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Growing Tomatoes For Beginners:-

Tomatoes are the easiest Plants for the Beginners, They requires very minimum Efforts to reach their Fruiting Stages. You can also Grow them in pots. Growing Tomatoes in pots is A little Tricky. They can Produces lot’s of Tomatoes even in Pots, if you Know These Important Points.

How to Grow Tomatoes in Pots Easily?

I I Have described about 7 Main Steps on How to grow Tomatoes in pots, that helps you To Achieve lots of Fruits on your Tomato Plants. Following are the Steps, you need to know:-

1-Transplanting Tomato Seedlings

2-Selecting Best Pot for Tomatoes.

3-Watering Tomatoes In Pots.

4-Sun or Shade for Tomatoes.

5-Pinching & Pruning of Tomatoes.

6-Adding Support to the Plant.

7-Best Fertilizer for Tomato plants.

What size pots to grow tomatoes in?

Tomato Plants are easy to Grow and can Produces lot’s of Tomatoes in A larger container of about 12 to 18 ” Clay Pots. As Bigger you Choose the Pot, the Bigger Would be the Results.

For the Good Results, Choose a Clay Or Terracotta Pot of about 12 to 18″ Dia. Tomatoes Grows Very well in such Containers.

What Type of Soil Does Tomatoes Requires?


Tomato plants Grows well in a Loose and Fertile Soil Mixture. You can use any mixture of Such Nature. Choosing a Ready made Potting mix is Little expensive but very fast to grow Tomatoes in Pots. 

You can also try out the Best Soil Mixture recipe for all the Vegetable plants, that is easy to make and very friendly to use.

Make Best Soil for Vegetable Plants..!

How to Plant Tomatoes in Pots?


Always Choose Healthy and Growing Tomato Seedlings to Plant them in Pots. Fill about 50% of the Pot with The Potting Mix. Place the plant in the Centre and add More soil around it’s Stem.

Tomato plants have ability to produce Supportive Roots from their base Stem. So, remove the Lower Leaves and Plant it deeper into the Soil.

How often should I water my tomato plants in pots?

Tomato plants Grow mostly in Winters, and At that time the Moisture stays into the Soil for longer time. So, the Best Way to Water them is to Check the upper layer of Soil. If it is Dry then Add some Water.

Under Watering Tomatoes:-

Tomato plant fells off it’s leaves, when it is facing low Water. That means, Tomato plant Requires Moisture.

Over watering Tomatoes:-

When you add too much water into the tomato plants Soil, the stem of The Plant starts rotting. That means it is Overly watered.

Do tomatoes need full sun?


Tomato Plants are the Vegetable Plants, and all the Vegetable Plants requires Full Sun. In the Shade, tomatoes Never Produces Flowers. Therefore, the Best Point to place tomato Containers is the Sunny area. Provide Minimum 5 to 6 hours of Direct Sunlight to Your Tomatoes.

How & When to prune Tomato Plants?

Tomato Plants are the easiest Plants to Grow, and Pruning helps to boost the Growth of Tomato plant. Specially in Containers, Tomatoes Have to Be with Multiple Branches to Give a heavy Fruiting.

For that, When your seedlings have about 30 days of age and have 4 to 5 leaf sets, then you can cut off the Upper 1 inch shoot. It enhance multiple Growth on tomatoes.

Make Trellis for Tomatoes:-

Tomatoes Stem Stays Soft, that can’t be able to bear the Weight of Tomatoes. Because they don’t have a hard stem, we have to add Some Support to The Tomato Plants.

You can use a Trellis for that or you can Also put some Sticks around the Tomato Plant to Give Support. Support is important to let the Tomato fruit to reach it’s full maturity. 

What fertilizer is best for tomatoes?

Tomato plants are the heavy feeder plants that requires multiple micro as well as macro Nutrients to Produce lot’s of Tomatoes.

For that, you can use a ready made organic as well as Chemical Fertilizer for Tomato plants, but the Organic Fertilizer is more Preferable. I have also made an organic mix of Fertilizers that works Best for tomatoes.

Make the Best Homemade Fertilizer for Tomatoes…!

How long do tomatoes take to grow in pots?


Growing Tomatoes in pots Requires these above Tips & Tricks. If You Follow this method, then it takes about 80 to 100 days to grow Tomatoes in pots. You can take Your First Harvest from Tomatoes in 80 to 100 days.

Do tomatoes grow better in pots or in the ground?

If We talk about The Pot vs Ground for tomatoes, then I thought both have the Same effects. In the Ground, the tomato plants have open space to Spread it’s roots. But the tomato plants stays only in 18 inches of area under the Soil.

They doesn’t go so deep into the Soil. Therefore, Planting them in bigger pots or in Ground have about Same Effects. But it is Definite that bigger pots have good results instead of Smaller 4, 5 ” pots.

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