilizer on Vegetable Plants?

A liquid Fertilizer is Important for Vegetable Plants because it helps to Get Big Size Veggies, improve Plants Health, and it also Keeps all type of Pests away By providing immunity.

So, today’s liquid Fertilizer is Going to be Very Special, because it Fulfills all Of these requirements Very Efficiently. So let’s Know how to make the Best Liquid Fertilizer For Vegetable Plants at Home.

Before the Ingredients We Need to Know:-

What does Does Vegetable Plants Requires as a Fertilizer?

Vegetable plants and all the other plants, basically Requires three main Elements. Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus also called . Chemical Fertilizers are Mainly Formulated on the basis of these Nutrients.

For the Vegetable Garden, Nitrogen helps to Improve Foliar growth, Phosphorus makes the Root System Stronger. And mainly the Potassium helps the vegetable Plants to bloom.

So Now We have to Choose the Ingredient Accordingly. First Ingredient is the Best Source of Nitrogen and Many of the micro nutrients that plays a Very Vital role in Growing the Vegetable Plants bigger and Bigger.

Leaf Compost 50g:-

It is The leaf Compost that is a Rich source of multiple Nutrients

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Tea Waste Powder 2Ts:- 

The Next Ingredient Is the Tea Waste dried Powder. After Using tea Powder, we need to Dry it In the Sun. Or you Should also Wash it under water for removing Sugar. Otherwise it can attract the Insects towards the Plant.

Dried Tea waste is a Rich Source of Nitrogen, but we are using it because it have Acidic nature that is Extremely important for a healthier blooming on Vegetable Plants. Acidic soil mix also enhance the taste of Veggies.

Compost 50g :-

Fertilizer is also an important Source of Multiple Micro nutrients that we required for vegetable garden. Compost Makes the Soil Perfect for helpful Microbes that enhance Soil Quality.

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Banana Peels 3-4:-

Next Ingredient is also an essential Thing because it Contains phosphorus and potassium. Phosphorus works for a Healthier Root system and Potassium improves Blooming Health of Vegetable Plants. Banana peels are Very Useful form of Fertilizer for Vegetable Plants.

Ratios & Amount:-

  • Leaf Compost 50g
  • Tea Waste 2 Table Spoons
  • Compost 50g
  • Banana Peels 3-4 Pieces

How to make this liquid Fertilizer?

You have to put all of these Ingredients in a Water Bottle and Put them under a Shade for about 4 to 5 days. I have also made a video on making this Magical Liquid Fertilizer for Vegetable Plants, that You can Check out


After about 5 days:-

A Few days Later, the Colour of this liquid Turns Yellowish or Brownish that means it is ready to use. You have to Stain this Liquid in a sperate container and dilute it with about 3 parts of More water.

This Fertilizer Includes almost all type of Micro as well as macro Nutrients for your Vegetable garden. If you wants to see it’s Magical Results, then apply it on all your Vegetable Plants for at least 3 to 4 times.

For applying this liquid, you must have to loose the upper layer of Soil and it should be dry. Otherwise it can cause Fungal Growth.

For younger Plants, you can use this diluted liquid upto 100 to 200 ml. And if the Plants are bigger, then you can Use 400 to 500 ml for a Bigger Container. Large amount for larger Pots and Small Amount for Smaller Pots.

When to apply this Liquid Fertilizer on Vegetable Plants?

Best Time to apply this liquid is the Evening Time, when temperature is little Cooler. You can Get a higher yield on the Plants, that are Fertilized with this Mixture from the Seedling Stage.

It is very important to apply this Type of Fertilizer on every Vegetable Plant when they are on Flowering Stage. It helps to induce new buds, and ultimately a Higher yield.


Does Liquid Fertilizer Gives Results Faster?

Liquid Fertilizer have Amazing results because the Nutrients are already dissolved in the water, but for the other Fertilizers it takes time to let them dissolve in the Soil Mix.

Liquid Fertilizer Instantly Gets into the Roots and Helps the Plant To improve it’s Health and Fulfills it’s all Requirements.

You need to apply this liquid Fertilizer for at least 3 to 4 times, with an interval of 10 days to get Quality result

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