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7 Tips on How to Grow Bell peppers From Seeds?


How to Germinate Bell pepper Seeds?

Bell peppers are the Winter Vegetable Plants that should be Grown from Seeds Very easily. But Mostly, Beginners and experienced Gardeners makes some big Mistakes, That must be avoided.ย In this Post, i am going to show you How to grow Bell Peppers From Seeds. I will Show you many Tips & tricks that Helps you To Get Higher Germination.

1-Grow the Bell pepper In the Right Season.

2-Choose Good Quality Bell Pepper Seeds.

3-Make a Seed Starting Soil Mix.

4-Use a 5 to 6″ Clay Pot.

5-Place the Seeds Correctly.

6-Cover them With a light Mix.

7-Water the Soil Frequently.

8-Put them in a Bright Spot away from Sun.ย 

What month do you plant peppers?

To Grow Bell peppers From Seeds, the Most Important Point is to Know the Right Season. It is Highly important to Get a Higher Germination rate and also to get Healthy, Disease Resistant bell peppers.

You can sow their Seeds Roughly Around the Early Winters. The ideal Temperature to Grow Bell peppers From Seeds is about 28ยฐC. September, October and November months are the Best Time to Sow Bell pepper Seeds Specially in Asian atmosphere.

Can you plant the seeds from a bell pepper?


The Harvest, Fruit Quality and Plant’s Health, Every thing depends upon the Seeds. So it is Highly Important to Choose The Good Quality Bell Pepper Seeds, that have a higher Production, Disease Resistant Abilities and Good Germination rate.

Planting the Bell pepper Seeds Directly from a Fresh Bell pepper is Not Suitable. Because these fresh Seeds doesn’t have A good Germination. And Even sometimes None of them Germinates.

I have figured out many Good Quality Bell Pepper Seeds Here that you can buy.

1-Green Bell Peppers

2-Red Bell Peppers

3-Yellow Bell Peppersย 

4-Orange Bell Peppers

You can choose any variety that can be grown easily in your area. Mostly these Red and yellow Coloured Bell pepper Varieties, takes a longer time to Give their First harvest and they also have a lower Germination rate.

What is the Best Seed Starting Soil Mix?


So, next Important Point is to Know the Best Seed Starting Mix. Many Times The Soil Becomes hard and Compact that is Not Suitable to Grow Seeds. Hard and Compact type of Soil Mixture is not Good for Growing Bell pepper Seeds.

Choosing a Seed Starterย instead of Ordinary medium can boost the Germination rate of Bell Pepper Seeds up to 10 times.

Therefore, choose a Soft, Well Draining and Porous Medium to Grow Bell pepper Seeds. You can also make it at home By this Method.

Best Seed Starting Soil Mix..!

Seedling Trays OR Clay Pot:-

Now, if we talk about the Best Container to Grow bell peppers From Seeds, then 5 to 6 inches clay pot is the Best Choice. They have Drainage Holes, good System and Enough space for the Seedlings.

How to place the Bell pepper Seeds Correctly?

Bell pepper are easy to Grow if you know the Right method. Placing the Bell pepper Seeds helps the seedlings to grow Healthy and Constantly. When you make Overcrowding of Seeds, none of them Grows so Well.

So, Right Distancing is Also Important to get Heathy Plants. Give at least 1 inch Distance between Every Seed.

How to Cover the Bell pepper Seeds?

Now, it’s time to cover the seeds. Use a Thin layer of Soil to add over the Bell pepper Seeds. Mostly the Bell pepper seeds germinates within 4 to 5 days.

If the Soil mix is loaded to much over the seeds, then it became Difficult for The Seeds to Get Out of the Soil. So, Add a thin layer of Soil, just to make the Seed invisible.

How to add the First Water?

Watering for the First time is Highly important, the Whole germination Process Depends on Watering. Therefore, you have to add frequent amount of Water into the Soil.

You can use any Shower or Sprayer, but be careful not to displace the Seeds. First time you have to make the Whole soil Moist.

Where do bell peppers grow best?


If You pace this Pot in the Sun, then the Soil mixture Dry out so fastly. And if we place it in shade, the seedlings became leggy.

Therefore, you have to make an estimate of your side, that where sunlight don’t came, but still have bright Area. In the Bright Spot, the Seedlings Don’t Became leggy as well as the Soil also Remains Moist.

How long does it take to grow bell peppers from seed?


Bell Pepper Seeds Grows Within 4 to 5 days mostly. But Some Times, they can also takes 10 to 15 days due to Unfavorable Conditions. Many things (like temp., Moisture etc..) depends.

Are Bell peppers easy to grow?


Bell pepper are easy to Grow, if you know the Right method. Some Points Depends very Much like the Season, if you are Going to Grow them in hot Summers, then they Doesn’t Grows Well. As the Same way, Sunlight, Temp., Soil Mix, Pot Sizes all of these Things Depends. But Overall Growing Bell Peppers From Seeds is very Easy.

Hope you Understand the Point, i also have made a Video on How to Grow Bell Peppers From Seeds, that helps you to Understand these Points More Clearly. ?

How to Grow Bell Peppers From Seeds?

What Variety should you Choose to grow Bell Peppers?


I have grown multiple Pots using Different Type Of Seeds, but the germination rate in uncommon Varieties (Like Red, Yellow, orange etc…) of Bell peppers is less.

While the Green Bell Pepper Seeds have Grown Beautiful Plants, because they are very common in our area.


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